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Lola Gold
Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2004.03.26 19:27:00 - [1]

When the order came I could hardly believe my eyes leave empire space? “Are they mad” I said loud then looked around making sure no one heard me, looking down the list of names to go a sense of foreboding came over me thank god my name was not on it nor was my new boyfriends name.
I think Anthonieak would of taken it hard if we had been made to part so soon after getting together, still I feel for Kronus kroegler being made to part from Vasques so soon after there marriage, but I heard Vasques in the corridor talking to Kronus saying “duty is duty and it must be done”.
I’m not sure I could of taken it that way and I’m sure Kronus didn’t but they all started to get ready in there own little way, I watched on think that I hope they make it.
First to go was Mr bester I have never seen so many people working on one ship in the dock but this Raven was kitted out of the trip in record time being Mr B he was ready for the off as soon as he’s ship was the mans a machine what more can I say.
I’m stood on the docking deck as he left the station with the docking master saying more than once “do not warp till you are clear the outer markers” as always Mr B just clears the entrance and fires he’s jump drive with the docking master shouting “god dam it B” a small pause them BOOM as the Raven shoots out of sight leaving all hell breaking loose in the docking port.
Next up were the haulers why oh why did Sux command not give these guys escorts I do not know but all they could say was we “don’t wont pirates paying them to much attention” so giving them no escorts would do that I asked “yes” was the reply.
Funny but talking to the two hauler pilots duckling1 and Xerxes seemed ok about it all, not sure that they where just putting on a brave face or what, but sure enough they launched right on time loaded up with god only knows and headed out on there journey.
A few hours pass and it’s the time for Quarth and Silea to go, Quarth’s Apoc was ready first but he was told to hold for Silea’s Raven and head out at the same time, this was funny quarth shouting all sort of stuff at the docking master but sure enough he waited.
Seeing both them leave at the same time was very cool, Silea with her cool head and Quarth going “get a move on already” man has he got a hot head lets hope Silea can keep him cool.
I was out on mining duty when Yarda and Vasques left but what I heard was that Kronus was not happy about it all, cant say I blame him but to echo the words of Vas “duty is duty”.
I had a sneaky feeling that Kro would not leave it at that, sure enough on routine patrol Kro jumped after them, can’t say what the docking master said but it was colourful and you cant blame him, love makes you do silly things.
Days past not a word from any of them mining seemed to go on forever and even AK’s comforting I still worried about them, sitting in the coms lounge on off duty didn’t help but they where my friends and I worried about them.
Final we got word from Mr Bester had made it even if he had to run one blockade, god the haulers I thought how the hell would they make it though?

Too be continued…..

Elite Underworld Special Forces
OWN Alliance
Posted - 2004.03.26 22:04:00 - [2]

wow. can't wait for more :D

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2004.03.27 00:38:00 - [3]

Nice one again...
And damn me and my haulerConfused
but hey.... keep up the good workLaughing




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