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Posted - 2004.03.20 11:57:00 - [1]

True Faith


Freedom of the mind requires not only, or not even especially, the absence of legal constraints but the presence of alternative thoughts. The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity, but the one that removes awareness of other possibilities. – Alan Bloom

Pulgor walked out of his agent’s office. Another simple courier mission, however this one had a twist. Apparently Sansha nation ships have been sighted in the BAR sector, however Pulgor paid them no mind. He had destroyed their ships before and he would do so again if need be. Pulgor accessed his neo-comm, “ITX-9, prepare the ship for launch.”

“Yes master.” The droid answered loyally.

* * *

The rupture class ship came out of warp drive at the station. Pulgor then maneuvered the ship to dock, however suddenly indicators began sounding. Pulgor took a closer look at the station. It was dead in space, no one was aboard it. Pulgor then received a transmission from an emergency beacon deployed there, “This is officer Selek of the Ammatar fleet, this station has been vacated as it was succumbing to attack from Sansha raiders. I advise anyone listening to this to turn back immediately!” The recording replayed over and over. Pulgor began to swing the ship around for a return to warp, ITX-9 then let Pulgor know of terrifying news, “Master, we have 3 Sansha ships inbound!”

Pulgor examined the ships, nothing he hadn’t taken on before. He activated the 720mm cannons on the rupture. The shells pierced the shields of one of the ships. They began to close to 10km’s and activated their deadly lasers. The shields on the rupture began to absorb high energy hits from the lasers. Pulgor activated the cannons once more, and obliterated one of the ships. The two remaining closed to within 5km’s. Now their laser weapons doing twice as much damage the rupture began to buckle. Pulgor loaded torpedoes and fired at one of the ships. The torpedo exploded against the shields of one of the Sansha ships in a beautiful array of light. Pulgor then used the 720mm cannons to finish him off. Just as Pulgor was about to focus on the remaining ship, ITX-9 chimed in, “Master! I am detecting 10 more ships inbound for our location.”

“Activating warp drive.” Pulgor announced, however the field generators were unable to stabilize a warp field.

“Master! We’re being scrambled. Incoming message for you!”

A communication window opened, “We are the True Power, you will become linked with us. Your memories, your thoughts, will become our thoughts. Do not resist, or you will be eliminated.”

As Pulgor was about to say he’d fight to the death, he found himself lying on cold steel. Pulgor contacted ITX-9, “Master! They’ve used some kind of matter transfer beam to kidnap you. However they are leaving the position with you aboard. Master, I will make sure to tell the Ammatar’s of what happened to you…. Please be we…” The comm. cut off. Pulgor then found himself staring in the face of a true slave. Half man half machine. The slave’s skull had apparently been re-enforced with tritanium plating. The slave had a glowing blue glass eye fitted with optical imagers. The rest of his body had various tritanium plating on it and one of the slaves arms was fitted with a probe of some kind. “Pulgor, my designation is TP-6297-Alpha. Before I begin proceedings against you, have you any queries for us?” The slave spoke. It had some kind of vocal sub processor that made his voice echo, as if he had a constant bubble in his throat.

“Yes I do.” Pulgor hesitated a bit.

“Very well, state your query.” The slave responded.

“Why didn’t you just destroy me? You people aren’t usually in the habit of kidnapping.” Pulgor observed.

“We acquired you because you are the leader of the Ammatar Directive. This organization poses a threat to us should it grow sizeable. We cannot allow this therefore we have acquired you. You also posses knowledge on the tactical and military strength of the Ammatar fleet and intimate details regarding their hierarchical command structure.” The slave stated.

“I see.”

“Do you have any additional queries?” The slave asked again.

“Not at this time.” Pulgor responded.

“You will now tell us about the tactical strength of the Ammatar fleet and provide formations and patrol routes.” The slave stated.

“I don’t think so.” Pulgor answered back.

“You will tell us.” The slave repeated.

“Well if that’s why I’m here, I don’t think so. I’d like to go back to my ship now.”

“Request denied. If you will not tell us, then you will join us. Then you will reveal to us your knowledge without consequence.”

“I don’t think so.” Pulgor began to back away but then two slaves closed in on each side and grabbed his arms.

“You will become one with us. You will become one with the True Power. Then you will tell us what we wish to know.”

Posted - 2004.03.20 11:57:00 - [2]

Edited by: Pulgor on 20/03/2004 12:12:10
“I don’t think so.” Pulgor began to back away but then two slaves closed in on each side and grabbed his arms.

Pulgor struggled, but the slaves were too strong. The one he had been talking to then approached from the front and raised his cybernetic arm. It attached to the base of his skull. After this Pulgor fell unconscious.
* * *

Pulgor awoke. He felt complete. He could see inferred and various other spectrums of light. Pulgor stepped forward. At first he didn’t know where he was, but then it came to him. He was in chamber 13, sub junction 5 of the Sansha cruiser. He had just been activated. Pulgor struggled. He could feel his humanity slipping away. He looked at the mirror and saw himself. He was just like the others now. Horrified he stumbled back. He could hear the thoughts of other true slaves in his head. Pulgor screamed out to them, “What did you do to me!”

The voices spoke in unison to him. “We have made you perfect. You have joined True Power. We now know what you know.”

Pulgor suddenly realized he couldn’t remember anything of his former life, his name, his race, who he fought for and why. It was all gone. “Why can’t I remember my life. Why can’t I remember myself!” he screamed again.

“We have removed irrelevant data from your biological storage system. We have replaced your biological storage system with a neural net. You will service us, the True Power.”

Pulgor then felt the rest of it slip away, the rest of his humanity, his individuality. It was all gone now. Another true slave entered the chamber. “Please state your designation.”

Pulgor automatically answered, “My designation is TP-4774-Omega”

To be continued.

Gaius Kador
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2004.03.20 14:49:00 - [3]

Edited by: Gaius Kador on 20/03/2004 14:52:36
Absolutely top class :)

PS! See you in a Juggernaut!

Darrin Tobruk
Stonecutter's Guild
Posted - 2004.03.20 23:29:00 - [4]

Edited by: Darrin Tobruk on 20/03/2004 23:29:47
PS! See you in a Juggernaut!


Nice. Looking forward to the rest.

Posted - 2004.03.21 01:06:00 - [5]

Pulgor - it's all good .. keep on writing Smile

Posted - 2004.03.21 02:29:00 - [6]

“TP-4774-Omega, your abilities make you suited for starship command. Your primary task is to pilot this Juggernaut cruiser. Report to Deck 1, junction 3 Alpha.”

TP-4774-Omega marched through the bowels of the ship. He arrived at the specified location. He received further instructions through the neural link, “TP-4774-Omega, your designation and tasks require you patch into fleet command. Establishing uplink.” There was a pause, then TP-4774-Omega felt the breadth of the link widen. He could feel the other minds now. All were talking to him. “TP-4774-Omega, your ship, TP-627 will proceed to sector 3, sub sector 47.” The voices ordered.
TP-4774-Omega raised his right arm, which had been turned into an interlinking unit. He shot forth a probe into the console in front of him. The ship established neural links. TP-4774-Omega piloted the ship to the location specified by fleet command.

Upon arriving, there was an interbus ship at the gate. TP-4774-Omega used the ship’s scanners and discovered 16 life forms. “Ship detected. Type: Interbus transport.” TP-4774-Omega reported to fleet command.

“New objective: Capture passengers and integrate them into True Power TP-627.” Fleet command ordered.

TP-4774-Omega opened a communication window to the ship. “You will be integrated into True Power. Your thoughts and memories will become our own. Do not resist, or you will be eliminated.”

TP-4774-Omega began to use the matter transport beam to bring people over. Then the juggernaut shook. TP-4774-Omega examined the ship sensors. Ammatar fleet ships had engaged the vessel. TP-4774-Omega opened a communication to the Ammatar ships. “Do not interfere or you will be integrated into the True Power.”

The Ammatar ships opened fire. The juggernaut was no match for three Armageddon’s. The ship began to crumple almost instantly. TP-4774-Omega was knocked away from the controls. He then fell unconscious.

* * *

Pulgor awoke, he could hear a voice, “I’ve managed to remove most of the modifications. Unfortunately the cranial implants will be permanent until he gets cloned. He should be fine now. Oh? You want to talk with him? Very well Governor, I’ll get him up for you.”

The Doctor came and saw Pulgor awake now. “Pulgor, the Governor wants to talk with you.”

Pulgor yawned and woke up. He felt strange, almost clean without the voices in his head. He slid the console containing the communications screen over. He pressed the button to resume the transmission.

“Pulgor?” The Governor asked.

“Yes Governor sir, that’s me.”

“Pulgor, I am glad you are well. However I have some bad news.” The Governor glumly noted.

“What is that sir.”

“Unfortunately I have to dismantle the Ammatar Directive. We debated a long time about this in the Consulate, and it was decided we will pass these responsibilities to the Ammatar fleet.” The Governor said.

Pulgor was tired, he knew the Governor knew this and that is why the Governor chose this time to tell him this. “Governor, I’m not sure that the organization had been given a fair chance to prove itself.” Pulgor argued.

“Sorry Pulgor, the consulate’s mind is made up. We have revoked the Directive’s operating license and all assets. Your own ships have been returned to your possession. You can keep your current citizen ship but you no longer work directly for the Consulate. However between you and me, I have no qualms about you joining an independent organization.” The Governor leaned forward to the screen as he said this.

“I’ll think about that Governor Sir.” Pulgor replied.

“Very well then Pulgor, this is all for now. I hope you get well soon.”

Pulgor laid back down. Somewhat mad at himself for getting caught by the Sanshas and ruining his career in the Ammatar Government. He turned his head to the side and something caught his eye. It was an ad, “Black sheep Squadron, freelance mercenaries. Join today!” Pulgor figured he’d check them out once he got out of this bed.


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