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Posted - 2004.03.24 15:05:00 - [1]

Café Amarr, Deacon’s Piazza, Emperor’s Station, Amarr system,

Faustian sat sipping a glass of cloy brown liquid, another welcome reminder of his escape from Intaki, though he was not sorry to leave the people, he did enjoy Amarrian tea.

The separatists were a resourceful bunch, following a brief convalescence he had joined them on a number of sabotage efforts, Miso’s presence had meant a lot to the group, she was a daughter of her people, the determination and the will of those people was extraordinary, though Faustian found her correcting him, “There are many peoples, not just the Intaki, who also wish to be free of the overbearing of short sighted governments Faustian”.

Eventually they had departed her homeworld, and not long afterwards they parted though Faustian was not to return straight to the service of his Amarrian contact, neither had he had real opportunity to contact Seren or his father about Toburr’s demise.

Instead he had been sent straight onto assignment, “something of paramount importance Faustian” his grave sounding patron had remarked.

So he found himself for the third day sat at the piazza on the Emperor’s station, commerce quarter, sipping tea, literally watching the world go by waiting for his ‘mark’. Funny, he mused, the term ‘mark’ was something he had picked up from the Intaki.

An Amarrian stepped off the piazza straight in front of Faustian, a waiter hurriedly appeared and took the Theology Council Official’s order, covered in all the regalia which accompanied the Senior Amarrian Cleric’s office accompanied by most surprisingly for Faustian a Jovian.

Faustian’s face was barely containing his shock, he had never seen a Jove before, the mysterious race rarely left the boundaries of there own space, Faustian’s mission to observe a report on the clerics activities became acutely clear.

The Jove was slightly shorter than the cleric, his appearance was pallid, only his face was exposed anyway, the rest of his form was covered in some matte black or dark blue jump suit, along with small gadgets sporadically dotted around his person.

Faustian decided it was a good opportunity to pay attention to his tea rather than his ‘mark’ and this new companion.

The waiter scurried back, and looked almost as white as the Jove as he brought a take away flask for the cleric.

Faustian and the other patrons of the Amarrian café abruptly found their attention drawn to the street as a company of Ammatar marines bearing the ‘89th’ on their insignia badges marched past flanked by a handful of Amarrian Provost’s roughhousing pedestrians from there path.

One Provost was manhandling a Caldari woman into the café until he found himself confronted by the Jove at which point the Caldari woman found her destination change.

As the company continued to progress along the concourse an Amarrian Lieutenant strode alongside, his insignia determined he was no marine officer but in fact an office of the Fleet, a PIE officer no less.

As he passed Faustian he recognised the Theology Cleric, “Your Grace! He exclaimed, the Amarrian loyalists PIE were renowned for their adherence to the scriptures and their nationalist passion.

“Ah, Lieutenant! Yes a little assistance with our passage, my guest and I have matters to attend to…” exclaimed the Cleric, The PIE Lieutenant rounded and saw the Jovian, the officer was taken aback, the Amarr military, PIE included still saw the Jove as adversaries, the war was far from forgotten amongst them.

Seeing the PIE officer’s surprise the Cleric laid his paw upon the officer’s shoulder, “do not be alarmed brave son of Amarr, my companion’s presence is duly sanctioned by the Theology Council, now if you can have these Provo’s escort us to the Theology Council’s residence I would be most appreciative”
The Clerics disarming smile allowed the PIE officer some visible relief, and quickly two Provosts’ were reassigned to escort duty.

Faustian finished his tea as his ‘mark’ and his unusual companion disappeared, amongst the Ammatar marines. Faustian took a data pad from his flight jacket, tapping it against his other hand before pulling up the day’s itinerary for the Theology Cleric, amazing he thought what ISK can get you.

Posted - 2004.03.24 15:06:00 - [2]

Habitation Pylon, Emperor’s Station, Amarr System

Faustian had reported the Jovian’s appearance with the Amarrian, now he stood in his accommodation and buttoned his jumpsuit, the Wraithe had been delivered to a Hangar on the station and Faustian’s orders were to shadow the Amarrian Cleric. Quite how he was to avoid being recognised by the doubtlessly cloaked Jove escort was a concern dismissed by his sponsor.

Faustian tried his best not to dwell on tailing a mark whom knew he was being watched…

60km from Kor-Azor Jump Gate, Amarr System

The Wraithe slid out of warp, the Theology Council shuttle was some 30km ahead flanked by two Amarr Navy Omen Class Cruisers. Faustian urged his Frigate to match there vector towards the gate and maintain a steady distance of 25 km from the Council vessel.

Faustian’s neocomm flared. A new encrypted channel was waiting on his acceptance, it was the Patron.

“Faustian change of plan, break off your tail of the Cleric, I need your services in Caldari space immediately”, Faustian was more than a little intrigued by his request, “your certain sir?” he enquired, “yes Faustian, tell me how do you feel about Quafe?” the man’s tone was thick with sarcasm, “A little exuberant for my Amarrian tastes” replied Faustian, “I’ll upload the locations, I want you to proceed to them and ‘intercept’ Quafe assets Faustian, you can keep whatever you can salvage, I only require the cargo manifests” the patron paused, “that shuttle was a decoy by the way, I still have our cleric under surveillance, report in once you have completed your new assignment Faustian”

The Wraithe spun smoothly to its new vector, Yulai Gate, Amarr system was but a warp jump away.


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