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Posted - 2008.01.13 03:45:00 - [1]

Very HappyHiya everyone, I've finally got round to installing Ubuntu Linux and have a dual boot screen i.e "Windows XP Pressional or Ubuntu"

The text in linux is kinda small for my laptop, so first of all, is it possible to make it like my Windows Text?

Next, not much programs on Ubuntu work for me. EVE I know doesn't as I haven't yet got the EVE Linux download. Stuff like MSN just gets an error message. Do I need to download Linux versions of it? I Immune to spyware and viruses so long as malware authors are still trying to get into Linux? Something I saved on the Linux operating system is not here on the XP operating system, so if I downloaded say a trojan on the Ubuntu op sys, would it find its way into my XP?

Thanks to all you Advanced Linux Users in advance. I quite like Linux besides those few things and can see it becoming my only Operating System in the not far future.

At the very least, Mr Gates won't keep on with his pop-ups badgering me to install his brilliant, uber updates

Posted - 2008.01.13 17:27:00 - [2]

I currently have a dual boot PC with a small Windows XP x64 partition (less than 80Go) and 300Go+ for Linux (Ubuntu 7.10).
I downloaded the Linux Client which runs with Cedega (both bundled).
It is working fine, expect a few bugs sometimes.
Even it is advised to stop compiz-fusion while playing Eve, I never got any bug related to compiz-fusion, only a few fps slowdown.
See here.

As CCP has not released the high-graphics for Trinity on Linux yet, I installed the Win client on my Windows, and it worked fine.
As Eve Windows client is not running inside Cedega, I get more FPS.

I play 99% of my time on Linux because I never use Windows.

Small charachters
Dueto too lazy web developpers, the font size of some web site is wrong.
In Firefox, I set the defaut font to "Free Sans", 17pt. Only website that specify a smaller size are displayed smaller.
Check your screen resolution, the higher the resolution is, the smaller the fonts will look. I set my screen to 1280x960.
For all Ubuntu-related help, look at documentation then forums at If you're French, there is a very active community at

You cannot run Windows program on Linux, except if you avec Wine (free) or Cedega (commercial version of Wine). You will never be able to rune Linux program on windows. Those systems are differents. You cannot download a windows program and try to install it on Linux. See Wine related topics/forum to make Windows program running on Linux if necessary.
If you want to do something, look for Linux programs in "Application->add/remove" of your Ubuntu desktop. "aMSN" is the Linux version of MSN (not official), there is aMule for eMule...
But you don't need to look for the same programe you had on Windows : some programs look different but are fulfilling the same goal.
I use Pidgin to replace MSN+Yahoo+ICQ, I use Transmission to replace any torrent client (but Azureus is available for Linux).
Everything you can do on Windows, you will be able to do it on Ubuntu. You may have some problem with some hardware, this is the only difficulty (not all scanners/printers are working).


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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