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Linus Freyr
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2004.03.21 12:19:00 - [1]

“Morning Sir” the Executive officer spoke as he placed the Captains coffee down on the bedside.
Stretching and yawning Linus opened his eyes, blinking in the sudden light.
“Morning XO, any news?”
“Nothing yet sir, scans all clear but they are sure to be around here somewhere”
“Very well carry on I will be in the bridge shortly” Raising him self out of bed he headed for the shower
“Yes sir” the executive officer left the room and returned to the bridge.

Standing in the shower cubicle, the hot water cascading down off his back, Linus reflected on how he had come to be here. The weeks he spent wandering through space trying to find a home for him self, looking for some one, anyone who was not totally consumed with hatred, with whom he might find some companionship. He had long ago left Kisogo; he had spent time with the Minmatar hoping that they might be different, alas, there war with the Amarr was all that really drove them. The Amarr likewise were involved in the politics of the Minmatar affair. The Gallente distrusted him generally for just being of Caldari origin and having worked for the State war Academy.

So now, he searched for a corporation with which he might find some friends and a home. Rinsing the soap from his dark hair he turned off the shower and started to dress, although technically on a Caldari Navy mission, he would never wear the dress of his home, as he did not consider the Caldari mega corps to make much sense. He had preferred what he had known from his father about how Caldari prime was after the occupation, The Gallente’s sure knew how to party and relax. Unlike the stuffy Caldari’s always down to business, he supposed it must be something in his genes as Deteis were usually very loyal and follow instruction well. He was more of a rebel against the Caldari cause, perhaps why he now sought a new home.

Stepping onto the bridge of his Merlin class Frigate, his third command of ship since he left the Academy, he looked around at the men on board. Some very good men he had gathered to himself over the years, his crew were very loyal. Mainly because he would do anything for them, they had good pay and leave entitlements for when they were in dock. When on mission he drove them hard though, but remained fair, he played no favourites. Taking his place in the captains chair the executive officer saluted.
“Captain on the deck, sir I hand over control to you at zero eight hundred hours and six minutes”
“Very good XO, please continue. Helm anything yet?”
“No Sir, nothing so far. Scanners have them ultra long range, but we have no idea how far out yet. Bearings still not good either, were hunting partially blind still.”
“Very well warp to within sixty clicks of the last reported contact; let’s see what we can see from there”
“Yes sir”

The Merlin fell out of warp and everyone unconsciously held there breath while the sensors recalibrated for there new position. A small bleep as they discovered three targets within range, then a constant bleeping as these three targets locked onto them.
“Sir, three rats at 30 clicks and closing fast, they have us locked!”
“Very good, keep them at 25 clicks if you can helm I don’t want to get into a gun fight just yet against three of them.” He turned.
“Weaps lock targets and plot missile solutions, as soon as you have good firing solutions, let the missiles fly don’t hold back. I won’t be docking the cost out of your pay if we make this” The weapons officer chuckled slightly at the joke although a tad nervous still of the approaching enemy.
“Ship this is the captain speaking we are in a combat situation, battle stations” The radio message startled life into many of the crew.

The ship shuddered as the missile launchers fired, the continual thrum as they repeated, loosing a volley until emptied of there load.
“Reload and take evasive actions. There missiles should be with us shortly”
“Sir, 6 Missiles on scan incoming intercept in 20 seconds”
“Ready the shield boosters and smart bomb. We might have to pull the stops out against these guys.”
“Ship this is the captain speaking, brace for impact we have missiles incoming. Full alert, damage control teams to the ready”

“10 seconds, 5seconds, 4,3,2,1 impact”
The ship rocked with the explosion of the first missile, it had exploded just shy of them, its fuel depleted. The explosion taking out two more of the missiles following, saving the ship from a huge portion of damage before the second wave made contact with the rear of the ship, the shields held but were down to 50% in the blink of an eye.
“Sir, our missiles have holed the first rat, his shields are down with some armour damage”
“Start the rails firing, maximum distance, next wave of missiles that come in I want it smart bombed, we cant take another like that till were recharged. Start the booster, get the shields regenerating. Change to the next target for missiles, let the rails finish the first one off”

Linus Freyr
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2004.03.21 12:19:00 - [2]

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The fight continued for some time, before the Maiden’s Fancy came out victorious, all be it with some armour damage and a low supply of missiles left. They swept in to retrieve the loot from the debris of the rats.
“Well done men, immediate emergency over, stand down from battle stations. Damage control report at once”
“Helm set us a course back to the agent, lets get our reward and head on out. I have a feeling shore leave will be doubled and a party in the works.”
“Yes sir!”

/ooc well the first installment of an introduction to my character. Hopefully once I find a rp corp home I will produce more. Smile

Gaius Kador
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2004.03.22 02:30:00 - [3]

Good luck :)


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