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Christa Larne
Matari Fleet Recon
Posted - 2004.03.21 20:02:00 - [1]

Edited by: Christa Larne on 21/03/2004 23:09:29
The two Rupture class Minmitar heavy cruisers floated side by side, just a few hundred meters apart. Once their presence here in Amarr controlled space would have provoked a prompt and deadly response but in these times of peace little notice was taken of the two battered vessels. A few hundred kilometers away a small frigate exited from a station, its casual course taking it past an outbound convoy. On seeing its Minmitar markings the convoy's single escort moved into a slightly more protective position before relaxing once again as the interloper vanished into a warp tunnel and was gone.

As usual the convoy made its way well clear of the station before beginning the complex calculations required to take an entire fleet of lumering behemoths into a single warp tunnel. Their first warning of the two cruisers was the sudden alarm of fire-control target locks on several of the ships. As the convoy leader tried desperately to decide if this was a real threat or just more harrassment the escort Frigate kicked in his afterburners and moved towards the two targets. Messages of alarm and confusion sped back to station control, requesting support, advice, information.

Harrassment was abruptly discounted as a hail of projectile fire reduced the Frigate to an expanding cloud of debris, its bemused pilot winging his way back to the station in his pod. Missiles fell down upon the helpless freighters which were even now turning back towards the satefy of the station and its protective sentry guns. Too late for two of their number whose shield and armour were overcome and through whose rent hulls cargo cannisters began to leak like their very life blood. One more was nearing destruction when the reinforcements arrived.

The Amarr Navy group leader rapidly sized up the situation. His cruisers were smaller than the opposition but outnumbered them two-to-one, and here was a chance to fight the enemy, however unofficial that status might be. He gave an unseen grin within his pod as he gave the order to attack, a wave of missiles slamming into the nearest Rupture and overpowering its shields before tearing into the armour. As the regular pulse of a shield booster flickered around it the Minmitar cruiser fell back towards its companion, an armour repairer crawling from its bay to begin work as the weapons trained onto new targets. The first return wave of missiles was seeded with a number of torpedoes whose EMP blast decimated the shields of the leading Amarri cruiser while the heavy kinetic missiles tore into its armour. As it began to fall back the remaining three increased their speed as their battle lust rose.

There was no warning as the final target emerged from warp. It was doubtful that most of the Amarr Navy pilots saw it, so occupied were they with the battle. The trap was well executed, the range perfect, as the enormous cannons on the Tempest battleship burst into life. Two cruisers died simultaneously, their hulls torn apart by the powerful shells, while the third vanished in a single concussion blast. The captain of the remaining cruiser, the one damaged earlier, watched helplessly as the Battleship savaged the remains of the convoy and waited for his time to come. To his surprise the larger enemy ship moved closer to its brethren and then a warp tunnel opened in front of the trio. Just before they vanished a brief message was broadcast to the Amarri ship.

"We spare your crew with the regards of the Matar Hawks. Free the slaves!"

Gaius Kador
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2004.03.22 02:29:00 - [2]

Well written!

See you around, terrorist ;)

Rae Mathenge
Merchant Frontier
Posted - 2004.03.25 18:40:00 - [3]

You call it terrorism. I call it a beginning.

Well done, Christa.

Sir Gigaman
Posted - 2004.03.26 12:09:00 - [4]

That's one well written short story. I can only hope that we in The Matar Hawks one day, get to free all slaves, and rid the "verse" from these evil Amarr slave traders. Offcause we cant take, all of them in one go, but i'll settle for one at a time.

"Lets rock'n Roll"

Bruderschaft des Wahrhaftigen
Posted - 2004.03.26 17:14:00 - [5]

Once their presence here in Amarr controlled space would have provoked a prompt and deadly response but in these times of peace little notice was taken of the two battered vessels.

I don't need to explain the reason why the whole universe judges your actions as terrorism?!?

Christa Larne
Matari Fleet Recon
Posted - 2004.03.30 11:13:00 - [6]

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. I live not by the judgement of another man's opinion, but by that of my own conscience.

Tih Ahh
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2004.04.02 19:54:00 - [7]

Well written and full of action... thumbs up!

Christa Larne
Matari Fleet Recon
Posted - 2004.04.19 10:48:00 - [8]

It was with slight trepidation that Christa Larne slipped into the familiar surroundings of the Starfarer's Arms. Although this seedy Minmatar establishment was the closest place she had to a home outside of her pod the nature of her business tonight was enough to prompt serious caution.

The initial contacts had been through trusted intermediaries, the discussions long and slow through the third party channels. Now it was time for a first face-to-face meeting. The fact that the other party had agreed to meet in a place that so obviously favoured the Hawks was a positive sign, but no matter their references they were still an unknown quantity.

Nodding to the bartender Christa made her way to a vacant booth near the back. On the way she passed three Matar Hawks, none of them giving any sign of recognition and all with their hands carefully placed close to what could only be concealed weapons. A few of the regulars observed this unusual behaviour and quickly decided they had business elsewhere. The bartender watched the small number of customers leave with a silent shrug and checked the positioning of the various weapons he had hidden behind the bar.

The delegation was exactly on time, two of them, one Sebiestor and the other Brutor. Their clothing and appearance blended easily with the surroundings but their movement and sculptured expressions showed that they knew they were out of place in this tight-knit community and, perhaps, just as nervous about this meeting as the Hawks. After a moment the Sebiestor spotted Christa and nudged his companion before they both headed over to her table.

"Mind if we sit down?" the Brutor grunted.
"Its a free world," Christa said, adding, "For some anyway."

The Sebiestor grinned, baring his uneven teeth as the two of them sat down.

"You live up to your reputation, Ms Larne," he said. "I hope we will soon get to know each other much better."
Christa nodded. "Well, you asked for this meeting. Lets hear what you have to say?"
The smile remained unwavering. "To the point as always. Very well, we are hoping to enlist your support in the fight against slavery and the Amarr."
"In that order," interrupted the Brutor.
"My tribe is not in a position to fight a war," Christa frowned.
The Sebiestor spread his hands. "There are many ways to support the fight, aside from the direct approach. We believe that first and foremost we Minmatar need to stick together. Beyond that we need some who will fight, some who will pursue the political route, and some who will provide the means for those activities."
"Okay," Christa nodded. "I'm listening."
"Let me tell you about the Friends of Matar and the People's Republic of Matar..."


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