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Posted - 2003.06.12 13:41:00 - [1]

Dear Eve Support,
Is there a possibility to use a 2nd eve key with the same email address and same user name?
I query this as i would like to play 2 characters i have under my accountname, on two systems simultaneously.
In addition i wonder if its possible to purchase a 2nd account on eve without buying the original + packaging etc to do the above. Would appreciate an answer.

Captain Bluebear
Posted - 2003.06.13 10:32:00 - [2]

If you're willing to pay again, pay again.
If you can't set up the account with the same email, set up another email.

It's hardly rocket science (rank 3).


Posted - 2003.06.13 12:29:00 - [3]

Sorry but i dont think you understood what i meant - in Eve, under one account there is the possibility to control one in three characters at one time. What i would like to know is whether it is possible to have 2 characters controlled at the same time within the same account?
Buying a second copy of Eve is possible but i wonder whether it is possible for existing players to purchase the ability to control a second character in the same account.

Hope this clarifies my previous posting.. Regards

Special Circumstances
Posted - 2003.06.13 12:40:00 - [4]

AFAIK, only one client at a time can access any one "account".
This means that of the three "charachters" on that "account" you can only ever be playing with one of them at any one time.
If you want to play with two "charachters" at the same time you need a second "account" which means a second cd key, separate subscription, separate user name, etc.
The e-mail address is, i presume, not used to identify an account so the question of e-mail addresses is irrelevant.

CCP Wrangler

Posted - 2003.06.14 01:02:00 - [5]

You can have three characters in the same account, but you can only play one at a time. If you want to use two characters at the same time you have to get a second copy, and pay a second monthly fee. You can not use the same email adress on two different accounts, at least that was the case last I heard.

Myros Glimmbrand
Ganja Co
Posted - 2003.06.14 09:43:00 - [6]

Its not a bad idea though ... pay an extra X/month and open up a 2nd or 3rd charcter to allow training.

Im sure some folks would be happy to pay more to do this.



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