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CCP Wrangler

Posted - 2008.03.10 14:06:00 - [1]

We're back for the monthly Live Dev blog and this time it's all about Game design. We will have pretty much the whole Game design department here answering your questions, and as usual Mindstar will join us and help us out. By the time we have this blog the Boost patch will already be deployed!

This will all take place in the "Live Dev Blog" in game channel this Thursday, 13 March, from 20:00 to 21:00 GMT. To participate you'll need EVE Voice active and then join the in game channel and join audio. A recording of the Live Dev Blog will be made available at a later date.

Please remember that the topic is Game design, other questions may not be answered.

Post your questions here!

Coreward Pan-Galactic
Holy Empire of The Unshaven
Posted - 2008.03.10 14:09:00 - [2]

Edited by: Sylthi on 10/03/2008 15:41:19
So, I've been told, (below by Zulu), that my original questions about timely patch notes and Ambulation are off-topic. Not sure how "Ambulation", that has not been deployed, and has no definitive date for deployment, falls OUTSIDE of ongoing "game design", but whatever... Confused

So, back to three of my favorite topics that, according to Zulu, fall under his definition of "game design":

What are you doing about a defined role (read: boost) for Assault Frigates? What are your plans to give much needed attention (read: boost) to many of the underpowered Recon ships? Finally, what are the latest design ideas/plans for the implementation of Factional Warfare? PvP Heavy, PvE Heavy, both?


Krusual Developments
Posted - 2008.03.10 14:22:00 - [3]

Im getting my mining questions ready...

Total Comfort
Posted - 2008.03.10 14:42:00 - [4]

Originally by: Sylthi
Edited by: Sylthi on 10/03/2008 14:19:08
So, when will it be part of "Game Design" to have the patch notes up more than 12 hours before patch DT?


Echoes of Space
Posted - 2008.03.10 14:45:00 - [5]

This will be very intresting. Design team always has the most intresting stuff. Very Happy

Ishina Fel
Terra Incognita
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2008.03.10 15:02:00 - [6]

aaaaaassaaaaaault friiiiigs~~~~~ YARRRR!!YARRRR!!YARRRR!!

Katana Seiko
Posted - 2008.03.10 15:03:00 - [7]

Edited by: Katana Seiko on 10/03/2008 15:06:06
·Will we see AntiAlias-Options in the game soon™? Such an option can enhance the graphics quite good. Up to now you have to tweak the drivers to enhance the graphic beauty of the game (and I have to say that EVE on SuperSampling 16xS is just gorgeous!)...

·Is it true that you are working on Premium Models for the Jovian ships?

·When will not simply pop out of existence anymore? It would certainly enhance game play experience (and mining experience) if they would crumble away when they are depleted...

CCP Zulu

Posted - 2008.03.10 15:06:00 - [8]

Topics this blog is not about: Ambulation and patch deployments and procedures, marketing, programming... Pretty much anything that isn't game design area :)

What it is about is pretty much everything else; mining, missions, exploration, PVP, market, manufacturing (man, that's a lot of M-topics), balancing, ships, life, the universe and everything.

We also have a list of some topics that we want to discuss and pitch to the community and some future visions that the game design team has. So settle in and grab a drink, it's gonna be fun.

Monkey nut
PioneerX Productions
Posted - 2008.03.10 15:07:00 - [9]

Edited by: Monkey nut on 10/03/2008 15:13:49
What changes/enhancements are being considered to the mining interface/process to help it become less 'macroable' (ie less repeative and predictable?

If your willing to endulge me with a second questions.........
If you had to name one thing what would you consider to be 'The next big thing in industry'?

EDIT: thought of a second question :P


Muppet Ninja's
Ninja Unicorns with Huge Horns
Posted - 2008.03.10 15:16:00 - [10]

Edited by: Waxau on 10/03/2008 15:20:10
Black ops are currently role-less. Anything that they can do can either be done with cheaper, faster, more effective ships, bar from jump portals and cynos. And even then, their effectiveness doesnt warrant their use. Are there any plans to alter them? Suggestions so far have been decrease the fuel useage hugely (increasing cargo bay would increase hauling possibilities), or introduce a fuel bay.

Issues so far with them are:

1. Jump range/Jump Bridge range is too small for effective use. In scenarios where you require stealth and cunning, chances are you'll be detected by the time you're in range of your target system, and so all stealth and covert nature is lost.

2. Jump fuel useage is too high. Referring you to the Game and Development forum, you'll find in the thread there that ANY Black ops can barely have enough fuel to jump 1 arazu (with the jump bridge) and itself 4 ly. Then, doesnt have the fuel to return. As of right now, this role is near enough purposeless, bar from fun (much like bombs). Are there any plans on decreasing the fuel useage? Or other posibilities? One such idea ive had is that of have the fuel needed for the ships, be taken from the ship USING the jump bridge. What are your thoughts on this?

3. The Widow in particular has all of its attributes against its role. Long long time, small ECM range, coupled with a high price. Any ECM boat tends to be primary, and having a 600 mil ship in close quarters (50km) tends to be rather suicidal.

4. Many consider they would benefit from covert ops cloaks, but ofcourse would have many overpowered tendancies. Are there any ways you can see around this? Or wishful thinking?

Times of Ancar
Posted - 2008.03.10 15:40:00 - [11]

*) Exploration: What is planned for exploration for the next expansions? The scan-duration for most stuff is too long (not everybody can play 4+ hours per day) and the isk/hour ratio is quite bad for some exploration content. There are several threads around with improvements to the system - from complete rewrites to small changes.

more will follow....

Rodj Blake
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2008.03.10 15:44:00 - [12]

I'd like more information on faction warfare.

Mianna Foreseer
Posted - 2008.03.10 15:45:00 - [13]

Is there any hope that exploration would become more realistic and interesting in the future? Currently exploration is mainly like this. You found stuff that you need to shoot down and loot the goodies.

Where are mysterious ghost ships? Where are abandoned space stations? Strange artefacts? If human have travel in EVE universe for thousands of years there is pretty much REALLY interesting stuff that you could found floating in space that have forgotten history behind of them.

Why there are no black markets or other NPC space encounters what you can find and after you have found them it give other possibilities to interact them than shooting them to space debris. Like Black market hubs were you could have a chance to buy equipments or other information for money? You could acquire pirate hideout coordination’s? Buy maps that have known merchant trade routes? Illegal modified rigs, drones or ship designs?

Simple encounter like you find a ship that have lose its warp engine and it would require you help and its up to player to choose what he demand for its help or will he just shoot down the helpless ship is something you never encounter in EVE.

Swedish Aerospace Inc
The Kadeshi
Posted - 2008.03.10 15:51:00 - [14]

Originally by: CCP Zulupark
life, the universe and everything.

Threv Echandari
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2008.03.10 15:51:00 - [15]

Edited by: Threv Echandari on 10/03/2008 20:52:07
Things that need luvin'

Assault Frigs--
What is their Role now? (Besides Low level mission whoring) or "Whats a Hawk Good for anyway?" (in PvP that is)

Stealth Bombers-- Ok Realy the Bombs.. Still too Expensive adjust mineral costs so the price them more along the lines of Faction ammo if not why not?

Black ops-- See Black ops related post above.

And my Personal favorite-- The UI. Can we get some more Keboard shortcuts like for Selecting Targets (Friend/Enemy/Closest) etc etc?

Stuff that needs Explaining:

Faction Warfare Hows that coming?

Smoke Trails and Debris-- (like from the original trailer)- Is that ever going to Make it?

Removing Local (or replacing local with Constellation)- Ever going to happen?

"Look out the Window of a Station?"-- Ok maybe not literally but at least be able to know whats/who in the immediate vicnity of the staiton you are docked in. perhaps and overview that visible in the docking area or th ability to Zoom in on the system map to the Staions and see "Radar Pips" outside the station.

Environmental Hazards -- Nebulea, Roid Fields Dust Clouds, Stuff that provides a more tactical element-- Terrain to Combat.

(EDIT: Added Stuff I forgot or read about in other posts)

Chemtrail Production Inc.
Posted - 2008.03.10 15:52:00 - [16]

I have some pretty minor issues... However, I figured I'd post them anyway.

-When (if ever) will we start seeing shortcuts for things in hangars? For instance. I would like to see a shortcut to open the sell window for a selected item or open a repair item on the selected item.

-Is there any chance to ever have a bulk sell option. I (like most carebears) would love to be able to just select a bunch of loot, and choose sell to have it all automatically sell to the highest buy orders.

-Why is there no 'repair all' option in the first screen of the repair service window. It would be nice to have one there to just go ahead an repair anything that is yours in that station.

-Will Drones that are placed in a drone bay ever show updated stats as affected by your skills and ship bonus like ammunition does once it gets loaded?

BTW. Thanks for fixing the smartbomb sizes. Very Happy

Zarch AlDain
GK inc.
Posted - 2008.03.10 15:52:00 - [17]

Got a load of questions for you...hopefully you will have time to answer them all :)

Invention is working reasonably well now but there is still the matter of the broken implant (which people payed hundreds of millions of isk for) that hasn't been sorted out. What are the plans for that implant?

The ME and PE of the input BPC to invention has no effect at all on that of the output BPO. Has any consideration been given to letting it modify the output? Even if you divided it by 10 and added it to the -4 base then that would help a lot and would reward the people prepared to put the time into upgrading their BPOs. This would also help reduce the cost of tech 2 battleships to the point where people are more likely to use them. BPO holders will still have an advantage due to the lack of invention costs.

Will the ideas Oveur talked about last year with it being possible to research BPCs as well as BPOs and increase the number of runs/ME/PE ever appear?

I see assault frigates have already been mentioned. What did you think about the idea of bonuses to afterburners and web resistance that was in the AF thread on the forums?

Things have been quiet since the carrier blog followed by Hactors crashed the price of motherships. Can we get an update on the plan for carriers and in particular for supercaps. A lot of mothership builders have lost tens of billions and are sat on ships and blueprints that you can't even get NPC price for.

Given that shields are less used for pvp than armour why was it seen as a good idea to reduce shields when reducing armour resistances?

Will NPC EM resistance be reduced as well or just player resists?

That's it for now, I'm sure I will think of more later tho!

UK Corp
Posted - 2008.03.10 16:03:00 - [18]

Edited by: s73v3n2k on 10/03/2008 16:06:47
Jump freighters

This weeks patch see's an improvement in these new ships but there is pages and pages of negative feedback in the comments section of the changes blog which that would indicate maybe its not enough.

Jump freighters currently use 3 times more fuel than any other jump capable capital ship in game however other T1 capital ships not designed for logistics do a more efficient jump than it. Do you see the inbalance ?

People don't want to use them with gangs when doing logistics. surely trailing a gang behind a JF slows the logistcis process down and is the reason people wanted jump freighters in the first place.

Gangs = normal freighter usage

Insurance payout is 1.2bil (max insurance) for a 5-6bil ship ?

Can we have EW emunity like motherships because its stupid a frigate with a scambler can hold 5-6bils worth of ship without a JF being able to do anything about it. Atleast the imunity will give it a chance to jump away before reinforcements arrive.


Do you think people should be able to use fighters to kill off pos modules ? Its become a common tactic for people to assign fighters to small ships which a pos can't hit. Those ships warp to the pos and put the fighters on the pos modules then warp away and leave them to kill the modules while they stay out of harms way. Should this be a valid tactic ? especially when a pos won't shoot at fighters unless someone with the starbase defence skill is targeting them and even then small turrets don't dmg them much.

POS's seem to be unable to defend themselves very well without some sort of human intervention i.e. pilots with starbase defence maning the turrets. This creates a massive problem for defending alliances when the attacking alliances is most active in a different time zone - will we see any changes to pos defences soon ?

Playboy Enterprises
Posted - 2008.03.10 16:14:00 - [19]

When can we expect ambulation? What will be able to do? Boxing matches?

Jonus Rath
The Collective
Posted - 2008.03.10 16:21:00 - [20]

Edited by: Jonus Rath on 13/03/2008 04:18:09

- Are there any plans on a major sound effects overhaul & engine update?

- Do you plan to improve the bounty system (transferrable killrights, bounty contracts) ?

- Do you plan to add the ability to expand the tiny fonts/buttons for those who prefer to play in higher resolution (overload control, UI fontsizes around 3mm diameter on hi-res, 1680x1050 and 1920x1200 24' screens)

m3 Corp
Posted - 2008.03.10 16:23:00 - [21]

My questions:

Assault Frigates: I know you are currently looking at them, and that you are aware that they have no role, so I am curious regarding what the current thoughts are as to their purpose?

Minmatar Ship Development: The Amarr players have been putting this up for a while, so I understand if Minmatar love is still in the works, but what plans are there to improve ships like the Vargur and the Muninn, as well as classic ships like the Tempest to be more in-line with other races' ships? And if there is a boost, will it be based on a ship by ship improvement, or something more sweeping like upgrading of Artillery Weapons or greater manuverability(sp?)?

UI : One nice thing about some of the MMOs I've played is that the UI can be customized dramatically by 3rd parties. Is that something that is also on the slate?

Thank you again for your time in this, and I appreciate all the hard work you at CCP have done to make EVE a great game!

Posted - 2008.03.10 16:26:00 - [22]

One of the topics that has come up a number of times is trying to encourage populations to move into lowsec and 0.0 space. Part of the issue seems to be perceived lack of security for too little perceived reward.

With the long awaited implementation of faction warfare, will alliances be allowed to seed agents for their declared faction in outposts that they have built?

What ideas are being mulled around to try to encourage players to migrate to low or null sec space?

Posted - 2008.03.10 16:29:00 - [23]

Edited by: Tokena on 10/03/2008 16:39:34

Speed Tanks

Do you consider the current state of speed tanking and using speed to choose your battles to be fine?

If yes, is it your intention that the vast majority of roaming gangs should use nano fits (nanofibers, overdrives, polycarbs) exclusively?

If no, what changes are you considering to make speed fits less of an "I can never lose" button?


Are there any plans to make AFK cloakers less of a nuisance? Shouldn't an alliance "owning" a part of space have some means to hunt down pirates (enemies, whatever)? Currently being cloaked is 100% safe...

POS Warfare

Currently POS warfare is laggy blobs doing boring stuff (shooting undefended POSes) or even laggier blobs getting slaughtered without much control over the battle because of the lag. Sorry for sounding so negative, but that's just the way it is right now...
So, what's the future of POS warfare?

Bo Kantrel
Posted - 2008.03.10 16:36:00 - [24]

Originally by: CCP Zulupark
Topics this blog is not about: Ambulation and patch deployments and procedures, marketing, programming... Pretty much anything that isn't game design area :)

What it is about is pretty much everything else; mining, missions, exploration, PVP, market, manufacturing (man, that's a lot of M-topics), balancing, ships, life, the universe and everything.

We also have a list of some topics that we want to discuss and pitch to the community and some future visions that the game design team has. So settle in and grab a drink, it's gonna be fun.

Mining : Forthcoming DEV thoughts from the thread of suggestions such as new ores, comets, etc?

Missions : Any new types of missions upcoming?
Some level 5's moved to empire?
Other types of level 5's besides command?
Level 6?

Exploration : Any enhancements such as as the Sisters Of Eve probes and launchers upcoming?
Expedition enhancements?

Invention : Any ETA on the invention implants?
Can the DEV's show the numbers on how skills affect the outcome?

Ships : Salvaging ship(s) with tractor beam bonus?
Exploration cruiser(s)?
Any DEV discussion on the "Orca"?

Takeshi Yamato
Posted - 2008.03.10 16:36:00 - [25]

- Will Ambulation actually change or add to the gameplay or just exist for the immersion factor?

- What are the main differences between factional warfare and simply being in a corporation that is at war with another?

- Do you plan on making lowsec more profitable or accessible in general?

Ishina Fel
Terra Incognita
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2008.03.10 16:49:00 - [26]

Edited by: Ishina Fel on 10/03/2008 16:51:18
Before posting questions here, I advise everyone go to This EVE-TV Page, and on the flash player, choose the "Extras" tab. You can watch several interviews there, in which many questions - for example the balance of speed, or assault frigates - are addressed by game designers.

In response to these interviews, by the way, I'd like to throw in these few comments:

-A hard-hitting fleet focused tech 2 tier 3 battleship class, or "flagships", is briefly mentioned as a future possibility. To specialize ships for fleets, have you considered to focus them on alpha strike? Give the ships a penalty on RoF and a matching damage bonus, therefore maintaining the same DPS but gaining bigger alpha volleys, which are arguably more useful in fleets. But even better: A slower RoF means less calculations for the node CPU, therefore combating lag. (Not that we'll see whole fleets made out of tech2 battleships anyway, but hey... it's the idea that counts.)

-Regarding speed: The whole thing wouldn't be such a mess if polycarbon rigs weren't so ridiculously out of whack in terms on balance. Polycarbon rigs give a significantly higher mass reduction bonus than even tech2 nanofibers; whereas other rigs just about always give less, and in many cases even struggle to give half as much an advantage as basic tech 1 gear (damage/RoF rigs, I'm looking at you). If Polycarbons had their bonus cut back by, say, one third, then you'd have much less crazy speed setups. Please shift the focus back towards having to sacrifice (more) actual module slots.

-Game designers appear to like Heat. And while we're at the subject of rigs: How about a new rig that reduces module damage caused by overheating, and/or one that improves overheating bonuses? That way you could develop specialized setups that excel at using heat for extreme short-term performance, at the cost of long-term sustainability (i.e. the cookie-cutter CCC's).

-Regarding moving level 4 agents to lowsec: obviously not a popular idea with CCP, and in my opinion as well a too drastic move, but how about you moved only the top end ones? Say, all of Quality +16 or higher? Then people would have a choice between doing level 4's in highsec, or doing better level 4's in lowsec.

Further, I'd like our esteemed live bloggers to tell us more about scripts, and how they can be made more sensible and/or more varied.

Posted - 2008.03.10 16:55:00 - [27]

-Did you consider with the resistance change that shield tanks are being made even less viable, especially for PVP? Shield tanks already suffer from the use of midslots and terrible cap efficiency, so removing resistances from them reduces their use even further - was this intended?

-Does the resistance change make EMP projectile ammo (kinetic, explosive and EM damage) overpowered? This change increases the damage it does to both shields and armour, giving it a much higher effective dps

-Will we ever see extended downtime during other hours (e.g. starting around midnight rather than midday), so as not to affect players in the same timezones every time?

Native Freshfood
Posted - 2008.03.10 16:57:00 - [28]

Edited by: Maaku on 10/03/2008 17:01:01
Are there any plans to add a capability for a docked pilot to see what's outside the station before undocking from it? In parallel with this, are there any plans to inhibit a pilot's ability to undock and redock without becoming vulnerable to attack?

The Rough Riders
Ares Protectiva
Posted - 2008.03.10 17:03:00 - [29]

CCP, one of your lead designer stated, long ago, that MWD were for approaching the enemy, or running, and afterburners were for speed-tanking. What are you going to do with the current nano proliferation?

Mikal Drey
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2008.03.10 17:11:00 - [30]

Edited by: Mikal Drey on 10/03/2008 17:13:12
hey hey

Question When will mission ever become more dynamic. At the moment they are exceptionally repettitve and nothing more than a grind for isk/mods.

With white wolf onboard it was suggested that they would add a new flavour to missions; however this hasnt been the case.

Question Will COSMOS ever be redesigned ? COSMOS has been nothing more than continual failure from its concept. Its been tweeked and adjusted but suffered from those changes. Gallente cosmos was littered with afterthought and lacked any kind of quality. Minmatar cosmos was actually well delivered and some of the storylines just blew me away. Unfortunatly the minmatar cosmos was bugged all over the place.

when the other cosmos areas were added to the game they caused an inballance between races. I got rather fustrated that so many other races were available inside matari space yet our own agents were lacking. Gallente got totally screwed :/

COSMOS 2.0 has been on the development pages for ages yet nothing has been mentioned past soon™

Question Speaking of the development pages. . . theres alot of nice improvements listed there yet nothing has even been taken to the next level. ring mining etc. etc. Will we see some of the development pages actually showing real ingame development features or just continual CCP distraction tactics.

ExclamationLag is killing the game . . what steps have ccp considered and will the playerbase be let in on them ? the information recieved about infiniband actually got some good player constructive critique and show that its a big thing on all our minds. maybe more updates on steps/thoughts that CCP are going through might aleviate some of the player anoyance. btw Need for speed hasnt helped (at least from a player perspective) and with no hard facts comming from CCP its hard not to continually loose respect - Sorry :''(

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