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Eric Strongarm
Posted - 2008.03.08 02:14:00 - [1]

I have two monitors. The desktop extends across both.
Is there a way to set the windows resolution higher in a config file somewhere? I thought I saw something like that somewhere here. Does it work with the new graphics?

Arian Snow
Queens of the Stone Age
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2008.03.10 21:52:00 - [2]

shameless bumb.

I really want to know this too. Pray tell how you can setup a custom resolution for trinity CCP!

Total Comfort
Posted - 2008.03.11 06:30:00 - [3]

I too would like to know the answer to this question also -

When I had a 21 inch CRT monitor, I had the ability to set my windowed and full screen resolutions to basically everything from 1024x to 2048x (widescreen included)

Often I would run one client @ 1600x900 and other ones at 1380x768 all in windowed mode. The move to Eve Premium hasn't affected my ability to select these resolutions as seems to be the case for some, but rather a new monitor with a max res of 1680x1050.

Trouble is eve seems to only be picking up my windows default (allowable) resolutions.

Apparently you can go into the Display properties and within your adapter settings (for Nvidia) you can create your own custom resolutions. The only problem here is that it requires you to test them before it allows you to make them available, which it can't do, because it can't display 1600x900, etc.....


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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