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Freelance Unincorporated
Posted - 2004.03.24 00:18:00 - [1]

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There are few now who can recall any history of my tribe. For we ourselves were one of the many wandering tribes that lived only for travelling amongst the stars. Our ties to our first home have never been forgotten and wherever in space we were, we always knew where to look to find our way back. Our tribe thought settling in one place permanently was unnatural, we liked to move where needed and where we fancied.

Here is my story…the story of my people and why I am the last

Our origins lie in the deep past. The past before the darkness, a past before the Amarrins came, before the Rebellion during what was the golden age of Matar. Minmatar were advancing as a people at an enormous rate, our technological and sociological development was growing. Peace had existed between the clans for many a century.

The ability to take to the stars aboard space ships of our own make was a glorious step forwards for Minmatar. A technology we developed fast and before long, starships of Matar were sailing through the heavens in all directions. It was this time where the more ‘nomadic’ of the tribes first started to reach for the stars. Our colonies spread in all directions and over time the technology to allow us to move amongst the stars in bigger and better ships evolved as well.

Some tribes made their homes on new planets, moons or the stations built in orbit, some found new homes in other empires and a smaller number loved space from the moment they were able to first go to warp. Of these few, the Kathor were the first to ‘reach for the stars’. The whole clan moved as one large convoy of ships defending the main colony, one of the legendary drifter colonies and perhaps the greatest feat of Minmatar engineering. These massive ships housed most of my people and provided them with sufficient resources to live in space indefinitely. Always surrounded by the scout ships and escorts as they frequently encountered dangers to be often found in the deep of space.

My people had travelled far and grown well, they were a long way away from Matar or for that matter from any of the empires. It was then that the days of darkness came. It took a month and more for the messages to start to arrive from our friends back on Matar. It was told that the council met for many days before asking for volunteers to turn back and act as an advance group to aid in the rebellion.

Lead by the Son of our leader, Lotaran, my father he joined in with the rebellion, he fought alongside the Jovians when they defeated the Amarrin invasion. I remember that day well. I was left with friends in a backwater mining post hidden deep inside a nebula, one of the bases and headquarters of the Rebellion. The base was heaving with wounded and refugees. The wrecks of abandoned ships lay outside, some still on fire many days after they limped home. The tension was high, the Rebellion Command had learnt that the Jovians were coming to aid the Rebellion, a coordinated attack was planned and the Matari mustered the greatest fleet ever seen

It was a sight I was in awe at, as many around peered out whatever space they found at the mass of ships, should hastily repaired that mustered outside the station. Our clan’s ships formed the Kathor wing after our clan. Their job was to form part of the attack force that would take and hold the Vakir station. It was then I first saw a Jovian, although just a boy, I stared into the eyes of one. That is a memory that lives onto this day.

The attack began early with wings setting off to their rally points to attack from different directions in order to confuse the Amarrin Invasion forces. Throughout that day, casualties came flowing in by the hundreds as some ships limped back to station. Rumours and reports from the command deck were rife of great battles, of many ships being lost and finally that we had gained the upper hand.

With the help of the Jovians, we drove the Amarrins back to their own space, but at what cost, so many had died and the wrecks of our proud ships stood in silence outside the station, a testament to the fallen and the lives they had laid down to free our people. I waited and waited, perched by an window for news and a glimpse of my father’s ship or one of our wing. That glimpse never came, only in the months that followed would the truth be told of the sacrifice made by the Kathor Wing.

The battle had been long and viscous indeed. The ferocity of the Jovian assault caught the Amarrins unawares and they fell back quickly. Our wing met heavy resistance when they warped into the station. An ensuing battle lasted over an hour between the two fleets but eventually The Rebel fleet gained the upper hand. The transports were called in to bring marines on board to secure the station while carrying out their duty, Kathor wing patrolled the station as the other wings left for their secondary objecti

Freelance Unincorporated
Posted - 2004.03.24 00:18:00 - [2]

Out of nowhere, an Amarrin strike force warped in and tried to retake the station. Grossly outnumbered, my father’s wing fought like true Minmatar. The Amarrin force was destroyed, but not before launching a capital weapon, a massive torpedo at the station. It is said that my father, his ship crippled and unable to fire did one last act, and destroyed the torpedo by manoeuvring in its course saving the thousands of people onboard.

After that, those people my father left me with in their care looked after me waiting for the rest of my clan to arrive. Yet days turned to weeks, and weeks to years and they never came. The same people who took care of me that day during those forsaken times looked after me always, a historian and his family. It was he, my adopted father, Nethan who told the stories of my people to me so that when they did come, I would be able to take my rightful place among them. It was he who taught me the values of freedom that I hold true today. He spoke often of the other peoples who inhabited this galaxy and came through the gate with us. He was an archaeologist, he always said that the key to freedom and to unity laid hidden in the past.

As soon as I was old enough I joined the Republic Academy and became a member of Republic Fleet. Taking with me the stories and lessons learnt of my elders to guide me in my manhood, watched over by the spirit of my father and forefathers as I gained the status of the Chosen Elite in the Republic and the command of my own ship. I have only a small symbol of my people left, the symbol of my clan still worn around my neck. My own connection to my family who never came, a family I would seek out one day when ready. To one day walk amongst the great halls of our giant colony and be greeted home by the calling of my people. It is a dream I have.

Until that day, I have vowed to help those still enslaved, the Rebellion has never ended and our people still remain in chains. The war is far from over. I cannot abandon my people nw, but always my mind turns to the dark sea of space and wonders and searches for the beacon of light cast from my people calling me to them. That one day I shall come home.


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