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Posted - 2008.01.08 05:39:00 - [1]


The idea is to give mining more complexity and give it the feel of prospecting. The basis for this is that asteroids are no longer made up of a single ore but instead include all kinds of ores as specified by the security and region and randomness. Mining will no longer yield a single ore but a mix of ores found in the asteroids. The amounts of each ore you will get depends on the ratio between the amounts of ores in the asteroid.

For example: A asteroid contains 10m3 Veldspar, 5m3 Scordite and 1m3 Omber. You mine 5m3 of ore which will be made up of 10/16th Veldspar, 5/16th Scordite and 1/16th Omber, yielding around 3.125m3 of Veldspar, 1.5625m3 of Scordite and 0.3125m3 Omber.
As you can see this will require you to mine a lot of ore in order to get good amounts of rarer ores.

In addition to the ratio amounts of yield the number of ores in your yield is dependent on your Mining skill, like one ore type per Mining level. You will not be able to gain yield of rare ores if your Mining skill isn't high enough, even though you will deplete the asteroid the same. The ratio of the rare ore will just get wasted and the asteroid depletes normally.

In a similar way the survey scanners do not show always every ore that can be found in the scan area. It will only show a number of ores depending on the quality of the scanner and the level of Astrogeology, starting with the most common ore and going down to the rarer ones. This means that a inexperienced or ill equipped prospector will not be able to find certain ores at all.

The survey scanner has a script slot which allows the prospector to either do a area scan or a directed scan.
A area scan is sorted by ore and shows the amounts of each individual deposit. Targeting a certain deposit will gain a target lock on the asteroid containing the deposit.
A directed scan requires a locked asteroid and shows the amount and ratios of the ores present in the asteroid.

Modulated Mining Lasers are used for specialized mining. Depending on the crystal it will yield a increased amount of the chosen ore and a reduced amount of 'fluff'.

To balance the reduced efficiency of mining in general, the volume of ores is reduced by one third to one half. Alternatively the mining yield could be increased accordingly.

Asteroids can show their contents when looked at by having a amalgamate of different surfaces, glittering in Omber deposits, Hemorphite matrix and Arkonor crystals. The difficulty would be to create a system that adds up those textures and additional meshes on a set of basic asteroid meshes.

Posted - 2008.01.08 05:39:00 - [2]

Mining Locations

Instead of fixed asteroid belts and ice fields, mining locations are detected by the on board scanner of the ship. In high sec, warp-in points for belts are openly accessible to make it easier for new players to find their first belts.

To find a belt the player warps to a planet, any random spot in a system or a warp in point and runs a scan with the new category 'Asteroids and Ice'. The scan then shows the available mining locations within range

Mining locations get removed and respawned in the same intervals as ores are respawned at this time in the game. If a area is mined a lot the asteroids found will become smaller on respawn and if mined little the spawned asteroids will grow in size. This means that systems can be mined out and not spawn anything much for a while, which in turn will encourage traveling and exploration.

Where mining spots spawn is defined for every system. So planets can have belts around them where mining spots can be found, a solar system can have a huge belt all around the star or there can be clouds in certain spots of a system. Only in high sec or the highest security systems those areas are marked by a warp in point for everyone to see. In lower security space the areas where mining locations spawn need to be found by exploration. This means that knowing of those areas is highly valuable for miners (and pirates).

A mining location itself contains a random cloud of random asteroids fitting to the area it is found. Clouds and other debris can be added for further scenic effect. Some locations might even contain a pirate outpost or a low grade exploration site. Pirate NPCs spawn in the mining locations normally

Psychotic Sea Monkeys
Posted - 2008.01.27 22:07:00 - [3]

Adds a bit of a challenge to mining and works anti-macro as well, i like this idea too Very Happy

Lethal Injection.
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2008.01.27 22:15:00 - [4]

Oooh, shiney. Yes, I do like this idea. Ore content would vary with security status, of course, similar to how it is now, but I do agree, it would make macro mining much more difficult. In lower-security areas, though, there should still be a smattering of single-ore asteroids due to the rarity and special circumstances in which those ores form.

But on the whole, I totally love this idea.

/signed x 1,000,000,000

State Protectorate
Posted - 2008.01.28 02:35:00 - [5]

liking the idea of the randomness to mining areas, cetainly put an end to macro if you have to search for mining spots all the time. Would also help towards damned ore thieves.

Selene Le'Cotiere
Farlight Council
Elitist Cowards
Posted - 2008.01.28 02:48:00 - [6]

Excellent and well thought out... My mining/industrial alt thanks you. Very Happy


Kiki Arnolds
Allied Caprican Heavy Industries
Posted - 2008.01.28 03:54:00 - [7]

You plan seems to favor high SP players at the expense of low SP players... Currently high SP get more M^3/s, but everyone (who can safely get to the asteroid) has access to the same ore qualities. A new player who is smart, and mines the right stuff, can help close the gap with a higher SP miner pulling more M^3 of less valuable ore... With your plan, a high SP player doesn't even need to consider the market, just get high skills and start churning M^3...

Asteriods are already doing what you propose in a sense... with the exception of veldspar, every asteroid type produces a mixture of minerals... what sense is it to further complicate things with a mixture of ores, which will just be a different distrobution of minerals? Other than to clutter my cargo bay with more stacks of ore, and to reward those with many refining skills (again rewarding high SP at the expense of low) what does this accomplish?

Talula Honaloola
Posted - 2008.01.28 04:29:00 - [8]

I agree with Kiki that the ore quality/types system in place is fine and easy to grasp so that doesn't need to be changed. The location idea however, is great - except that it would probably mess up belt ratting, a common fund raiser in 0.0.

Come up with an alternative that fits and you'll have a winner.

Lethal Injection.
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2008.01.28 05:02:00 - [9]

Edited by: Kiithnaras on 28/01/2008 05:03:43
I can see that, it favoring older players versus newer players, so perhaps retain the randomness but without the mining types per level of mining?

And the idea behind this appears to combat macro miners while giving people that mine in more secure areas a chance at a small percentage of rarer ore, while at the same time making it more difficult to mine a specific kind of ore, preventing the "farming" of an ore type.

Posted - 2008.01.28 09:46:00 - [10]

The point behind this idea is not only to combat macroers. Or disadvantaging low SP players. I wanted to create a system that changes the feel of mining, that gives a reason to go more exploring and that gives more value to high mining skills.

If new miners get too disadvantaged by multi ore asteroids it could easily be done to create more single ore asteroids in high sec, especially 0.8+. But not every crappy mining alt or a combat pilot with basically no training in mining should not sit in 0.0 and mine Arkonor. That this is currently possible devalues the profession of the miner. Only specialists should be able to train the high class ores.

While the randomizing of mining locations will make things more complicated for macro miners the main intention was to give players with the will to explore and prospect a advantage. The knowledge of where mining locations spawn in the systems will be very valuable for miners, ratters and pirates. Knowing your turf will give you a greater advantage than it does at this time.

Now, while I appreciate the input, I'd welcome even more if people could add to this idea or offer fixes for the problems they see with the mechanics I have put up. "Agree" and "Disagree" doesn't really help in developing a idea into something more substantial.

So please, add to it, I'm no prophet, I don't write scripture.

Posted - 2008.01.28 19:47:00 - [11]

I love the idea of mining yielding a mix of ores, and all ores being found everywhere, just in varying amounts. It makes sense that empire should have tons of low ends and very little arkanor, and conversely, 0.0 should provide a higher concentration of arkanor.

So say each cycle brings in 1000 m3 of ore. 80% is veld, 10% scord, 4% plag, 2% pyrox, and then smaller amounts of everything scaling up. Specialized mining crystals should shift that ratio towards the specialty, not really changing your yield, just what you get from your yield. If its high sec and the rock only has say 5000 units of arkanor, then you can mine all the arkanor out of a rock, leaving your specialty crystal pulling in higher amounts of fluff because you didn't pay attention.

I also support your anti-macro ideas.

Your Host
Posted - 2008.01.29 01:09:00 - [12]

/signed. would love to see this in action

Jason Travers
Space 1999
Posted - 2008.01.29 02:19:00 - [13]

Though your idea is interesting, let’s look at the reproductions of such. For one thing, the mining of specific ores would drive the prices of everything way up. By this I mean look at a BS. A T3 BS runs on average between 110-150 Mil isk. Now with out being able to focus on specific minerals you get less of that mineral type. As an example a 0ME Maelstrom requires 11,679,536 Tritanium. Now if you break that down into a time factor of having to spend more time mining to get that required amount. It alone will knock the price threw the roof.

This idea would also require the restructuring of all prints to take in the length of time required to mine each type of mixed mineral.

Posted - 2008.01.29 08:54:00 - [14]

Originally by: Jason Travers
Though your idea is interesting, let’s look at the reproductions of such. For one thing, the mining of specific ores would drive the prices of everything way up. By this I mean look at a BS. A T3 BS runs on average between 110-150 Mil isk. Now with out being able to focus on specific minerals you get less of that mineral type. As an example a 0ME Maelstrom requires 11,679,536 Tritanium. Now if you break that down into a time factor of having to spend more time mining to get that required amount. It alone will knock the price threw the roof.

This idea would also require the restructuring of all prints to take in the length of time required to mine each type of mixed mineral.

I have addressed this in the second last paragraph of the first post. As the general efficiency of mining drops it is easiest to reduce the ore volumes and thus adding to the yield per cycle and making transportation of ores quicker. Alternatively the yield itself could be increased. There is no need to modify any blueprints at all.

Posted - 2008.02.07 22:07:00 - [15]

Alloy Mining

We already have a wide variety of alloys in the game which are dropped by rogue drones. Alloys are basically more or less compressed minerals. The idea is that with special equipment those alloys can be scanned down in asteroids and mined out.

To be able to go prospecting for alloys you will need a special scanner. This scanner only has a short range, around 2.5 to 5km and has to be directed at a single targeted asteroid. Scanning time and success chance depend on skills like astrogeology and metallurgy. A successful scan will let you know if there are alloys around and which kinds is available. One then can then use precision mining lasers to drill down to the vein and extract the alloys. As alloys have a fixed volume skills don't affect mining yield but cycle time of the precision miners.

Being a Alloy Miner means you will need a agile ship that is able to move quick across belts to scan the asteroids for possible alloy veins. As not all asteroids contain alloys you will have to fly around quite a bit to scan through all the rocks in a belt. This occupation would give more significance to the mining frigates and cruisers. They could get a additional bonus to the precision miner cycle time in addition to the current mining laser yield bonus Maybe even a new kind of frigate or maybe even a destroyer sized vessel could be created to fit to this profession.

Point is that the alloy miner is not in direct rivalry to the ore miner concerning asteroids. They only compete on the mineral market. The difference between those two mining professions is that the ore miner is getting inflated minerals but sits still on a spot most of the time, while the alloy miner gets compressed minerals but needs to be more active in the hunt for alloy veins.

The difficulty in implementing alloy mining would be in balancing the profits between ore and alloy mining. Alloy mining has to be profitable enough to be a viable choice for a miner but it should not be so much more profitable than ore mining that the latter becomes obsolete.

One means to balance it out could be that alloy mining yields much faster minerals but the amounts available are very limited and don't respawn that often. This means that a unlucky alloy miner can draw only blanks when he's looking in belts that have been mined out recently or frequently. The potential for frustration is balanced out with the wealth that can be acquired should one find a bountiful vein of valuable alloys.

That alloys can quickly get used up will also mean that in highly populated areas it is rather unlikely to find veins. So people venturing in low populated areas have a greater chance to make some riches. The compressed nature of alloys also means that a small, agile and thus quick to run away ship is a viable choice when looking for veins in low security areas. This could draw more miners out in areas they would normally avoid in clumsy, expensive and vulnerable mining barges and industrials

Alloy mining is a significantly different gaming experience from normal mining and would give miners a new choice on how to play the game.

Posted - 2008.02.12 20:06:00 - [16]

Mining needs more long term goals then just hulks or rorquals. Considering that miners are really only privy 5 ships, 2 of which are functionally usable, I think CCP needs to address this post haste.

Legion of Dynamic Discord
Posted - 2008.02.13 05:15:00 - [17]

Originally by: Abrazzar
Alloy Mining

So you want to rat/salvage without shooting? Hitting an officer in .4 can gain you 6 mio in two minutes.

Mirkur Draug'Tyr
Posted - 2008.02.13 13:33:00 - [18]

I agree that the way mining is done should change.

As soon as I discoverd that I could see all the asteroids and their ore types in the overview, I decided mining was too boring to contemplate.

Thanat Ithos
Posted - 2008.02.13 15:33:00 - [19]

In total I like the ideas..the respawning belts, that every kind of minerals and ore can be found at empire and the alloyed mining. This would give mining a new kick. But maybe still there should be the possibility to find seldom roids with only one kind of ore (if you have luck you find one roid of arkanor at empire..:))). Maybe also the size of roids could have been redesigned – maybe doubled sized so also guys with a hulk will not mine out a complete belt in 2 hours..:P..

But one point is not clear to me. Which sense would make in case of using the randomized roids the using of mining crystals in your t2 strip miners, because they are refering only to one special oretyp. In this case this t2 strip mining with crystals have to be restructured.

If we are speaking of new kinds of mining. Whats about a new idea of ‘dust mining’. Let me explain my thoughts.

Planet, moons and asteroid are nothing more than agglomerated interstellar dust. So this dust comprises the same materials. My direction of thinking is, why not creating a new kind of mining. Dustmining (or maybe an other name). You need a ship with some kind of large bussard collector, which collects the dust. Result is you mine all kinds of stuff that can be mined at eve. Ore, moonmaterials and ice. The amount of mining will maybe small and refers to the density of the dustcloud and the size of the bussard collector, but the variety of items could balance this. Maybe alternative you also could mine with this kind of mining complete new types of materials they could today only find on planets like iron, copper aso.. The results of mining and materials finally are randomized.

The ship itself could be a large ship in size between bs and capital, but small enough to pass a jumpgate and can also operate at high sec. Finally you also need a compression bay, to compress the various dust particles to bars of materials which can be sold or refined.
To locate dustclouds you need a special scanner and a special skill and it refers to the sec status how dense the dustclouds are which can be found. The density can be measure by no. of particle of cubic meter

Could this be and interesting kind addition to mining? Your opinion would be interesting.

Posted - 2008.02.13 16:04:00 - [20]

Yes, T2 mining would have to be redone. In my idea the modulated miners will change the proportions of the mined ores to have the specialized ore to be the largest amount mined and only a minor amount of the other ores found in the asteroid. Maybe increasing the proportion by a fixed multiplier, like x5 or x10.

Using the example in the first post with a x10 omber crystal it'd be like this:
Asteroid contains 10m3 Veldspar, 5m3 Scordite and 1m3 Omber. Omber will be calculated times 10 so we'd have 10/25th Veldspar, 5/25th Scordite and 10/25th Omber. Mining 5m3 of ore will yield then 2m3 Veldspar, 1m3 Scordite and 2m3 Omber.
The proportion multiplier could be increased to make the difference from non-modulated mining more significant. That'd be a matter of balancing.

Your idea of dust mining is quite similar to my idea for a Gas Cloud Harvesting Expansion.

Lisa Waen
Posted - 2008.02.13 21:35:00 - [21]

Good ideas, I had a different idea a while back, and I will post it following this message. I was wondering if an amalgam of your ideas and mine could perhaps revolutionize mining in general.

Proposed Mining Interface Changes for EVE-Online

The Problem: The current mining interface is too simplistic to offer an enjoyable alternative to other activities. Also, the simple mining interface makes the process very easy to macro.

The current interface has a player locking onto an asteroid, activating a mining laser, and then waiting for the ore to show up in the hold. As a result, the average player who mines has a whole lot of spare time on his or her hands, often spent reading forums and studying for class irl. The process is so simple, one could write a very small macro program that does all the work for them. Some people are using macros, despite the stiff penalties imposed by CCP if they are caught doing this. These mining macros are sophisticated enough to add enough randomness in the timing of the mining process to make them difficult to detect. As a result, significant amounts of ore collected by the in-game mining process is collected in an automated fashion, driving the value of ore down, and making it less profitable for those players who mine honestly.

If we can get a change in the interface system that would make mining a more active process, while incorporating features to make macroing more difficult, we kill 2 birds with one stone. The simplest way to accomplish these goals at the same time is to add a little randomness to the mining process. The same features that make it difficult to detect a good macro can be used to make it hard for a macro to work effectively.

The first thing to do is change all cycle times to a base of 30 seconds, adjusted to for different yields of mining lasers per unit time. This will cause players to perform activities every 30 seconds, keeping players actively playing if they want to gain the benefits of these changes (or not get slapped by the penalties of not using them). The second step is to change how survey scanner modules work. Currently a survey scanner is a one-shot device that shows how much ore is contained by the asteroids in its range. Not terribly useful. Change the scanner to be an active mod similar to an active shield hardener in capacitor use and duration as far as activation goes. The purpose of the scanner will need to be changed as well. Now, whenever you have a scanner operational, it will create a window about the size of a standard info box with a detailed image of any targeted asteroid that has a mining laser activated upon it.
On this detailed image, we can go one of 2 ways to increase randomness and give the mining player a feel of actually mining an asteroid at the same time.

Lisa Waen
Posted - 2008.02.13 21:36:00 - [22]

The first way is to create one box randomly placed on the detailed image of the asteroid that moves to another random location each cycle per laser activated. If the player clicks on the box before the end of the current laser cycle, then that laser will produce its full yield of ore for that cycle, if the player doesn't click on the box, or runs without a scanner, then the laser only produces half of its yield per cycle. This represents activating lasers on pockets of ore found by the scanner, making the mining more efficient.
The other way is to use 2 boxes spaced a reasonable distance apart on the scanner screen connected by a line requiring the player to click on one end and then the other to represent a cutting line for the mining laser, with the same game effects for failure to do so.

Adding the randomly placed targeting points allows the mining player to feel as if he is actively working an asteroid upon which conditions are constantly evolving as he mines it. It also makes it more difficult for a macro to be able to accomplish the same task, especially if the second way is used, as it will require some judgement to be exercized. Another feature that can be incorporated with this is a 3 strikes feature. If a box isn't clicked on sucessfully after 3 tries, it will be regarded as a failure for that cycle, possibly with a humorous message such as 'Perhaps you should drink less while operating heavy machinery'.

Note that this doesn't prevent players from mining in their traditional way of lock, activate, and wait. However, it will create a less efficient mining process. It would be similar to using autopilot to go from place to place, you will eventually get there, but you will get there faster if you actually control the ship.

A different mining interface upgrade could be utilized for mining lasers that use crystals. I call it a harmonic calibration bar. It utilizes an adjustment bar, similar in control as an equalizer bar with a couple of differences. The purpose of the bar is to reduce crystal wear, allowing an active player to make his or her crystals last up to 5 times longer, provided the player is diligent about using it. It involves matching the position of the player controlled slider with a randomly changing sweet-spot that moves each cycle.

First let me start by describing the way a mining crystal in this system would work in a simplified manner. This description is a personal visualization of how wear should work, without actually knowing how it really works in-game. In other words, don't use this model for the current system in place. Our theoretical crystal has 1000 points of wear, some of these points get spent every time it cycles. A normal cycle uses 5 points of wear, causing the crystal to burn out without adjustment in 200 cycles.
With this slider, the closer you get to the sweet spot, the less wear you accumulate at the end of the cycle, in a range of -0 to -4 points of wear. As example lets use a 150 position slider, the computer randomly selects a value for the sweet-spot somewhere on that bar. The player then moves his control to as close to the sweet spot as he can. He will get a perfect 80% reduction if he hits it spot on before the end of the cycle, he will get 60% if he is 1 position away from the sweet spot, 40% if he is 2-3 positions away, 20% if he is 4-7 positions away, and no benefit if the slider is any further away. This will give some benefits if you are within +/- 5% of the sweet-spot and no benefit if you are outside of that tolerance.

To make it easier for people to use, the positions on the bar can be color coded red, orange, yellow, green and blue, with blue being the perfect spot and red being the area of no benefit.

Lisa Waen
Posted - 2008.02.13 21:36:00 - [23]

This interface will benefit active miners, while being pretty well useless for macroers and lazy folk. Without adjustment there will be a 90% chance you will get no benefit whatsoever. However, if you are active, you can reap the rewards of having your costs reduced significantly.

In Conclusion
In a ship running 3 lasers with crystals, having 30 seconds to make 6 easy adjustments would not be unreasonable. The increased difficulty to automate this process would be significant, and players who mine would be encouraged to participate more actively in the process, perhaps making it a little more palatable and entertaining for players who hate mining due to sheer boredom. Its a better way of spending your time mining than "lick thumb, insert into random orifice." These are just my thoughts, any feedback would be appreciated.

Lisa Waen
Posted - 2008.02.13 21:42:00 - [24]

one other thing: A friend of mine suggested that the passive mining yeilds be adjusted to 60% and active yields adjusted to 120% of current yields. The amount of penalty and added benefit is adjustable, meaning the yields and ore production can be tweaked so that manufacturing processes will not be impacted as greatly, and the dedicated active miner stands to profit as much if not more than any macroer

Posted - 2008.02.14 00:33:00 - [25]

If combat doesn't require a minigame to hit a player, I don't think mining should either. I wouldn't mind if mining required more input from the player however, just not in the form of 'center mining laser properly'.

Maybe asteroids break into smaller pieces as you mine them, and strip miners pull ore in an AoE instead of a single target? This quasi-nerfs mining lasers, as they specifically target asteroids, while strips just pull everything in.

Actually, this could be pretty neato, as strip miners pull in everything in an area, a buttload of veld and scord in addition to the smaller omber and such, making their total yield higher, but giving them a lot of junk, while mining lasers can go in and pull out only the higher value ores. This not only gives mining lasers, and therefor non-barge flying miners a use, but adds a dimention of teamwork to mining. Strips will still have purpose in pulling in larger quantities, but now mining lasers can be used to really grab the needed ore (in say a time crunch).

I continue to bump Abrazzar's post.

DasNara Aethelwulf
Blackwater Syndicate
Posted - 2008.02.14 02:11:00 - [26]

This is a great idea...I know that a lot of people have said this, but it really is. I came up with something similar in the drawing board forum, that no one readsShocked, though I'm not sure about the change in the amount of ore/yield.

What I thought up was this, and I think that now that I read this lets expand, the belts that CCP wants to put into the game should be fixed...but only the warp points, your idea is great for warp to a point and then use the survey scanner to start looking. I think though that in 1. and .9 the fixed astroids that are in the game currently should be kept, just in smaller numbers. Now what I call belts are what we have in RL, large expances where astriods tend to orbit (though in clumps with maybe as much as an A.U. between them). The current system seems to be what scientists call Trojans. I agree with Abrazzar, I think the current system of the Trojans being numerous and easy to find should be changed. One, maybe two or three on large planets but that's it. The rest could be sought out in the belts or deadspace. I really like the idea that for a time if the system is mined out then there is no ore for a few days, this would really be good if they really do introduce actual asteroid belts. One thing that I've always thought would be cool if these roids could cause limited damage, no more bot piloting, you would have to actually piolt the ship from time to time.

Do you think that the amount of rare ore should be changed?? lets say that in a .1 system you can find 70% Veld, 15% scor, 7% plag and then everything else like Omber. Then this would of course increase with the lowering of the sec status. Maybe as a balance say that there will always be 60% Veld.

Now, deadspaces excluded, all belts have pirates, you get, for example again, 1 in 100 chance of a pirate showing up in a .1. Make it so that this could even be a dessie or larger, the idea is that any bot would have a hard time if rats start showing up more and more, the tank would fail, while an actual player would warp out long before. Of course, the Trojans would be all about the sec status like the current system. deadspaces are...deadspaces and subject to those rules already. Now, thieves, I started thinking of this after visitng places like Hek and seeing a priate there with hundreds of cans. Why not start having thieves appear after a certain number of cans start to appear, these theives are basiclly harmless, one 25mm gun or the equivlent, that should start to clear up these vast fields of cans that we see. I'm actually quite surprised that there are not more players being thieves. YARRRR!!

Now as far as the dust mining, this may be what Comet Mining turns out to be. Comets are large balls of ice/gas. As they get closer to the star ionized gas is emmited, which for game purposes could be filled with anything we want, so a new ship like the one that was purposed would be needed. Also, large chucks break off comets, these could continue to travel with the comet at slower speeds. Think of the challenge in that. Example, you have a new type of ship that mines comets, you start to approach the comet and match the speed (maybe a large shield that you see in sci-fi "we have to go to the sun" movies are needed to protect the main part of the ship from the asteriods droping off the comet. Now these are what you would want, the pieces, these would all go at different speeds, some matching the original comet. Now the closer to the comet that you get, the better/valuble the minerals are. This would also increase the danger. Now, you have a limited cargo hold, what if you had a tractor beam and was towing your can with you. Then, an partner in an Indy is flying along with you with the job of picking up these cans as the fill up and you cut them loose.
I'll think of more stuff to add later, what do you think Abrazzar? anyone else? these ideas way off?

forgive the spelling, writing this on the flyVery Happy

Posted - 2008.02.14 18:15:00 - [27]

Comet and dust mining would be a really exciting endevour... Mining WHILE flying!!! Maybe even needing to fit AFs on mining ships... Could also make mining drones more useful.

Bump to my AoE strip miner idea in light of dust mining.

Lisa Waen
Posted - 2008.02.14 21:22:00 - [28]

Space dust would tend to drift towards gravity wells, so why not have mining rigs that are high-atmosphere collection units. They would have the greatest yields orbiting gas-giants, followed by standard planets, then moons, battlegrounds, then everywhere else.

And, you are quite right about not needing to have a sub-screen to fight in-game, you already have a moving target, ecm, drones to control, range issues, and a whole lot of other factors involved with fighting. With mining, your roid doesn't move, so range isn't a problem, no need for ecm, and drones are a wash since miners use em to keep rats away. In a word, mining is too simple, and needs some complexity added.

Lisa Waen
Posted - 2008.02.15 01:18:00 - [29]

Merely adding a couple of additional steps will not greatly hinder macros. Creating unpredictable yet reasonable steps that a player must actively perform each cycle will. Plus, you may have noticed that this system does not completely stop the current system of mining. Current mining techniques would still be available. However, they will perform less efficiently. And remember, mining equipment yields are adjustable by CCP. The amount of penalty (if any at all) and the amount of benefit of using a sub-game system to mine are tweakable. Also, I noticed no response regarding the crystal cycle calibration idea.

Posted - 2008.02.19 18:30:00 - [30]

I don't think we should expect CCP to add something to the game that is a mechanic only used for miners, but It would be neat if they added new content to the existing state of mining. So, bump.

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