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Jhered Stern
Black Serpent Technologies
Posted - 2004.03.20 05:11:00 - [1]

The torches of the Emerald Throne room we unusually dim tonight, almost as it some eerie force was suppressing their luminance. Jhered Stern had received the communiqué from the Emperor early this morning and raced across The Vale of the Silent to reach the Citadel of the Dammed. As Hammer of the Void reached orbit around the home world of the Forsaken Empire it was greeted only by deadly silence. Imperial Central Control had been quiet for the last eight hours with the last communiqué being a request for the Hammers eta.

As Jhered’s personal shuttle came within view of the Citadel it was obvious from the smoke and the ruined tower “Splinter of Terror “that there had been a vicious battle. “Was it a coup?” Jhered thought. If so… who was behind it?

As the shuttle landed, Imperial Marines scattered about the compound taking up a defensive perimeter around Jhereds shuttle. Jhered himself armed with a Caldari hand rail blaster approached the Gate of Discord stepping about the dead Imperial Household Guard. Scattered about were blacked robed men armed with Ammerian hand masers and cruel looking swords.

Ammerithan Assassins!

But what would Ammar want here? They had already granted some of us clemency the Emperor being the first.

He approached the gilded stairway that lead to the Emerald Throne Room. Two Marines took up position at either side of the door. Jhered approached and took hold of the great Dragon Door knob and pulled it open.

There in the main foyer of the throne room the darkness was oppressive. Jhered stumbled over a corpse which had been impaled by a halberd. One of the throne room guards had impaled an assassin to the wall with it before falling to the blast of a hand maser.

From within the throne room could be heard the clash of steel. Jhered rushed through the foyer into the throne room proper to witness the Forsaken Emperor embroiled in battles with a most curious foe.

He was a large man but with a very graceful step. His movements were fluid and controlled. His armor was lighter then the Emperors and seemed to move and bend as if it were part of him. His black blade glowed with a light green hue and made a sickening whistling noise as it dashed about seeking an opening in the Emperors defenses.

The Emperor was dressed in his ceremonial armor which he wore while conducting business of state. Apparently he had just completed the day’s business when the attack occurred. While the armor restricted his movement somewhat he was still holding his own against this dark assailant.


Jhered Stern
Black Serpent Technologies
Posted - 2004.03.20 05:12:00 - [2]

As Jhered and his marines entered the room the two foe’s separated and turned toward them but well aware of each others position.

“Glad of you to join us Stern” came a rasping voice from the dark stranger.

“Indeed Jhered, however, I must ask you not to interfere with this bout as this is something far beyond you and your kind” Said the Emperor. “As it would violate the sanctity of our religion” he explained. And he stepped into a lighting foray of sword play.

Jhered signaled the marines to stand down for he knew the Emperor’s religion and how sacred it was too him. However, he needed to understand, to know who this was. A freighting chill ran up his spine as he realized for the first time that blood was leaking from the crevice of the Emperors cuirass, a lot of blood and now he could see that although to the normal eye the Emperor was a blinding fury of a swords man his pace was dwindling. The dark knight was rolling through a kata of defensive parries as the Emperor pressed his attack, twirling and spinning as his sword danced a deadly pirouette that shielded his body from the Emperors attack. The Emperors offensive was a classic display of thrusts and arcs that echoed steel on steel with each blow. In several awesome displays of dexterity the Sword of Sorrows spun in the Emperors hand, leveled and landed on the dark knight’s parry only to reverse course and strike again at an apparent opening. It was then that Jhered noticed that the dark knight too was bleeding but not as badly. The Emperor was good but the dark knight was better.

“You have learned the sword quite well since we last met brother” came the rasping voice.

“I have grown complacent Darius, and should have known this day was fast upon us. You had always hated Curse and the others and I knew that day would come when you would try to undermine our efforts to bring peace to this region. Just as you did in Venal” replied the Emperor.

“Ahhh… but this is different, Venal was close to uniting the north and discovering the holy place and had I not stopped them they would have achieved that goal. I will not stand for you to try and reach that same objective.” The dark knight rasped. “You have betrayed us! The Forsaken Alliance was to continue to Fountain and destroy all who knew of the holy place. The order will have your head for it” he continued. “Your Empire is over!” the dark knight shouted has he parried the Emperors oncoming strike and followed through with a series of over hand blows that forced the Emperor to swing his blade over his head to block them. Each time the dark knight made this maneuver he forced the Emperors sword further and further away from his mid section and then just as the repetitive attack seemed to become redundant the dark knight played his trump. From within his left gauntlet sprung a long shank and with an upward thrust under the blow of his sword the dark knight thrust the shank into the Emperor’s belly.

For a moment they both stood still as if neither was aware of what had happened. The Emperor then coughed and flakes of blood sprinkled from his mouth. “Well done my

Jhered Stern
Black Serpent Technologies
Posted - 2004.03.20 05:12:00 - [3]

brother” he choked as he slowly slid to the floor. The dark knight pushed him gently backward toward the Emerald Throne both helping him to the seat and jamming the shank further in. “It is fitting that I die at the hands of the Order, rather then be vaporized in space by some lucky ship captain.” coughed the Emperor.

“You taught me well brother, but I could never get you to see the whole picture on this matter. Had you kept to the original plan would have all of Curse, Venal and Fountain under our control and the order would be in possession of the holy place” Said the dark knight. He seemed almost about to cry. “I did not want this but it had to be, even now the seeds of doubt have been laid and your forces rise against one another. By this time next week your Empire will be no more!”

Jhered pulled back on the hand rail safety and aimed the rail gun at the dark knight. The gun hissed has its magnetic coils powered up and his finger reached to squeeze the trigger.

“No my Son! Remember! This one is of the Order and must only be slain by the sword” cried the Emperor!

Jhered hesitated and the two marines by him said in unison “Permission to fire sir?” The moment seemed and eternity, but was broken by the sound of the dark knights raspy voice. He turned toward Jhered raising his sword in a salute toward Jhered. “A disciple brother?” he asked the dieing Emperor. “You have indeed gone against the wishes of the Order by training a Caldari; most interesting!”

“Stand down Jhered said, return to the shuttle, evacuate the Citadel” Jhered ordered the marines. “What of him my Lord?” asked the corporal to his left.

“I will deal with this one; now see to your orders!” Jhered commanded. Then he approached the far wall under the gaze of the dark knight seemingly standing vigil over the Emperor on his throne; his friend.

Jhered reached above the great hearth across the Emerald Throne and removed the Sword of Judgment from its mantle. He turned to the dark knight and as the Sword of Judgment took on a sinister dark blue hue he saluted the dark knight and recited the ancient challenge “You have slain my Emperor; and my friend and I challenge you to taste the blood of justice. If you be guilty then I sentence you to the others on the river of the dead” he lowered the sword and dropped the hand rail gun to his side. With the sword of Justice in his right hand he pulled his ivory handled war dagger with his left and approached the dark knight.

“Well met disciple of my brother and shall I say challenge accepted” he replied with a sinister sardonic smile. He too drew a hideous carbonized blade in his left hand and advanced.


Jhered Stern
Black Serpent Technologies
Posted - 2004.03.20 05:13:00 - [4]

Jhered and the dark knight leapt into a dance of spectacular swings, twirls and parries circling and counter circling trying to find a weakness in each others defenses. Slightly surprised and amused at Jhereds skill the dark knight switched to more practical combat maneuvers. He met Jhereds cautious thrusts and jabs with an increasing awareness that Jhered was holding back a bit a technique to draw a foe off guard and into a false sense of confidence. The Emperor had thought this one well.

For several minutes the sparring continued with the previous battle showing no sign of having wore the dark knight down any. Jhered however, was just warming up. As the dark knight began to press an attack forcing Jhered into the center of the room near the great oak treaty table, Jhered leapt into an amazing back flip onto the oak table. “Impressive”, said the dark knight as he made a half hazard swipe for Jhereds legs. The maneuver was answered by a summersault over the dark knight’s head that allowed Jhered to take a shot at the unprotected shoulder of the dark knight’s armor. While the blow was not strong enough to crack the shoulder plate it was enough to stagger his opponent and allow him to regain his bearings and launch another attack. Jhered had gained the initiative and decided it was time to show this assassin what a knight of the Order of the Forsaken could do.

The dark knight regained his composure and turned to be met with a flurry of cross over swings and thrusts; both blades became a whirlwind of flashing steel and blue tracers. The power of the Sword of Judgment recognized the skill of a true Forsaken Warrior and bled its energy into Jhereds body and sub-consciousness. No longer seeing the world around him Jhered recognized what was happening and gave in to the forces acting on him. It was as if all the skills of every warrior who touched this blade had been focused in on him.

Fear! That’s what this feeling was in him. For the first time in his life the dark knight had felt fear. He had not seen such a display since his youth when he had first joined the Order. The ancient masters possessed this kind of skill and now how was it that this upstart had attained such prowess? He was still holding his own but with each strike of the blade he could feel his strength ebbing and his guard dropping. He followed through with the same overhand strikes and thrust technique that he had just used to fell the Emperor and it seemed to be working. Jhered began to move backward toward the Emerald Throne the dark knight’s dagger scoring a nicking cut and knocking Jhered to the side a bit. Just one or two more over hand cleaves and his guard would be too high for a low thrust of his dagger. He pressed the attack scoring two more blood drawing blows to Jhereds right arm. The dark knight summoned all he had left, this was it and with an over hand arch he came down on to Jhereds parrying… what? In an instant Jhered dropped to one knee and falling forward into the arc of the dark knights blade, rammed the Sword of Judgment into the heart of the dark knight with a screech of steel on steel. The dark knights sword fell with a resounding clang onto the floor of the throne room. He placed his hands on Jhereds shoulders to hold himself up and as the Emperor just a moment ago coughed up a stream of blood. “You have beaten me Sir Knight, but there will be others. The Forsaken Empire will fall, it has been foreseen by the Black Oracle of Curse and the Holy place will be in the hands of the Order once more.” The dark knight


Jhered Stern
Black Serpent Technologies
Posted - 2004.03.20 05:13:00 - [5]

revealed as he sank to his knees before Jhered. “What the Oracle has seen is not for your interpretation. You have one a battle sir but I will win this war and I will control the Holy Place.” Jhered whispered. “Now go to the others and let them know that their Emperor is coming!”

..and the dark knight, Sir Damian Kurse died.

“Come my Son, I do not have much longer” rasped the Forsaken Emperor. “There is much I must tell you least this knight slay more then you’re Emperor”. Jhered took the Forsaken Emperor in his arms and held him up so he could speak.

The Emperor removed his ring and handed it to Jhered “Take this and hold it until you can find another worthy of my place. Go to my Grand Admirals and talk with them. Let them know of my fate and charge them to find amongst them a regent to rule in my place until the Other comes.” He inhaled deeply and painfully then continued. “The Order has sowed seeds of strife amongst my officers, you must do your best to hold them together and to bring them back to the glory that I once bestowed upon them. Do not forsake the Forsaken or the Rebels, they are warriors and I have held them in check for too long.” He coughed again fitfully and he began to pale. “Remove my helmet my Son, so that I may reveal myself to you at last”

Jhered hesitated “I cannot my Lord I do not wish to remember your dieing face but your living legacy to you Forsaken soldiers” he complained.

“No! you must know the truth or you will not find the Holy Place, now help me remove it. I command you”. And he continued “My Admirals, Jhered, they must be persuaded to refrain from their current course. The Civil war must not go on for too long.” Admiral Hupa and Bandit24 are hard men with hard ideas and will go at each other in the interest of righting the wrongs. You must show them the way and bring them back together into the Citadel. Remember your oath to me my Son. That you would die for the Empire, remind them of theirs.” He was almost gone and as he lifted the Sword of Sorrows and handed it to Jhered a sadness filled his heart like a blackness from the depths of Hell. Here, was the Forsaken Emperor, who bought the pirate clans of The Vale of the Silent together into a power like none other seen in EVE. Jhered was afraid that his legacy would be lost in the tragedy of civil war.

“My days are finished but I have hope in you Jhered for your time has just begun. The Black Oracle of Curse had a vision of you standing in the Holy Place and the Forsaken Empire at your back and all of EVE coming to hear your wisdom. Go my Son I will be with you always” and the Forsaken Emperor died his soul commended to the void and the care of the Others.

Jhered stood atop the Citadel of the Dammed at it’s highest spire, the Unnamed tower contemplating what had happened this day. He was filled with sadness and anger but for some strange reason he could not shake the feeling of a new beginning. There would be a regent and soon another Forsaken Emperor but in the mean time there was the civil war.


Jhered Stern
Black Serpent Technologies
Posted - 2004.03.20 05:17:00 - [6]

A senseless war of brother against brother, hate for hate and nothing but a weakening of the Empire would result. Jhered watched as the shuttle made its final approach and came to rest on the landing pad behind him. A young Imperial Officer emerged and asked “Sire, what are our orders? Who do we follow?”

Who do we follow indeed! Jhered turned to him and said “For now you follow me, but where your loyalties are will depend on what happens within the next few days.” The officer stuttered “Sire I would follow you to the death!”

We shall see captain… We shall see…

Jhered sat on the bridge of the Hammer of the Void and turned to his navigator “Set course to the coordinate I have shown you, talk to no about where we are going” He then turned to his communications officer and said “Are the messages sent to Grand Admiral Hupa and Grand Admiral Bandit24?” “Aye sir” came the reply. The Imperial Scorpion class battleship turned into the sun and warped away.

The Black Oracle of Curse raised her head from the Black Pool of revealing and smiled. “Come Jhered Stern for there is much to be done and much you must learn before the Prophecies can be fulfilled”.

…and the story continues!

<End Transmission>

Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2004.03.20 05:45:00 - [7]


Jim Raynor
Bad Kitty Inc.
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2004.03.20 06:08:00 - [8]

it's like jade, cept he's not roleplaying a french woman.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2004.03.20 06:21:00 - [9]

awesome read. Keep up the good work Very Happy

Gaius Kador
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2004.03.20 15:34:00 - [10]


Jebidus Skari
Comply Or Die
Drunk 'n' Disorderly
Posted - 2004.03.20 15:39:00 - [11]

Good story, I actually read it all which is unusual for me Smile

Dust Puppy
Posted - 2004.03.20 16:00:00 - [12]

Good story, I actually read it all which is unusual for me Smile

me to, it rocks Very Happy

Arima Todai
Posted - 2004.03.20 16:09:00 - [13]

That was excellent, a great read

Reverend Necrona
Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2004.03.20 16:27:00 - [14]

Edited by: Reverend Necrona on 20/03/2004 16:28:32
Awesome, you've out done yourself there fella.

limpy bint
Posted - 2004.03.20 17:22:00 - [15]

The emperor is dead wtf do i do now :(((((

Nice work jhered an excellent read.

limpy bint


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