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Cassandra Beckinsale
Posted - 2008.01.16 17:52:00 - [1]

- Storyline
We are capsuleer but as you can read in some EvE Online novels they mention about crew members several times. Ships in eve need crew members to function at 100%, or even more, and all the crew and ship systems have to be controlled and commanded in real time by the skilled capsuleer pilot, interfaced with the ship it self. So, having good personal skills mean that you can interact with ship and crew reports interface more rapidly and with more efficiency and that you can fit your ship better than bad skills character.

- Crew System
Crew can be fitted in the ship exactly like any other modules, with the exception that a ship, if a pilot desire it, can fly even without a crew, and in that case it will be controlled only by the capsuleer pilot, like it is now.

There are 5 Crew section for every ships and every section have sub slots depending on the ship size: for example a frigate will need 2 crew group members per section and a battleship will require 5. Every group need to be controlled by a commander / hero, and crew have to be recruited and payed, depending on a new set of skills under a new skill group: Crew Management.

Cassandra Beckinsale
Posted - 2008.01.16 17:53:00 - [2]

- Crew Sections

. Engine Section Crew
This crew control these ship attributes: Speed, Inertia Modifier, Warp Speed.

. Energy/Reactor Section Crew
This crew control these ship attributes: Capacitor Capacity, Capacitor Recharge Rate, Shield Recharge Rate.

. War Systems Section Crew
This crew control these ship attributes: Weapons Damage, Weapons Rate of Fire, Repair Systems Repairing Rate (also shield booster boosting rate), Shield Amount.

. Ship Maintenance Section Crew
This crew control these ship attributes: CPU, Powergrid, Total Cargo Space.

. Electronic/Computer Section Crew
This crew control these ship attributes: Targetting Range, Scan Resolution, EW Modules Strength, Sensor Strength.

- Crew Quality and Deployment
Crew have to be payed for the work, and the cost vary due to the crew quality and the commander quality. There are 4 different types of crew and a crew can be rent for not less than 1 month (normal payment is for month). There are LOW QUALITY CREW, NORMAL CREW, SKILLED CREW, and ELITE CREW, and every crew is specialized only in one section.
Crew do not need to have a commander, but with him/her a crew will perform better. Obiviously the commander need a personal payment.

Cassandra Beckinsale
Posted - 2008.01.16 17:54:00 - [3]

- How Crew Handle The Ship
By not having any crew in a selected section, the ship will suffer a penalty of -5% to all ship attributes related to this section.

LOW QUALITY CREW: -2% Penalty 0% With a Commander.
NORMAL CREW: 0% Penalty +2% With a Commander.
SKILLED CREW: +2% Bonus +4% With a Commander.
ELITE CREW: +3% Bonus +6% With a Commander.

- New Skills
Crew Management(TTM 4)Willpower Memory: Allow you to put in the ship one additional crew per level. With level 0 in this skill you can put only one crew.

Crew Diplomacy (TTM 6) Charisma Willpower: Allow you to reduce the payment of a crew by 5% per level.

Crew Recruitment (TTM 3) Memory Willpower: Allow you to locate available crew and commanders in the galaxy. Level 1 -> Within Station, Level 2 -> withing solar system, Level 3 -> Within 4 jumps, Level 4 -> Within Region, Level 5 -> Galaxy.

- Crew Morale
Crew is composed by living peoples that have a morale. If the morale get broken you will suffer penalty cause your crew will perform bad. Yet is morale is a very complex matter, I try to solve this in a simple way for EvE Online.

When your ship have 25% left of armor or hull damaged, your crew perform as the lower crew type (Elite become Skilled that become Normal that become Low Quality). A Low Quality Crew with a broken morale give you -6% to the related crew section.

You can fit an Crew Escape Pod module (High Slot Module) to lower the limit of the morale check at 75% of Hull.

That the main things of my opinion regarding how to use crew.

Posted - 2008.01.16 18:28:00 - [4]

Immediate problem: Way too complicated.

I can't even read all that stuff. How could we go from completely no indication of crew in your ship of any kind (I pay no wages and never take on any food!) to having this immensely complex system for having a crew.

I'm well aware that our ships are supposed to have crews, but I imagine that if they were to be acknowledged it would be best to simply have a single crew slot for each ship, and then there would be specific crew sizes for each ship, and then among each group there would be various attributes you could choose from. So each crew option would only affect one or two things, such as a velocity bonus, or a tracking bonus etc.

Personally I have never gotten the feeling that any of the ships in eve really have crews. I know that they do, according to the back story, but it just never feels like I've got any other people on my ship.

I actually would have a lot less fun constantly reminded that I have a crew onboard.

Terraisa Nichols
Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2008.01.16 18:43:00 - [5]

Hrm... this would explain that drop in performance my BS experienced after I collected some drugs and exotic dancers as loot.

Seriously though; I like the idea but I would simplify it greatly.

Perhaps a percentage bonus to all ship stats going as high as 7% or so based on kills made in the ship.
This bonus could be achieved faster by training a charisma based skill. (making charisma useful ftw)

Tarron Sarek
Biotronics Inc.
Initiative Mercenaries
Posted - 2008.01.16 19:07:00 - [6]

Yet another set of bonuses to stack on top of the existing ones, with lots of fluff?
I can't say that I'm overly fond of that idea.

Create some unique bonuses and something that's not a fake Low/Med/High slot extension.
Then it will start to get interesting.

Slate Fistcrunch
Red Federation
Posted - 2008.01.16 19:17:00 - [7]

I'm only in favor of this idea if crew come in 15 meta levels including nice officer variants, if crew can be overheated, if crew can have scripts loaded into them, if crew can have implants, and if crew can be affected by a whole new skill tree of leadership skills.


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