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Posted - 2008.01.07 09:26:00 - [1]

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Komatose Skills

As you can see I kinda did a little bit of everything. Highlights include:

All Gal Ships: V (Except Freighter, at III)
All Frigs V
Mining Barge V
Surgical Strike V
Lots of Drone's at V

Looking to become more of a buisness man personally. So I would like a similar SP char that is focused in Indy/science mostly (Research, Mining, Building, Invention, Maybe Exploration) This would be a great PVP char with some work. Already does great in missions. Would be willing to trade for slightly less SP if you throw in some ISK or I might throw in some ISK to have a more SP one. Some skills are ok outside of the ones mentioned. I am looking to become more focused though.

I might entertain some offers for purely ISK as well. I would apprecate evemail or responces here. Thanks :)

Note: This Char Will Come With NO ASSETS aside from a harpy or a demios.

Thanks for looking! YARRRR!!

Posted - 2008.01.07 09:27:00 - [2]

Just in case I need to confirm with who would be receiving ISK if any deals are struck.

Posted - 2008.01.07 17:46:00 - [3]

Up We Go

Luna Windforce
Posted - 2008.01.07 18:22:00 - [4]

Not Bad. It will be a shame to see Koma go to someone else :( <3

Posted - 2008.01.07 19:15:00 - [5]

Edited by: JimneyCricket on 07/01/2008 19:16:24
nice bump.

Mind Games.
0ccupational Hazzard
Posted - 2008.01.08 07:39:00 - [6]


Posted - 2008.01.08 08:32:00 - [7]

Offer Noted. Please note he has 3 jump clones, 1 with a full set of +4 implants. So his stats might not reflect in the IN-Eve thingie if im not in the +4 jump clone (I will be tonight)

Mind Games.
0ccupational Hazzard
Posted - 2008.01.08 08:54:00 - [8]

Edited by: yokozuno on 08/01/2008 11:20:56
I guessed that much m8 <-- that sounded arrogant enough.. sorry :)

catch me on msn:

Posted - 2008.01.09 07:25:00 - [9]

Best bid to date: 5b
Best Trade: None.

Posted - 2008.01.11 10:14:00 - [10]

Still taking offers/trade offers/bids


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