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Posted - 2008.02.27 03:52:00 - [1]

This thread is just to get an idea of how many people are actually paying for EVE *and* using the OSX client.

People tend to come onto forums and complain and make dramatic statements about leaving. How about, just to be different, we hear from the people who are staying :)

It seems there are lots of threads around with people complaining about stuff(hell, some are mine), which may put of some newer players that might be sitting on the fence. And let's be honest, it's not all tears and spilt milk.

So don't be scared new people, the OSX client is very playable. In fact, I have two paid accounts and thoroughly enjoy the game on a daily basis.

Nightsky Industries
Posted - 2008.02.27 03:57:00 - [2]

I love using the mac client for two major reasons:
1: I get to use OSX and not dual boot or some other nonsense that puts me in the XP environment.

2: I crash maybe once a week or two weeks, have very little trouble with anything, and generally, I'm online in a more stable way than many PC users.

Posted - 2008.02.27 03:57:00 - [3]

Took my about two weeks to convert my trial. Booting into Bootcamp is too disruptive to the other stuff I usually have running so I'm regularly on the OSX client 90% of the time I'm in game.

Naib Stilgar
Core Domination
Posted - 2008.02.27 04:08:00 - [4]

I'm using the OS X client now much more since the last patch.... almost exclusively over the last week actually. But I have to say not when I'm going to be in combat of any kind since it does sometimes crash on me. Seems to be an issue where the longer the client is running the less stable it gets and sometimes it gets to the point of crashing at the login screen, then I have to reboot. It also seems to affect other apps - after I left it overnight, it crashed and other apps refused to run with error messages along the lines of "not enough memory". Only rebooting solves these problems ... I rebooted my mac more times since the mac client than during the previous 3 years combined.

So until that problem goes away, all combat will happen in bootcamp.



Jason Duvolle
Posted - 2008.02.27 04:09:00 - [5]

woot, macBookPro, but this last week has been a ***** since the update. lots of crashing

Baba Akili
Posted - 2008.02.27 04:55:00 - [6]

Edited by: Baba Akili on 27/02/2008 04:56:38
I have a paid account for myself and another one for my son(s). We use OSX client on both.
After my last lost ship due to a freeze/crash I have been one of those "making dramatic statements about leaving". I haven't left quite yet, though, I also have not gone back in to play since the last lost ship.
I started a long term skill to train and continue to mull it over.
Making such decisions while angry are not always the best, so I have imposed a cooling off period on myself.
As I like the game, but then become very frustrated by the instability and fact that CCP really does not own up to the level of instability and essentially second class status us (or at least some of us) Mac users have to endure playing the game.
At this point I will train and watch from afar to see if there is any tangible time line on the much promised mac client stability fixes in the near future.
My kids have not been burned yet and enjoy playing also, so against my better judgement financially I will bide my time (heck its their college money :)
I complain and document my misfortune not to be a whiner or a negative influence on the "EVE community", but to press the point that work needs to be done to bring the game up to the level of being the really great and incredible game it could be.

Lord Loki
Posted - 2008.02.27 08:36:00 - [7]

I've been playing Eve for a long time. I just bought a Mac pro, so now I'm running the Mac client.

The first couple of runs were not great, it crashed while trying to view info both times. I have two account, but I have not tried to run them both yet. We'll see how that goes.

I'm going to stick with it for now, but I hope it gets fixed soon.

Rastus O'Dingogiblet
Posted - 2008.02.27 11:17:00 - [8]

I have been playing for about 2 weeks on the OSX client. It has crashed maybe twice. I have tried using VMWARE Fusion with the Windows client, but it is a lot slower, and the graphics have a nasty magenta caste. Personally, I was surprised it even runs on VMWARE at all.

So... no real problems for me yet, touch wood.

Posted - 2008.02.27 16:04:00 - [9]

I downloaded the OSX client when it became available in November, converted from trial to paid after two weeks with the trial, and have been using the OSX client since then. Overall, it's been running very well on my 24" aluminum iMac (4 GB RAM). Crashes maybe 2 or 3 times a week, and I usually play for an hour or two daily. The crashes are usually of the "suddenly unexplicably quits to finder" variety, and I haven't looked at the console log lately to see the reason or stack trace. In the past when I've looked, I see some symbols that imply Cider code.

Great game - thank you CCP for providing Mac capability and support!

Posted - 2008.02.28 03:04:00 - [10]

I am playing with the mac client, and have been since it came out (and before that in crossover since I started playing Eve)

That said, I've entirely stopped playing most of the game, which is PVP oriented, because of the nearly 1B isk I've lost due to the "Show Pilot Info" bug that has been widely reported and is not reimbursed because it's a client side bug that "can't be verified." If I didn't enjoy Eve as much as I do, I'd have quit a long time ago, since 1B isk constitutes a huge amount of my life down the drain due to a bug that's been known for a long time, and with absolutely no customer service on the part of CCP.

Njara Naoltaos
Posted - 2008.02.28 09:24:00 - [11]

i'm using now a new Mac Pro - since i have that maschine i dont use the DELL PC anymore.

The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2008.02.28 15:54:00 - [12]

I have two paid accounts that I access daily, many times simultaneously on my MacBook Pro. I have had a couple issues with the OSX client, but the vast majority of my crashes have been heat related. (I really want a desktop machine of some sort...)

Keep up the good work CCP & Transgaming!

Posted - 2008.02.28 18:55:00 - [13]

Edited by: Lynoco on 28/02/2008 18:55:34
I use the mac client exclusively. I used to dual boot to xp, but recently my MBP has taken to despising any xp install i try, so ive given up on boot camp for now.

It rarely crashes on me. when it does, however, it is usually a big deal and causes problems. I can easily run two clients at once. I love that ccp made the client and cannot wait for a *real* mac client. (emulation is for lazy towels)

:posted with my alt, oops
:Nenoco is my main

Merch Industrial
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2008.02.29 00:13:00 - [14]

Edited by: Alqualonde on 29/02/2008 00:13:56
I would definitely use it most of the time if it were stable (don't even mind crashes, so much as it makes the rest of my computer crash) and performance didn't get so badly killed when I upgraded to Leopard.

Most of the time I'm not in a fleet and don't need every last fps I can get, and wouldn't bother rebooting if the Mac client weren't so slow on my MacBook Pro at the moment. (It was a lot better in Tiger IIRC.)

Space Sheep Corporation
Posted - 2008.02.29 02:34:00 - [15]

I pay, and I'm happy CCP opened the game to MacUser. I guess with more and more Macs being sold, we can hope more and more games will be available for us. In spite of all the bugs, I'm happy to be playing this. The game is more stable for me compared to the first versions, aside from a nasty crash last week or so where I lost what, a $60M boat with rigs and insurance and such (got 30M back form insurance), so it was painful. Growing pains you may say...

Posted - 2008.02.29 03:18:00 - [16]

I too converted my trial to a paid account back in November and have been playing since. Like most, I've had lots of crashes and have posted hopefully constructive criticism'. I haven't lost anything of value (except to pirates in lo sec :) so I'm not too put out. This is the only Mac program I can recall that has ever crashed so much though. The user interface is also so very PC'ish....all the constant right/left clicking and window resizing and rearranging forces me to quit after a few hours to rest my mouse hand. I think in the long run if CCP wants people to take the game seriously they will need to do some crash proofing and make common UI elements easier to access. Great game the depth

Roran Palancar
Posted - 2008.02.29 20:39:00 - [17]

Edited by: Roran Palancar on 29/02/2008 20:40:22
I'm using the osX client on a MacBook... that's below spec ;) I love the game so much I'll suffer through the flashing graphics low frame rate (but seriously, I think with a few tweaks it could run better... if I change the resolution or interval rate from 4 -> 3 or 3 -> 4, the flashing/crazy graphics goes away for a while). Oddly enough the game hardly crashes for me unless it is an overheating issue.Razz

Oh yeah. I was on the 14 day trial and then upgraded to the paying account.

Posted - 2008.03.01 00:17:00 - [18]

Yep using the Mac client and while obviously not completely happy, it's worked pretty well for me in low-mid stress situations.

Posted - 2008.03.01 01:55:00 - [19]

Running EVE on a MacBook Pro - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz, 2mb RAM, nVidia GeForce 8600 (256mb).

The client runs great... EXCEPT for the map browser being totally garbled and utterly useless.

Ma Ku
Posted - 2008.03.01 07:11:00 - [20]

I upgraded my account and use the mac client for most things other than attempted pvp. Unfortunately the client runs much more smoothly and more stable on the XP side of my MBP after underclocking it, so I'm tending to use that more often, but I still love that I can play Eve on my OSX partition :3

Sidartha Gautama
Posted - 2008.03.01 12:26:00 - [21]

I'm using the Mac client on a Mac Pro [what a delightfully powerful beast :)].

I started paying for my subscription today, but I'm not actually sure whether that will be permanent.

I am experiencing very frequent crashes where the client just shuts down without warning. I've been reading on a known bug but that's not what I'm getting. Sometimes the client won't have opened before it crashes, sometimes it crashes twice in a row before it really opens.
Mostly the client closes down mid-session. Doesn't matter what I'm doing. There is no seemingly reproducible scenario. The client just closes without error.

I have many years experience with software issues and I can forgive a lot of quirks, but I absolutely understand the people who see many weeks of time wasted through no fault of their own and are royally ****ed off about it. The game is a challenge and sometimes you'll lose the challenge. Any reasonable person will accept that reality. When the ante is upped that you can lose your work because of a bug in the software, that's where the fun stops.

CCP -know- about this problem, they are aware of it. They can either not help it, it costs too much money to fix it, or they don't care to [don't raise your eyebrows, sometimes software vendors really don't care to resolve known issues. Trust me, I've seen it more than once.]

A client closing down is a show stopper, in the most literal sense of the world, chances are that there will be a fix for this. Crashing through normal use of the client should not happen.

CCP demonstrates they can make a really awesome game. I would expect they care enough about it that they will eventually resolve this problem.

At their product's PDT [Product Development Team] meeting they are discussing this issue and they are, most definitely, aware of our comments on these boards.

CCP: don't break my heart, fix my client.

I'll invite you to my barbecue.


SoleDeo Gloria
Mission Runners Incorporated
Posted - 2008.03.02 01:21:00 - [22]

I am paying as well - I waited until I wanted to train a skill that was not available to Trial accounts.

I have come up with a few things that seem to help performance (I have not had a lock up for two weeks now):

1) run it full screen - windowed mode = frequent crashes
2) 'show info' only when docked.
3) do not close the 'show info' window while docked and I can do multiple 'show info' on pilots, as long as I wait a few minutes in between.
4) once I undock, do NOT do a 'show info' until I quit and restart

I am hoping 1.1 fixes the 'show info' bug.

here is my config:

Model Name: MacBook Pro
Model Identifier: MacBookPro3,1
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
L2 Cache: 4 MB
Memory: 4 GB
Bus Speed: 800 MHz
Boot ROM Version: MBP31.0070.B05
SMC Version: 1.16f10

Mara Rinn
Posted - 2008.03.03 06:24:00 - [23]

I'm paying. The EVE client is stable enough that I can get through most nights of play without crashing - but I'm only ever mining or running missions solo or in small fleets (2 to 4 people).

Once I'm finished playing (this includes crash-to-desktop), I have to reboot my iMac otherwise graphics for the whole OS are messed up.

Sometime this week I'm hoping that my character will become self-funding - at which point I will no longer care about stability of the client as long as I can still rake in the ISK for the game to be free.

I certainly wouldn't be continuing my subscription if I had to pay after this month.

I like EVE because I can reasonably log in, find something to do for half an hour, then go cook dinner, and come back to finish what I was doing. I don't have to find a group of exactly 5 people, who all rolled exactly the right character two years ago. For fleet operations, I can switch ships on the fly to complete a mission - logistics one hour, missile boat the next, the come in with a salvage boat to clean up the mess.

The concepts in this game are excellent, it's just a crappy client that I am complaining about. The gameplay is compelling enough that I've paid to play it for a couple of months now. After this month though, the character either becomes self-sufficient or the subscription ends - there's only so many times I can reboot a Mac OS X computer in one night before I die a little inside.

Native Freshfood
Posted - 2008.03.04 03:34:00 - [24]

I've actually had a pretty good experience so far. I've only had a couple random crashes in the past two weeks and the only real problem I have is with checking profiles while in warp or around gates. Quite playable, especially if I don't get opening profile happy. I don't crash everyday anymore. Very Happy

Posted - 2008.03.04 04:09:00 - [25]

*waves* Yo.

Jao I
Posted - 2008.03.04 14:28:00 - [26]

Running Classic OSX client on my Mac Pro just fine. Cannot run the Premium Client on BootCamped Windows XP, video card has that 3rd version of shader thing.

Kallen Brack
Posted - 2008.03.05 08:03:00 - [27]

Edited by: Kallen Brack on 05/03/2008 08:05:25
I've just started playing EVE, and I use a mac.

Heh, sounds like the beginning of an AA meeting...

MBP, 2.16 Core 2 Duo

When my client starts crashing, rather than rebooting (ugh), I simply log off the mac then log back in - cleans everything up, and it's the same as a rebootie. Faster too, and I don't have that little part of me dying from restarting OSX :D

One thing I noticed:
In the config file located at
\Users\(InsertYourLoginHere)\Library\Preferences\EVE Online Preferences\config
in the catagory
there is an entry
"VideoRam" = "256"
However, my vid card has 128mb ram
When I changed it to 128, things became more stable...

Hope that helps!

Edit: Typos

Pak Narhoo
Posted - 2008.03.05 11:28:00 - [28]

Originally by: Kallen Brack
Edited by: Kallen Brack on 05/03/2008 08:05:25
I've just started playing EVE, and I use a mac.

Heh, sounds like the beginning of an AA meeting...


Been here since November. Crashes are far less then in November or right after Trinity, which was indeed a crash fest.Crying or Very sad
Bought a second char a week after I payed for this one and am considering a 3d.
Crashes still occur, but way less then before, and if Eve crashes my Mac isn't as garbled up like in the beginning where everything else started to crash after an Eve crash.

I love the overal maturity of the community, and it is a serious challange to get some (freelance) work done during the
day and not float in Eve all day....
Am patiently awaiting the next patch, and ambulation.

MacPro dual 2.66 GB, 2 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT

tealkra pankhurst
Posted - 2008.03.05 17:17:00 - [29]

I am paying for 2 accounts for my son and myself and we play Eve on OSX exclusively on both an iMac and a Macbook Pro. I cannot say we are experiencing the full flavor of Eve though. The client crashes to the desktop so frequently that PvP or travel in 0.0 is impossible.

Dire Lauthris
Body Count Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.03.05 21:44:00 - [30]

I seem to be playing a lot on my macbook now. If there's any fighting to do though I still can't trust the client enough and use my windows machine.

Damn, it doesn't half burn my lap when I undock tho. Very Happy

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