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Miner Tech
Posted - 2008.02.15 16:04:00 - [91]

Space junk must die!!

Nice blog, thanks Prism X.

Chainsaw Plankton
Posted - 2008.02.15 16:14:00 - [92]


now when is trinity 1.1 Laughing

Posted - 2008.02.15 16:17:00 - [93]

Edited by: nihlanth on 15/02/2008 16:20:46
Originally by: Ephemeron
People use cans for art because this game doesn't have any proper tools for creating art in space.

If CCP thinks its a bad idea, they should give the community better tools, specifically designed for creating 2D and 3D art in space.

No, the gameplay and performance takes precedence over useless bells and wistles such as this.

If you want to create 3d art, use 3dmax or maya. Or simply draw/paint in RL. That is much easier than making art in a game.

Low Security Military Excursions
Posted - 2008.02.15 16:20:00 - [94]

This is how a dev blog should be done.

What is going to happen
Why CCP thinks it is necessary
Writer responds to forum questions.
Respectful from both community and Dev.

More dev blogs like this one, please.

As for this idea, I'd be in favor of it being cleaned out each week instead of each month. For advertisements, make it so players can "buy" advertisement time on the billboards, similiar to the corp recruiting tools.

Kyra Felann
The Scope
Posted - 2008.02.15 16:21:00 - [95]

Who the heck are "the dustmen"?

Kyra Felann
The Scope
Posted - 2008.02.15 16:26:00 - [96]

Originally by: Ephemeron
People use cans for art because this game doesn't have any proper tools for creating art in space.

If CCP thinks its a bad idea, they should give the community better tools, specifically designed for creating 2D and 3D art in space.

If you want to create art in a 3d virtual world, go try Second Life. You can make all kinds of stuff for other people to see in SL. Just beware the furries, bondage roleplayers, furry bondage roleplayers, etc.

Eve is about spaceships, not "art" made out of big hollow hunks of metal in space.

BloodStar Technologies
Posted - 2008.02.15 16:26:00 - [97]

Originally by: Ephemeron
People use cans for art because this game doesn't have any proper tools for creating art in space.

To be fair, Eve is not and was never meant to be Photoshop in space. While can art was a nice novelty item, art in space comes way, way down the priority list in terms of game features.

BloodStar Technologies
Posted - 2008.02.15 16:29:00 - [98]

Originally by: Kyra Felann
Who the heck are "the dustmen"?

In RL, "the dustmen" are the men who come around with a big lorry, usually once a week, and take away everything you don't want anymore. Also known as garbage men, bin men, refuse collection facilitiators, etc.

In Eve, there won't actually be dustmen ships, NPCs etc. It'll just be a bit of code that runs during downtime to delete the junk from the database.

Azia Burgi
Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2008.02.15 16:33:00 - [99]


can i enlist the help of some GMs to help unanchor all the graves and move them to a station until i can figure out a way to commemorate the dead that doesn't incurr a nerfbat?

Eleana Tomelac
Eclats de verre
Posted - 2008.02.15 16:35:00 - [100]

Asteroids/ice belts cleaning! yeah!

And advertizement cans from years dead corporations gone!

And and can art becomes as sand art...
"And so castles made of cans melt in the void, eventually" (maybe you know the song)

That's just great, you earned cookies, cakes that are not lies and more!

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2008.02.15 16:52:00 - [101]

Another thing to do for the 'need for speed'v initiative :

Allow remote stacking / repackaging even in hostile station (repackaging of undamaged item of course) this way u will get much more less entry, as a year or so you introduced the "1000 items" in hangar limitations, personnally i got several place with more than 1000 items, with what i suggest i think i could easily reduce all my stack by 20-30% minimum

Trisomy 21
Posted - 2008.02.15 17:11:00 - [102]

Prism X: shuttles, drones, newbie ships etc I don't think anyone would have a problem with removal on a weekly basis. Anchored cans in empire, one month seems a decent time period. However, anchored cans in 0.0, perhaps they should be given longer?

Anwylyd Al'Vos
The Knights Templar
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2008.02.15 17:12:00 - [103]


Amarrian Missionaires
Posted - 2008.02.15 17:35:00 - [104]

WTS BM's to approx 30-40 GSC, 1/3rd of them full with loot in different 0.0 space :)

Seriously - although this is gonna do some theoretical damage to me (theoretically as I don't see me ever going there to pick them up) - this is a needed and welcomed patch thingy for me at least.

Would be too much work, I guess, to code in one NPC corp offering hauling services? Say... 5-15 mill per gsc, only offering to transport to closest station?

To make it realistic - you could even code in a 25% chance of the npc hauler to be blown up so you loose both the tainer and the content - to avoid people using this as a regular way of getting stuff hauled?

Would be nice - but... I will keep regarding my stuff as lost anyway :)

Celestial Horizon Corp.
Posted - 2008.02.15 17:41:00 - [105]

Corperation Assets in space.
We know the system and whats in it... The where however is a big ?
How are we suppost to find it and retrieve it before 30days are up if we dont know who anchored it?

Being as they were anchored for corp then a note of nearest planetary body or even being able to warp to the object using the corp assets tab as long as you were in system would be nice.

We have alot of assets out there that were anchored by people no longer in the game. I'd like to retrieve them before your mass purge hits.

Arwen Ariniel
Shaolin Legacy
Posted - 2008.02.15 17:53:00 - [106]

Space junk must die.

But our monuments must remain!

CCP gave us a sandbox, and told us to craft our own history in it. Lot's of people have spent countless hours creating those monuments to remember that history, and now one DBA says it doesn't belong in the game?

Removing a player invented feature, is not solving a problem... (now go talk to the guys that invented the criminal flagging system for stealing from jetcans, and come up with a better plan, in true EVE style).

Vyktor Abyss
The Abyss Corporation
Posted - 2008.02.15 18:07:00 - [107]

My posts must have a Developer Invisibility Quotient of at least 76.9 ... And for those that don't know that DIQ's pretty high... *ahem*

So - I repeat my question - When's Trinity 1.1 scheduled for? Razz

Thanks, Vyk.

Lobster Man
Pigs On Teh Wing
Posted - 2008.02.15 18:11:00 - [108]

Good to see :)

I see so so so so so many shuttles and n00b ships and containers just sitting in the middle of backwater 0.0 systems, it will be nice to get rid of all that garbage ugh

Black Aces
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.02.15 18:18:00 - [109]

Great initiative, but this will kill the Eve Cemetery Sad

Geana Tem
The Order of Symbolic Measures
Posted - 2008.02.15 18:49:00 - [110]

Originally by: Pedo Fortis
The suggestions on non anchored secure containers sounds great.

But the 30 day plan for anchored containers could be a bit more interesting.

How about:
- Ability (although v-hard) to scan out anchored cans.
- Ability to hack cans where the chance of successful hack is zero for first 20 days but then rises toward 100% after 60 days (with good hacking skills, max one attempt per hour per can).
That way we could provide some interesting hunting for the players and still get the same results (ie much fewer cans hanging around).
People storing cans could then choose how often they would visit the can, every 20 days to be 100% sure or every 40 days but with some chance of it being nicked.

Yeah, with a little ingenuity you can turn this from being a purely mechanical database action into a player collaborative process.

MUDs have been rewarding players for cleaning up after themselves and each other for decades.

I understand that it is not an efficient solution, but some would argue that playing games is not an efficient use of time...

In short, give hackers MOAR power!
and – add NPC a few NPC hacker “dustmen” rats.

Shaemell Buttleson
Posted - 2008.02.15 19:10:00 - [111]

I started a thread on the removal of space junk in the ideas section of the forum ages ago.

I suggested that cans could be salvaged by players if left after a certain amount of time but tbh I don't really care how it's done as long as it goes some way or another!

This is excellent news though so hats off to Prism!

Jacob Mei
Posted - 2008.02.15 19:14:00 - [112]

I love it all but I think that Drones and Fighters should have a 24 hour grace period to be reclaimed by their owners if in the event they lose track of time and forget to pull in their drones/fighters as down time hits. If I find forgetting to pull my t2 drones back into my ship at downtime hits annoying I can only imagine the flamage the devs would get from carrier pilots screaming that there multi million fighters were out during down time, and subsiquently lost because of it.

Other then that que the church quire to go sing at CCP, bout time we lost the GSC clouds orbiting gates and belts.

Mirkur Draug'Tyr
Posted - 2008.02.15 19:22:00 - [113]

Originally by: isAzmodeus
This is how a dev blog should be done.

What is going to happen
Why CCP thinks it is necessary
Writer responds to forum questions.
Respectful from both community and Dev.

More dev blogs like this one, please.

/signed Smile

Omega Wing
Snatch Victory
Posted - 2008.02.15 19:30:00 - [114]

Edited by: Frug on 15/02/2008 19:39:31

Thanks for answering my question Prism. I suppose I'll have to believe you when you say it's less efficient to only send cans that are on the grid (or in scan range when the scanner is used) than to send all the cans in the system on jump in. It's not like I have a clue how grid mechanics work... But I was surprised to find out that the dummy client in theory knows where all the junk in a whole system is all the time. That could be sensitive information.

"the GY is Can Art, just like post-modernism is art"


Felysta Sandorn
Celestial Apocalypse
Posted - 2008.02.15 20:03:00 - [115]

I'm guessing this makes the guy building the graveyard a sad panda...? Crying or Very sad

MeatSausage EXPRESS
Posted - 2008.02.15 20:18:00 - [116]

Edited by: Stakhanov on 15/02/2008 20:17:52
Prism X ftw \o/ nice one !

Now get back to fixing the rest of Eve.

Huang Yinglong
Posted - 2008.02.15 20:38:00 - [117]


that is all :)

Posted - 2008.02.15 20:47:00 - [118]

Awesome. Most can art is horrible anyways, the only can art I've seen that I liked is the shark for FRICK (Anyone got a screenshot?) Besides that, wipe it all out!

Posted - 2008.02.15 20:54:00 - [119]

Praise be to {insert your choice of deity or PrismX here}

On a side note I might suggest that you guys(CCP) really need to spam this change across all viable methods. There will be, I am guessing, a lot of people who miss this notice and will come a crying to the forums the first day that their loot cans go missing. IMO this might even be worth a mass mailer to the registered email addys for accounts. I know a few people who are on break atm, who have all sorts of goodies stored in GSC in deep space.

I saw it suggested by another player earlier in this thread, about the potential of having the first "clean up" day sending all anchored cans to the nearest station. I dont know how "easy" this would be to do for the coders, but it sure would save a lot bovine scatology that will pop up in the weeks and months after this change goes through.

If it isnt too much work though, it would be very considerate of CCP to do this the FIRST CYCLE of the dustmen clean up, to have all personally launched cans go to the pilots personal hanger at the nearest station/outpost and all the corp launched cans go to the deliverys hanger at the nearest station/outpost. Regardless of who actually may control the outpost. If CCP decieds not to do this, it wont really make a difference to me, but I do see it as a smart PR move, if it doesnt absorb too many man hours to accomplish

Ironfleet Towing And Salvage
Posted - 2008.02.15 20:55:00 - [120]

Edited by: Marlenus on 15/02/2008 20:55:57
I am a dedicated salvager and I spend a LOT of time searching out stuff that other people have abandoned and left floating in space. Prism, can you please revisit this part of your thinking? I think you're making the logic more binary than it needs to be.
Originally by: CCP Prism X

Why delete rather than unlock and allow others to scoop them up?

It defeats the idea of the whole thing. We want to get rid of them, not just flip a bit in the database.

How badly would it hurt, really, to take a little more time in getting the database cleaned? Why not flip that bit on the first pass, then after more time has passed, go ahead and remove the unscooped items?

I hate can congestion as much as the next guy, and I'm delighted that it's going to be cleaned up. But there's an enormous amount of WEALTH that's going to vanish when the programmers flip the switch, and there's just no need for it. Why not allow the junk to come loose for a week (or three days, or 24 hours) before the cleanup routine sweeps it a way? Why not let players who value this stuff sweep some of it up in the interim?

I've built my whole gaming experience around salvaging stuff that EVE game mechanics leave lost in space. I understand that the mechanics need to be streamlined, and I welcome those changes. But I don't understand why they can't be done in a way that leaves a role for me and for people like me. What's the downside, an extra week before the database reaches optimal cleanliness?

(Admittedly, making unanchored cans probable or scannable again would also be a big help.)

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