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Kyra Felann
The Scope
Posted - 2008.02.28 17:22:00 - [61]

Originally by: Granmethedon III
No we don't. Plan your skills so they end at a convenient time. It's part of the game.

It's a part of the game that adds nothing to the game-play and is annoying at best. What fun is derived from having to remember to switch a skill from a short one to a long one before I go to bed? Or change my skill before work?

Eve is supposed to be a game, not a second job.

Marcus TheMartin
Posted - 2008.02.28 17:26:00 - [62]

Originally by: facepalm johnson
basically, it's pure laziness for the tl;dr generation...

if you're not in game enough to babysit some short trains then why are you even playing?

i'm fully opposed to this garbage idea; -1 to the OP

Warp to zero was pure laziness for the 10,000 instas generation Rolling Eyes

Kyra Felann
The Scope
Posted - 2008.02.28 17:27:00 - [63]

Originally by: Marshall Knight
Damn guys you take this game too serously

i cant beilieve you guys worry about a couple hours skill training jesus geta life. we dont need a que system so what if you cant change skills exactly on time who cares i dont play this game to change skills i play this game to socilise and pvp skill training is done on a side so i can fly more things i dont worrys about a few hours. If you have to worry about changing skills exactly on time then theres something really wrong with you lol and like someone said if ya got to go work switch skills etc and when you come back finish that last hour or 2 off. I say no to skill queing no need for it and it only helps the people who want to farm there chars.

seems to me its the guys who want to be uber as quick as possible who want this and not the actual main playing population.

You don't seem to take grammar, capitalization, or punctuation seriously enough, which makes your post hard to read, so I won't.

The Herrick
Autistic Sharks
Spreadsheets Online
Posted - 2008.02.28 17:31:00 - [64]

Originally by: Chirruper
...and that's the way it was and we liked it!

Kid these days with 'dem fancy pants life support systems and warp drives. In my day we had to hold our breath between jumps and had to walk to the gates while it was raining.

Mining missions were harder too it was 3 months of manual labor and your agent gave you lashes if you didn't work hard enough. Them were they days, the suffering built character!

Kyra Felann
The Scope
Posted - 2008.02.28 17:31:00 - [65]

I fully support a 24-hour queue. You'd still have to log in once a day, but could queue up some of those short annoying skills.

The "backup skill" plan also sounds pretty good, but I'd prefer the 24-hour queue.

Deadly Addiction
Un-Natural Selection
Posted - 2008.02.28 17:56:00 - [66]

Let's keep this thread bumped until someone from CCP replies!

Wind Ictiva
Delta Kappa Gamma
Posted - 2008.02.28 18:29:00 - [67]

Edited by: Wind Ictiva on 28/02/2008 18:30:13

how many of these have i already signed?

and the queue doesn´t need to be longer than 2 skills. that would be really, really cool.

pretty please ccp???

Originally by: Kyra Felann
I fully support a 24-hour queue. You'd still have to log in once a day, but could queue up some of those short annoying skills.

The "backup skill" plan also sounds pretty good, but I'd prefer the 24-hour queue.

this would be fine by me too.

Posted - 2008.02.28 18:35:00 - [68]

I have been wanting this feature since the first day I played EVE. Along with a Ship Fitting Preset tool ... I would make EVE that much better I think. Idea

Axiom Empire
Posted - 2008.02.28 18:49:00 - [69]

this has been asked for 1,000,000 times and hasn't happened, despite how easily implementable it seems. i guess the people at ccp want people to, i dunno, play the game or something.

but **** it, /signed.

Bloodlet Lust
Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2008.02.28 18:49:00 - [70]


Freedom Resources
Posted - 2008.02.28 18:50:00 - [71]

Originally by: Bellum Eternus
The weird thing is, I actually *like* training skills to level five now, because I don't have to keep coming back and switching stuff around every day or so.

Lol, exactly the same with me... It always makes me nervous when I have to start training the low levels of a new skill and I breathe again when I may return to a long time skill training to level 5. So this request is...

... /signed.

Sillas Cov
Red Federation
Posted - 2008.02.28 19:34:00 - [72]

We need a Skill Queue!!

This game is a serious time commitment....

Please Cpp Games are not full time Jobs and our time is precious to us as is yours.

I want to log on when I play and not be forced to interact with a program due to self serving and poorly designed mmo polices!!

We love playing EVE..... now stop frustrating us with BS training antics...

We will still log on and play....

I just saw an application on ebay that queues up skills... do you want me to support this 3rd party ebay source?

I'm tempted too given the constant baby sitting of my 3 toons as they skill up....

Enough wasting our time already.

Thank you


Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2008.02.28 19:41:00 - [73]

yeah man i seriously have to waste like 90 seconds a day checking EVEMon to ensure my skills don't finish while Im sleeping, drinking or whatever. please CCP think of those 90 seconds!

Posted - 2008.02.28 19:47:00 - [74]

Edited by: DJTheBaron on 28/02/2008 19:58:25
Enable skills either auto train next level.

Skill que skill allowing up to * skills qued per level (1 skill chained per level or 1 day of a skill plan per level)

Enable low level skills to chain so all your 1's 2's & 3's bounce off eachother, a la plan training a higher skill and the prerequesites train before it does.

Ideally: Something to enable new players, alts, players que skills until the next day when they login at the same bat time, same bat channel, theyre ready to play.

Skill Que: 4hrs
Max Skills: 2

Skill - Caffiene
Prequisite: Learning V
+4hr Skill Que per Level

Skill - Cramming
Prequisite: Learning V
+ 1 skill on que per level

Posted - 2008.02.28 20:16:00 - [75]

Edited by: Zeixian on 28/02/2008 20:19:14
I love all the people talking about how fun it is to manage skills, or how it is no trouble to plan every skill out so you are at the computer at the exact moment the previous skill is done. Didn't you know everyone's life is exactly the same? We all do everything 100% the same, spend the same amount of time on everything, enjoy all the same things, and if one person on this planet is delayed for whatever reason, we all are! So convenient, thanks higher being / imaginary sky wizard!

I will NEVER understand people like this, it is the height of selfishness. "I don't have ANY trouble with my skill training times! I love managing all that! If I can do it, everyone else should have to, too!"

I guess all the people talking about how interesting and fun skill managing is also love EVERY other aspect of this game. They are missioning, mining, trading, hauling, PVPing, ratting, pirating, suicide ganking, running corps, researching, building, all while running scan probes for exploration.

Wait...what? Different people find different aspects of the game fun? WTF are you talking about? That one guy said skill managing is interesting, that means it is interesting for ALL of us and we shouldn't be asking for a queue.

Get over yourselves. This doesn't impact your game negatively in any way, and it helps some of your fellow pilots whose lives may not be as laid back and free-wheeling as yours. Try thinking of someone other than yourself for at least one second. Just one, I promise it won't hurt. But don't try for two seconds, wouldn't want you to strain yourself.

ETA: I'd also be ok with a system somewhat like another person mentioned. Once you start training a skill, it doesn't stop until it is done with level 5 or you change skills. Wouldn't help with planning ahead too much, but would save wasted time when you can't get to the computer in time (unless its a level 5 that just finished).

Rawr Cristina
Posted - 2008.02.28 22:30:00 - [76]

How can anyone seriously think this would be bad for EVE? Neutral

The Shortbus Initiative
Posted - 2008.02.28 22:53:00 - [77]

We already have it easy in the fact we dont have to play hours on end doing one thing IE:mining to level up. We already have the ability to set a skill to train and then go off and do whatever you want to do. Though it would be nice to have one, its not needed.

Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Posted - 2008.02.28 23:04:00 - [78]

Its kinda bull**** when you guys mess up the server just as my training of a skill ends. Then lose 8+ hours of sp and not to mention the time a storm took out the power of my town for over a week. Should i blame God for 5 days missed sp or should i blame the stupid stubbern idiot that decides against ideas like this?

hint: i am not gonna blame GodWink

Grahv Exitus
Noob Mercs
Posted - 2008.02.28 23:14:00 - [79]

Edited by: Grahv Exitus on 28/02/2008 23:24:33
Originally by: Wet Ferret
Originally by: facepalm johnson
basically, it's pure laziness for the tl;dr generation...

if you're not in game enough to babysit some short trains then why are you even playing?

i'm fully opposed to this garbage idea; -1 to the OP

Let me guess, your generation was the walking-to-school-barefoot-in-the-snow-while-carrying-your-sister generation? If so, feel free to die anytime soon.

^^^This. But you forgot a few things. It goes like this...

walking-backwards-uphill-to-school-barefoot-and-naked-in-the-snow-while-carrying-your-sister -who-is-also-carrying-a-load-of-burning-firewood-then-walking-backwards-uphill-barefoot-naked-and-working-a-full-time-job-all-15-miles-home.

Oh yeah... /signed

Honourable East India Trading Company
Posted - 2008.02.28 23:27:00 - [80]

thread tl;dr

Make it so you can't use the queue on inactive or trial accounts and I'm in. Otherwise some smart cookie will figure out how to end up in a T2 ship without having to pay any money in the process.

Rawr Cristina
Posted - 2008.02.29 00:05:00 - [81]

Originally by: Zeba
thread tl;dr

Make it so you can't use the queue on inactive or trial accounts and I'm in. Otherwise some smart cookie will figure out how to end up in a T2 ship without having to pay any money in the process.

afaik skills stop training after 2 weeks of your subscription ending anyway, even if it's a long one so this wouldn't be much of an issue.

Oldin Kinrod
Posted - 2008.02.29 00:41:00 - [82]

The only real reason I could see a need for a skill queue is for when the server goes down longer than intended, and for me this decided whether I can play EVE on any given day (yay for DT happening right when I get home :S).

But instead of creating a queue, why not just allow people to change their skill from the website?, you would need an active account to be able to change it, and you could only train skills already known (or since we can now pull assets from the API, one could train a new skill owned).

This would then stop the problem of skills finishing when you cannot log in, and most people can just walk into their locla library/net cafe and change their skill if it is really necessary. I've managed to plan my skills around my life for the past 3 years with no trouble - except for when the server is down for more than 2 hours at downtime, or I just forget I have a skill finishing. Only one of them is my fault, and the other could be remidied with an OOG way of changing skills.

Ben Derindar
Dirty Deeds Corp.
Posted - 2008.02.29 00:43:00 - [83]

Chip away at shorter skills when you're online, set longer ones before you log. So what if it takes you 3 evenings to complete a 6 hour skill?


State War Academy
Posted - 2008.02.29 00:49:00 - [84]


Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2008.02.29 01:21:00 - [85]


as long as the second skill is quite short say no more then 12 to 24 hours this would help sll eve players.

Bellum Eternus
The Scope
Posted - 2008.02.29 01:41:00 - [86]

To all the noob llamas telling me to 'manage my skills more effectively': I use EVEMon, I have three characters currently training, and I have no problem making sure that I don't miss training time, but the thing is, I want to be able to log in and play when it's convenient for me to do so, not when a skill finishes.

Hell, I've even juggled training times so that I can 'top off' a few skills while I'm online and finish them out, even though it's far less efficient time wise to do so, as I don't get the benefit of each skill trained as soon as I would if I just trained a single skill straight through. All because I can't be bothered to log in at some weird hour during school or work or vacation or whatever.

I can remember being in the hospital after being hit by a car, all doped up on drugs and my buddy calls me and asks me if I needed anything, and I say 'well, check EVEMon for me and see how my skill training is doing' LOL. I was a *little* more hardcore about training back then, but you get the picture.

We need skilling to be disconnected from our real life schedules, just like we have DVR and on-demand movies. My time is too valuable to be tied to some game.

Atius Tirawa
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2008.02.29 02:42:00 - [87]

It leads to character farming and skill timers are part of the game. Its like people who want 'battlegrounds' in eve, or people who want shards. . .all this doopy bs going around. I am sure you will learn to train certain skills when you are online and others when you sleep - its the culture that keeps us in the game and thinking about it. If I had a skill queue, I would put 2 25+ days skills on and let that 'carrier alt' or whatever just sit on ice. . .this kind of idea basically dilutes the whole game expereince. People got Concorde, people got WtZ, people keep getting more and more breaks to make the game easier. . .and all it does is encourage more of this weak behavior.

I can understand people complaining about nurfs and buffs or about the economy or pvp. . .but this is just too much. And I am confident that CCP will not buckle into this kind of weak talk.

Posted - 2008.02.29 03:22:00 - [88]

Edited by: Voku on 29/02/2008 03:26:15
What it sounds like from most people is you want the game to be played for you. I guess we could also add an auto trading script that trades goods and grinds missions while you sleep. Then we wouldn't have to grind all day to make isk and raise our standings. You're all lucky they even allow training offline. I've yet to see any good Massive Multiplayer games that allows you to gain anything at all while you're offline.

So what if you can only play 3 hours a day. I don't get all that time either and i do just fine for myself. Get all your shorter skills done at that time and throw on the longer ones during the day. There is no reason at all to obsess over time lost. No matter what you'll still have to wait to get that battleship, or be that corporate tycoon.

The faster your throw yourself into something, the less likely you'll be ready for it. Very likely the reason they don't have a queue and have been ignoring this and any other threads like this is because they don't want everyone driving titans.

Eve is fine just the way it is. If you don't like it, find a nice Playstation game to play.

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2008.02.29 03:26:00 - [89]

christ i just had to waste another 20 seconds checking when my skills end damnit i could have been doing something productive with that time like ganking hulks in high-sec. damnit ccp won't you think of the lost seconds!

Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2008.02.29 03:27:00 - [90]

Originally by: voidvim

as long as the second skill is quite short say no more then 12 to 24 hours this would help all eve players.

It just needs to be a short time timer that trains a selected secondary skill for a short amount of time if the primary skill finishes. Just enough to make it so you don't have to call in late to work to let that skill finishMad

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