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Kirkus Jameus
hidden claws
Posted - 2008.04.15 15:18:00 - [61]

I have been a Mac client user since I discovered it in November 2007. At first it crashed a lot while undocking or jumping. Now it seems a bit more stable and I am having much more fun with the game.

Side note: Patch for today will not proceed automatically. Web page does not have update available. What is this Eve lover to do?


Ignatius Man
Posted - 2008.04.18 07:47:00 - [62]

1.2 patch.

I am (still) experiencing screen freezes.
This makes it impossible for to start an engagement or even to do some simple ratting in low sec.
Sometimes I really wonder why i am still paying for two accounts.

How difficult can it be to commit yourself (beeing CCP) to present the community a decent OSX client. If would produce the same quality in RL someone would sue my ass off.

What a pity, EVE is such a great game.

Kename Fin
Wormhole Engineers
Posted - 2008.04.19 11:30:00 - [63]

I've only ever played on a MacBook Pro, spec'd below and haven't had as many crashes recently. I do notice that after about 4-5 hours the frame rate tanks and things get pretty laggy. For the most part it's a great experience and one that I'm happy to pay for 2 accounts with.

I would relish the opportunity to play this on a native client someday, just to see how good it could be. I would probably be disappointed though, as I can now just chalk any wonkiness to the fact that it's an emulated port. If it went native, I'd have to admit they needed to seriously fix it. :)

MBP 17"
2.16GHz Core Duo
2 GB 667MHz RAM
2007 vintage

Posted - 2008.04.21 13:05:00 - [64]

I am getting used playing eve on my iMac 2.8 24'' Leopard, which I got in November '07.
I played eve since 2005. I prefer the OSX client now and still do there is not that many crashes anymore.
So keep supporting CCP and eve on Mac.! YARRRR!!
Fly safe

Dave Burns
Pulsar Combat Supplies
Alternative Realities
Posted - 2008.04.21 18:58:00 - [65]

I'm here for at least a year. Started a month ago once I found out there was a Mac client. It does tend to de-stabilize after a few hours of running and crashes which leaves some garbage running generating error messages which seems to cause the client to become even more unstable. The only fix for it I've found so far is to restart. :(

So I find myself using Crossover Games most of the time which has been working well.

Syrkos Technologies
Joint Venture Conglomerate
Posted - 2008.04.24 13:26:00 - [66]

Edited by: orangeFool on 31/08/2008 10:17:00
Edited by: orangeFool on 24/04/2008 13:30:12
I have a Mac Book Pro with 15" glossy screen, i think the 2.4 GHz model, 2 gig of ram and multi-touch pad and the client runs pretty good on it although i use it as a mining station so its not pushed that hard. Occassional weirdness includes in-station animations running very fast which normally means a client fail is about to arrive (although i haven't seen this since the most recent patch, and this issue happened within minutes of starting the client with my ship in a station). I have had my mac book pro mining at most 14 hours straight (no restarts of client or laptop) and it didn't appear to have lag or performance issues.

The multi-touch pad works a treat: handy for zooming the camera in and out, rotating camera view, etc. It is also good for scrolling lists up and down: buddies, bookmarks, scanner view and so on. I don't use a separate mouse but will do if i run missions on it in future. Previous small mission attempts were tedious using only the multi-touch.

I am looking forward to the premium client for OSX. CCP said it would be in Q1 2008 (meh) but that appears to have been overoptimistic. Maybe Q2?

Posted - 2008.04.26 13:28:00 - [67]

I'm playing on an 20" iMac. Since the last update it works like a charm.

Blue Disk
Posted - 2008.05.02 03:50:00 - [68]

I tried it, but I gave up after the patch in March since my FPS died. I've been using Windows for a while now. Maybe I'll try it again now that the new patch is out.

Aiko Intaki
Lodizal Shield Tek
Lodizal Conglomerate
Posted - 2008.05.02 15:09:00 - [69]

Two-boxing on my MacBook Pro.

Ghost Festival
Posted - 2008.05.03 00:21:00 - [70]

Paying for an eve account and using the Mac client on a Penryn MacBook Pro, 4GB, 2.6 Ghz, OS X 10.5.2. Over-all performance seems sluggish and unstable. I use it primarily & regularly to change skills but never enter space due to slow, unreliable performance.

Posted - 2008.05.03 18:27:00 - [71]

Edited by: Swordfishe on 03/05/2008 18:28:00
Yeah, I'm a super old EVE user... since summer of '03 when it went retail. Used to run on PC, but now that my old desktop is dead I run excusively on Mac. I've only been in and out sporadically--the last time I resubscribed until yesterday was right before the premium update... needless to say I was disappointed when I found out I wouldn't be getting the new graphics the day of the patch.

But seriously? Still no premium for mac? I'm glad I haven't been in-game waiting for them for the last four months....

Jinx Barker
GFB Scientific
Posted - 2008.05.04 06:03:00 - [72]

Yes, paying, well buying GTC from forums and playing EVE on the Mac.. yes, yes, yes. Very Happy

Posted - 2008.05.07 08:26:00 - [73]

Yes. I'm paying for EVE and i'm using Leopard.

Liam Fremen
Insurgent New Eden Tribe
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2008.05.08 16:41:00 - [74]

My MacBook (not pro... plain one) last model run barely the game, at least for changing skills and doing some chatting in corp, all what i asked from my notebook ^^

My eve-box at home is more then at least for playing 3 account togheter so it's fine, at least i don't play eve from work :P

Dr Sheepbringer
Halinallen veroparatiisi
Inglorious Carebears
Posted - 2008.05.09 10:22:00 - [75]

I "play" Eve on the previous generation iMac 20" C2D (white) and it runs ok. I get around 35-50fps and it's stable (after the last patch).

I also log in to the adjust my skills with my MacBook Air. Playing with it....well... no (8-16fps). Otherwise I would play at the office too :D

Posted - 2008.05.10 06:01:00 - [76]

jep, using on macbookpro!

Edorfe Manoire
Posted - 2008.05.11 04:47:00 - [77]

I pay, I play. The OS X client. I'm surprised as to how stable it is, especially after reading reviews and user experiences stating the oppposite. It is in fact rock solid for me. Steady frame rates on my 2.8GHz 8-core Mac Pro with the 8800GT grahpics card - around 50-70 in stations and between 30 and 50 out in the open. Looks great. I started my trial period in late March/early April, and I converted the trial into paid account on the day the trial was over.

The game is rather complicated - I've joined the OSX chat channel (I could say I'm the quiet one there, but then I've still to see anyone say anything whenever I'm online, hehe). I've had little time to get into the game so far, maybe 2-3 hours a week on average. Just got my skills over 1 million points, and I'm only now about to learn the basics of the game.

Posted - 2008.05.11 09:57:00 - [78]

I'm paying. I'm on MBP and I started on trial account and ran under BootCamp, but later I moved to Mac version somewhere this February. First time it was really disappointing - like crashed always, so I switched back to BootCamp+Win client. However later, about middle March after some patch came through for Mac, the OS X playing became very stable, may be one crash a week or so, so I now play under OS X and practically very happy with it (and paying!)

By the way - may be this is a bit of side theme, but though I downloaded 'premium' content for my Win client, it ran very bad way - screen and textures flickering all the time, not playable at all - I don't know what's the problem there, and anyway waiting for Premium content appear for Mac OS X client.

Code x345x
Posted - 2008.05.11 21:30:00 - [79]

I have two clients running very well. Both paid!
I love the Mac because I like it easy.


strive nails
The Tuskers
Posted - 2008.05.12 09:18:00 - [80]

3, now 2 accounts here. exclusively on the mac client since jan (i even removed my bootcamp partition =), although back then it was really unstable. the last patch worked wonders for me, no more crashes, character info is useable again.

i'd still like better performance and a preset for windowed mode back (yes, cmd+return, but it's annoying :p)

solo/small gang pvp is fine too, but as soon as there are 20ppl on grid and fighting it gets really laggy. dual accounting is a big no-no from my experience, which is basically the reason i closed my 3rd account (combat alt)

Lt Harold'Fitz'Jerold
Posted - 2008.05.12 13:23:00 - [81]

I use Mac OS X and EvE,

My normal Windows based PC is in repair and the compain got bankrott, so i have only my Mac

2 small items bothering me,
first : No Windowmodus, the workaround whit the fixed windowframe you have always to see +the Menubar on top of it
second: If you start EvE-client twice, you have on the second Client no Mousesupport.....

but, it runs good, a bit slow at the loginscreen....

Posted - 2008.05.12 17:19:00 - [82]

Paying and playing on OS X Leopard on an iMac. Since the most recent patch I haven't had any issues. Happy with the performance on the 2.4 ghz iMac. Frankly wasn't expecting it to be playable with the iMac's graphics so I'm pleased.

Vymorna Grom
Posted - 2008.05.13 05:53:00 - [83]

Running Eve on an iMac Core Duo, under OS X Leopard.

Quite stable, works great.

Waiting for premium, although by that time I'll probably have upgraded to a newest-gen iMac.

Hastur DragonTooth
Optimus Crime.
Posted - 2008.05.14 10:21:00 - [84]

Edited by: Hastur DragonTooth on 14/05/2008 10:21:34
Running Eve on a 2008 MacBook Pro.

Mostly stable, few crashes here and there.

However a few odd graphical glitches on occasion. Only really annoying one is when the skybox is suddenly replaced with garbage and interface icon textures. Looks really funky, but makes it impossible to align to anything in space.

It could use some work, but for the most part it is playable. Is it first quarter 2008 yet? Premium client plz kkthx.

Silvan Melfox
Posted - 2008.05.14 12:11:00 - [85]

Even though I have a PC I play EvE on my 24" iMac quite often. Because I do most of my work on the iMac. Now that there is an EvE client for the mac I do not have to boot up my PC or reboot into XP on my Mac. Just start the client for a bit of fun inbetween Very Happy
Ingame music is a bit bumpy. Otherwise the client runs fine for me. I only wish there was a windowed mode!

Posted - 2008.05.14 13:26:00 - [86]

Apple + Enter = Windowed Mode
Apple + Tab = Change To Desktop while Eve ist running

Deej Montana
Outbound Flight
Posted - 2008.05.20 13:56:00 - [87]

Edited by: Deej Montana on 20/05/2008 13:59:00
I've been an Eve subscriber for 9 months now. I keep trying to use the Mac client, but the low framerates compared to XP (and the lack of a premium client) keeps me using BootCamp. Oh, and there was also the weird "box" graphics glitch that was amusing the first time it happened, but got annoying very soon after that....

Maybe Transgaming and CCP will remember us Mac using customers and get the graphics issues corrected sometime soon.

Amalath Tari
Tau Online Explorator Corp
Posted - 2008.05.23 12:13:00 - [88]

I've been playing & paying since November/December last year.
I can certainly say it's a lot more stable on my first gen. MacBook Pro [1.86 Dual Core, 1GB RAM, 128MB Gfx Card] now than it was back then.
I haven't crashed in, well, 5 weeks now. *touch wood*

And most problems I have are De-sync from a crappy router, but that's another story.

Posted - 2008.05.24 10:14:00 - [89]

Playing, and now paying!

Really liking the gameplay, despite the random (but so far not irritating) issues.

Thanks to the peoples on the OS X channel in-game for putting up with me... It's all sinking in, I promise!

Eltor Garion
Posted - 2008.05.26 14:16:00 - [90]

Hi....I'm very very sad about the OS X client. But in lack of a Windows PC I've to use the OS X client to play EVE. It's very "stable" now (compared to the first versions) but there are still a lot of issues.

- high CPU load...if I leave the game with Alt-Tab the rest of the system is not very responsive
- no UTF support...I see squares everywhere :/
- Classic Content....hey CCP...when is this done for Mac ?

In general, the Cider stuff is vodoo and the only thing surprising me is the fact, that it run's that good. But CCP....consider a OpenGL client if you want to upgrade the graphics engine next time...this would save a lot of headcache.

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