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Posted - 2008.02.15 21:35:00 - [1]

Hi all i have returned to eve after roughly 18 months break . I have 32 mill sp mostly in gunnery and various other combat related skills . I was based in Venal area and i have an apoc with various modules in that area . I am very rusty at the moment but i'm sure it will all come back to me . Currently i'm in empire space with only a harpy . I'm looking for a pvp corp preferably in the Venal area . Like i said i'm a little rusty but i'm sure it wont be long before i'm up to speed .

Dragon's Rage
Posted - 2008.02.15 21:47:00 - [2]

Dantane we will be more than happy to help you shake of the rust.

contact me in game we can talk it over.
Very Happy

Dragon's Rage has a place for you!

We believe in loyalty, fidelity and honor.

We also believe in fun and the priority of real life.

Dragonís Rage, is a part of the Intrepid Crossing Alliance that is
well established in the Drone Region. We are a 0.0 corporation looking
for people from all aspects of the game. We are mainly looking for
active PvPers, but everyone is welcome. Everyone is required to defend
what is ours. We do roaming gangs daily and love killing other people,
we strive on it. We are located in Etherium Reach in the Drone Region.
We share traffic routes with Red Alliance, Ka-Tet, Ethereal Dawn and
GoonSwarm. With only a 5 million skill point requirement, we have made
ourselves a great opportunity for young pilots who wish to experience
PvP combat in 0.0 space; within small and large fleets. We offer 0.0
accommodations, multiple alliance stations, PvP training, TeamSpeak,
forums with PvP advice and ship setups. We have mature player base,
who believe mostly on having FUN !!!

We have forums, killboard, and TeamSpeak server for the entire
alliance. Inquirers are urged to join GoDRCorp channel to talk to
pilots who have set aside some of their time to speak with you. Please
feel free to open a private conversation with Mandreh or Fragito with
any additional questions.

Donít hesitate and make the Thrill miss you

What We offer:

Arrow 0.0 Accomodation
Arrow Multiple alliance stations

Arrow Full training and advice in PvP if required, from
experienced pilots

Arrow TeamSpeak server

Arrow Killboard

Arrow Forums littered with tried & tested ship setups and tactics

Arrow Full advice on skill planning and progression

Arrow Friendly, mature players of both genders

Arrow Anti-pirate, no exceptions

Check out What we are about


Salus Novus
United Front Alliance
Posted - 2008.02.15 22:36:00 - [3]


To satisfy your main request - our Corp has a forward operating base in Venal - so we might be a good fit for you.

This division within Vendetta (Congo Free State) is very forward operating entity (we take care of ourselves) and frankly; we are the tip of the sword.

At the high-level - Vendetta Underground is made up of industrialists and COMBAT ORIENTATED individuals who are looking to survive and make a living in a 0.0 - our main home is in Cobalt Edge (drone); but we have forward ops bases in many NPC locations.

We are looking for mature, dedicated, self-sufficient players - especially for our deep space recon and operating division - Congo Free State.

We use teamspeak for combat and general chat.

We have a strong capital ship fleet and are expanding monthly.

We offer our members free T1 modules/frigates/cruisers/ammo (for those that need help) and a capital ship building program to provide a cheaper solution in owning your own capital ship.

Our Website:
Our Killboard:

Feel free to convo me in-game or evemail for further information.


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