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Rimsa Orion
Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2008.01.14 22:45:00 - [1]

Edited by: Rimsa Orion on 15/01/2008 16:39:42
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Deadalus Corporation is up for sale.

Solar System: HEK
Region: Metropolis
Security Level: 0.5

The following will be included on the sell of the Corporation.

POS: (Anchored)
1 Med Domination Control Tower
1 Corp Hanger
1 Mobile Lab
1 Adv Mobile Lab
2 Smalll Autocannon Battery

BPO's Included:
1 Thorax BPO
1 Vexor BPO
1 Iteron Mark IV
1 Iteron Mark V
1 Incursus
1 Warp Core Stabilizer
1 Large Armor Repair System
1 Medium Armor Repair System
1 Small Armor Repair System
1 Thermatic Plating
1 Regenerative Plating
1 Reflective Palting
1 Magnetic Plating
1 X-Large Shield Booster
1 Large Shield Booster
1 Medium Shield Booster
1 Shield Boost Amplifier
1 Ballistic Control System
1 Antimatter Charge M

Data Interfaces: (Ship Equip Inventions)
1 Cryptic Data Interface
1 Occult Data Interface
1 Incognito Data Interface
1 Esoteric Data Interface

Here is a link to show the assets of the POS and location.


Any REASONABLE offer will be considered.

Please feel free to post your questions here or contact me in game.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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