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Posted - 2008.09.12 00:39:00 - [121]

Hi Folks! I too am using OSX, love the game, and starting my second year-long subscription. ';-)

Posted - 2008.09.14 09:50:00 - [122]

Edited by: Malikha on 14/09/2008 09:50:43
Same here, I resuscribe because a Mac OS X client is available.

Posted - 2008.09.14 11:40:00 - [123]

Another one Mac user here...

Drama Llamas
Posted - 2008.09.16 17:48:00 - [124]


Running EVE on OSX here.

Sarah Trouble
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2008.09.17 13:44:00 - [125]

hey folks,

im using a macbook pro 2,4ghz with nvidia 8600gt.

OSX: change skillz, chat, market

Bootcamp WinXP: PVP

combined with a 20 Monitor its fun to play,
but FPS dropping hard in fleet fights.

are hey working on getting the premium graphic
to OSX ?

Juliette Leblanc
Posted - 2008.09.17 15:01:00 - [126]

Originally by: Sarah Trouble
are hey working on getting the premium graphic
to OSX ?

Yes they are.
There will be a dev blog within a week.

P.S.: The only question we still have unanswered is when will the week countdown start, as months has passed since they promised it within a week.

Yul Vashen
Void Engineers
Permanent Transience
Posted - 2008.09.18 04:39:00 - [127]

Another Mac user chimes in.Surprised

Posted - 2008.09.18 19:07:00 - [128]

I'm having a great experience with the game. It only crashed twice on me. My hope is for something much more stable, but overall I cannot complain. What an amazing game!

-= Haletronic/bopp

Earth Inc
Posted - 2008.09.20 17:10:00 - [129]

Playing on mac too - Macbook Pro and Imac.

Black Star Alliance
Posted - 2008.09.23 00:02:00 - [130]

Another returning Eve player here.
Playing exclusively on the Mac client with OSX 10.5.5
No crashes whatsoever, some minor graphics glitches now and then, but nothing to get in a tizzy about.

Game is smooth and very playable.


Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2008.09.25 15:57:00 - [131]

I run two clients easily on my MacBook Pro (OSX Tiger 10.4.9) Was bootcamping it for a bit before CCP came out with the mac client. Now i dont need it anymore (although it ran at a higher framerate on the XP partition). Thanks CCP for letting me only have one partition on my laptop.

Quantum Industries
Prime Orbital Systems
Posted - 2008.09.28 08:46:00 - [132]

After 12 years of using PC, just moved to MAC. Eve runs smoothly on my Mac Pro. Despite warnings from other players I've updated to 10.5.5 from the very begining. So far so good. Comparing rate frame between WinXP/ Mac - its about the same with (I think I have less hiccups while in Mac, especially during loading game after log-in screen). Funny that winXP doesn't recognize 10GB of memory. Overall Mac beats windows. Can easy run video rendering, database sorting, two Eve clients and bunch of other small tasks in background in the same time at CPU %idling at 82%.

Greetings to all Mac users playing Eve.

My config is: 8 core 2.8GB, 10GB of RAM, still waiting for Nvidia 8800GT

Posted - 2008.09.30 02:41:00 - [133]

I just bought a Macbook Pro, 2.6 gHz, 4gig ram, 10.5, running Eve on Crossover Games, fixed the premium graphics and arial font things, but still have the phantom station bug. Still runs fast, no crashes. Also running my alt on a 3 yr old XPS and it works fine as well, but not as fast as the mac, maybe just no lag today or sumthin'.

I put my new Apple sticker on the back of my diesel duallyugh so everybody in microsoft town here could see I threw in the towel with the Blue Meanies ;)

Juliette Leblanc
Posted - 2008.09.30 08:06:00 - [134]

Originally by: Manada
Funny that winXP doesn't recognize 10GB of memory. Overall Mac beats windows.

There are several different builds of each of the late Windows versions. Not only they differentiate Home, Professional, Enterprise, Server etc. but some of them also come in both 32 and 64 bit flavors.
Except for the Vista distributions, the 64 bit versions are totally separate and must be purchased separately. AFAIK Vista 64 comes on the same distribution media of Vista 32 bit (but I'm not sure as I do not use any of those).
Every 32 bit operating system can only address up to 4 Gb of memory, it will not see any more than that on any machine. Depending on the build each application can get up to 2 or up to 3 Gb of physical memory for non shared/non OS data and code (server builds get more).
64 bit Windows builds can address more. 64 bit XP builds can address up to 128GB depending on versions. 2003 Server 64 bit can address up to 1TB. Not sure of what the limits are on Vista.

OS X and Linux have supported more than 4 GB of memory for ages. Even on 32 bit processors (using PAE). Only some Windows builds have supported PAE, but it was very few people that actually used those.

OS X comes in a single build (two if you consider the server version) that includes 32 bit and 64 bit versions for PPC and Intel processors. It runs both 32 bit and 64 bit applications (on 64 bit processors). 32 bit applications get up to 4GB memory per application. 64 bit applications get up to 18 exabyte per application.
Core Duo processors (32 bit processors) can address up to 64GB using PAE extensions. Current Core 2 Duo processors are 64 bit processors and can address up to 256TB. However most mainboards have more severe limitations. Current Mac hardware can be equipped with up to 32GB of RAM.

Camino Nachtmeister
Posted - 2008.09.30 08:51:00 - [135]

paying, playing on OS X - aye with the power of 8
since the mac client got public

Grady Punk2
Posted - 2008.09.30 15:23:00 - [136]

I am paying for two accounts, and run them on an IBook, and Imac, and a Mac Mini. Really want to have an Evemon style program for mac too! Thanks!

Grady Punk2
Posted - 2008.09.30 15:46:00 - [137]

Edited by: Grady Punk2 on 30/09/2008 15:46:45
Additional note---

I downloaded this client when Aple was offering it on their downloads page. I notice that they have since removed it. Perhaps they will put it back on again, if CCP devotes time to resolve the issues with it, bringing free adspace and more users (like me).

When there are bugs in a program, why WOULD mac put the client on their site, when it makes their product look like it underperforms compared to PC? CCP, please be mindful that Apple will support you (it already has) if you will put in the work to support its users.

Posted - 2008.10.06 19:01:00 - [138]

Macbook Pro, Core 2 Duo, GeForce 8600M GT, 4GB Ram

Started playing a week or two ago. Already bought a second acct.

Some bugs with graphics and sound but nothing nothing show-stopping if they're getting fixed.

Posted - 2008.10.08 18:39:00 - [139]

MacBook Pro X1600 2.33 Leopard 10.5.5

Worked perfectly for 9 months until yesterday......

Had to reinstall everything from Time Machine. Now I cannot get my EVE client to even launch.

No idea yet what is up.


Glenda Canete
Posted - 2008.10.17 16:34:00 - [140]

Just started playing due to it being compatible to mac.... great game 2 if i may add... just hate that the client has some major issues...

Maeris Blaque
Posted - 2008.10.19 00:14:00 - [141]

Using OSX, playing Eve.

Obligatory hardware post:
24" iMac 3.06 with the 8800gs in it.

Works fine really. Though I do wish EveMon had an OSX native build...

Posted - 2008.10.20 15:34:00 - [142]

I just wanted to post my two cents along with everyone else. I use a Macbook Pro with OS X Leopard. I've used my Mac for over a year now. I have to say, EVE runs so much better on my Mac than it ever did on PC. I have all graphics set to max and what a beauty it is. I do have a slight problem with random text appearing ingame whenever I view the minimap within the star map or I get more details on an agent mission that I'm doing. I don't know what this is about or how to fix it. It's too bad that the premium graphics are not available!! Sad

MacBook Pro w/ OS X 10.5.5
2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
120 GB HDD

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