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Hole Diggers
Posted - 2008.03.07 15:27:00 - [1]

I rarely post on the forums outside of the sell forums but I do try to read most of the new posts each day.
What I've been seeing alot of recently are people complaining about it not being "noob" friendly and then people rebuffing those comments. There's also the endless threads about low-sec and 0.0 where its basically carebears vs everyone else for the most part.

So I thought I'd share why I play eve and what I do in eve, if any of you also want to share your position and thoughts feel free I always find it interesting to see what other people get out of the game compared to me. Especially with a game as varied as this is.

So a little bit of background I have 2 accounts. One is pure combat and is the char I'm posting this from it has a fair few million SP and is capable of everything combat wise a 0.0 alliance would expect. Except it lives in empire and runs missions once a week thats it.

My other char is a pure industrialist/research/carebear also lives in empire however doesn't run missions she has a high sec research pos which as my signature shows I use for selling BPO's etc :)

Now where have I been I've lived in empire, I've lived for many years in low sec and even tried being a pirate (I fail at this big time btw) and I even spent a year living as a bob "pet" in c3n. Its fairly safe to say I've tried almost every aspect of the game but not all still I'd like to think I have a good view on things.

So this begs the question why if I have 2 chars that are both fully capable of surviving and living in 0.0 do I live in empire and run missions once a week ?
The answer can be incredibly long and complex but can also be very short and simple depending on how much detail I go into.
The simple answer is I like high sec.

Now this isn't to say I don't like anywhere else and its not to say I can't handle myself in a fight or fear loosing ships I just simply like high sec. Due to work (yes I do have a life outside of eve) I really only get a few hours a week to play perhaps 2-3 during the week and if I'm lucky a 3 hour block on one of the weekend days (house work to do and all). When I was living in 0.0 it was great fun and I really enjoyed it but due to time the logistics of getting a new ship or modules or ammo etc was almost impossible for me.

Low sec was alot less of a logistics nightmare however there I had to deal with constantly fighting local pirates instead of ratting/mining/missioning etc.

So now I'm in high sec. I can log on when I want and have no worries or logistics nightmares. I earn enough money each month selling BPO's, BPC's and research services to keep the pos running and the corp offices open (for my 2 man corp me+alt) and I'm happy. I run missions once a month to supply money for ammo and other bits and pieces.

Its not a case of not liking or being afraid of low-sec or 0.0 but its more an issue of time. I simply don't have the time involvement available to support myself in those environments and I'd bet a lot of the other so called carebears that hug high-sec are exactly the same. They play leisurely they play as and when they want without the need to urgently log on for a fleet battle or have to waste an entire day going from 0.0 to empire to get their new ship as that day may be all they get for play time that week.
Sure there's high quantity of high-sec huggers who are just there for ez-l4-cash but not all of us are we're here because we want to be as it suits our play time and play style.

Anyway long post over with now back to not posting for the next 12 months

Terail Zoqial
Posted - 2008.03.07 15:36:00 - [2]

I completely understand, I wish I had the time to get into 0.0 but it's just a nightmare when you only have a few hours.

Those who can actually sacrifice hours a day on eve should be grateful, not whine/troll at the rest of the community for not being in the same position.

Rod Blaine
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2008.03.07 15:40:00 - [3]

Nice post.

I'm not terribly unlike you it seems, altho i lack the patience for any type of tedious industrial work these days (and the time as well).

Much of my first year in Eve (a fair while back) went much like how your 0.0 experience in c3n faired by the sound of things. I played Eve lots, had alot of forum fun, did alot of stuff ingame with my corp etc.

And now I too only play some random hours at evenings during week and weekends these days. I've been away a few months at a time a few times as well.

The main difference I think exists between the two of us is that I am in a great corp now. Whenever I log on, even after months of absence, my corp is here doing **** like it's always been doing it. I log on, check wether anything significant has changed to the game/situation, hop into a ship and go out to do whatever I like doing for my corp and myself.

High sec and 0.0 are the same. What matters in both is the company you keep.

Roy Gordon
Caldari Advanced Response Division
Power Of 3
Posted - 2008.03.07 15:54:00 - [4]

Fully agree with your sentiments.
Whilst all my kids have grown up and long left home, I still have other real life commitments, not least being my good woman. Its not fair to leave her downstairs all on her own, not good for a healthy relationship either. This limits my playing time to just a couple of hours per night.
If your 'young, single and fancy free', then obviously you can devote many hours to Eve. The rest of us 'wage slaves' who are also 'domesticated' have to match how we play to the time we have to play with

Princess Jodi
Cutting Edge Incorporated
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2008.03.07 16:05:00 - [5]

Agreed, nice post.

What I've found is that people in Empire are much of solo players than 0.0 players. Because they can do things all by themselves (or in very small 1-4 man groups) they don't feel the need to join any bigger alliance. Couple that individuality with the needs of an alliance to have ALL members contribute to the Greater Good, and Empire dwellers feel like they are getting taken advantage of, bullied around, told how they must play Eve and generally derided for not being PVP'rs. In return, they might get to mine some nicer rocks, but feel that they will just get ganked hauling the mins to Empire.

Now, mind you, I don't think that is the reality of 0.0 life, but until you experience it with a good corp/alliance, I agree that it seems to be that way.

Let me give you an example from my experience: I live in the Drone Regions, where there are no bounties on the rats and you must loot/salvage to get anything. I've had people join our corp, spend a half-day ratting, and be all upset that the place is worthless. They complain that the drone compounds take up too much space, that they are full after just one spawn, and that the Outpost refine rates suck and taxes suck and that they finally loaded a hauuler full of zyd and it died 30 jumps later as they tried to cross into Empire.

If they don't quit, I polietly point out to them that all they have to do is work in a system with a POS, store the loot in a POS Corp Hangar, haul it back to one of our refineries where Perfect Refiners will refine for them for free. They can also sell the compoiunds/mins directly to to the Corp for 20% under Jita buy orders. (To which they complain that we're taking their money, then promptly spend the next 2 hours flying to Jita only to get blown up.) I point out that they can make up that 20% in no time by staying in the belt mining/ratting in perfect safety while we deliver the goods, and that the time they spend flying haulers is just wasted time, but somehow they think of that as 'free'. How the statement 'I'm gonna spend 2 hours flying a pile of money thru 30 jumps of hostile space, run a few gate camps, then sell what doesn't get blown up' is equal to 'free' is beyond me.

By now, anyone reading has made up their mind that either our corp completely rips off their members or that Instant Gratification takes too much time and effort. A few might realize that sharing responsibilites and expertise frees them up to do what they like, and that our corp is actually pretty good.

We accept applications for both types, but the only ones we want to stay in our corp are the latter type.

Versatech Co.
Posted - 2008.03.07 16:12:00 - [6]

I'm with Rod on this one.
I don't have many hours to play, and I can go days or weeks without having enough time to do anything meaningful in Eve (mostly I get enough time to do station based stuff where I can go afk at a moments notice).

However, I am part of an amazing corp, and what time I do have can be used to the fullest.

I think that is the key really.
It isn't only about what you can do as an individual, but what you can contribute to a group of people, and what they give back.
Mutual support.

Hole Diggers
Posted - 2008.03.07 16:50:00 - [7]

The reason I left 0.0 was mostly due to our corp actually being absorbed into mostly Dice but a few went to RKK and Evol too. So I did have to option available to join you guys ages ago however I chose not to again mostly due to my available time I felt I couldn't really bring anything of benefit to the corp/alliance with my play time.

As it stands at current I can cover running costs with research which is mostly offline time anyway :) leaving what little time I do have available to do what ever I like. I live one jump from low sec and 5 from 0.0 so if I did fancy shooting or being shot at I have that option. I have my agent/mission station just 5 jumps away if I fancy doing some missions semi-afk whilst finishing up my weekly reports for work. Or I can jump on the indy char and do a little mining for a while.

Bonus is I'm under no pressure to be in a fleet or do something I don't fancy doing that night etc.
Whilst I can't deny I'd love to move back to 0.0 for ratting/exploration/mining again due to time and the whole logistics issues if I loose a ship how do I replace it etc I just can't justify it to myself short of joining an established corp/alliance out there which again would bring me to the worry that I lack the time to really bring something to the community it'd be more about just doing stuff for myself again. I like to be fair and always contribute/pay my way I'd feel more like I was letting down any corp I joined.

Still I do really enjoy the game and the hinch account has been active none stop since its creation. There is enough flexibility in the game and enough different options/things for me to do that the game still hasn't bored me. Unless the game changes drastically though and starts to remove options for the solo/empire/casual player I can certainly see me continuing to play for at least the next few years.
The whole ambulation stuff also has me quite excited I think in the long term that could provide a whole host of new gaming options for me.

Versatech Co.
Posted - 2008.03.07 17:03:00 - [8]

There are a lot of "I"s in your post.

My goals revolve around my corp and my alliance, rather than direct personal gain.

Maybe time isn't the constraining factor, maybe it is motivation?

I can see how an Empire based playstyle could be rewarding. I am sure I could have myself a nice fat wallet and my own personal fleet of pimp ships, but to what end?
I'd rather spend my time having fun with my corpmates.

Hole Diggers
Posted - 2008.03.07 17:13:00 - [9]

Indeed alot of I's but then its a common letter I guess :)

Our goals aren't that different and I certainly don't have a "fat" wallet (26 mill as of last night between both chars:) ). I think its more about not wanting to let people down. If I was a member of a big corp (which in the past I have been) then I'd be contributing to that corp with tax/mining/ratting bounties/salvage/loot etc which is all well and good assuming of course the corp places ships etc in which case personal funds are irrelevant. But of course if for example the corp supplied me with a megathron my pvp ship of choice with a full fit thats a good few million right there money which on my play time and current average income would take me several months to recoup the costs.
Knowing this would actually make me feel like I was putting an unnecessary burden on the corp.

All this has lead me to end up being fairly solo playing however I still have the same social aspect as you due to most of my game friends all sharing an ingame channel anyway so we still have the banter and setup discussions etc we just rarely fly together (sometimes we join each other for l4's or use each others research skills etc if/when needed).

So all after all this though the reason I'm in empire is mostly not because of being a carebear its mostly because whilst I'm certainly capable of low sec/0.0 play time is an issue. Living anywhere else would turn the game into a job with demands that needed to be met to survive which would then stop it from being fun anymore

Versatech Co.
Posted - 2008.03.07 17:21:00 - [10]

Originally by: hinch
Living anywhere else would turn the game into a job with demands that needed to be met to survive which would then stop it from being fun anymore

Well maybe.
That isn't my experience, but as I said I am lucky to be in a great corp.

Maybe there is a "right" corp out there for you somewhere?

Hole Diggers
Posted - 2008.03.07 17:28:00 - [11]

There may well be a corp out there that suits my play style perfectly but I'm not looking this isn't a "recruit me" thread its more just an explanation of why I live in high-sec and not in 0.0 or low-sec as people keep crying that us carebears should do.

Of course the blanket naming of all high-sec empire dwellers as carebears is wrong anyway as hopefully explained above I and others live in empire due to our play styles and circumstances not because we just like the safety of afk mining or whatever all day long, and certainly not because we're all L4 isk farmers.


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