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Genos Occidere
Posted - 2007.12.31 08:10:00 - [1]

Well, 2007 is coming to an end soon. I wish everyone a happy new year, and hope you have a good night tonight.

So I created this thread to share your best pirating (even if you were on the recieving end) or pvp experience of this year?

I personally don't really have one, I don't really pirate much myself though, (more of an empire war corp :P). I guess ransoming a rail brutix in a battle fitted iteron was mine. Laughing I think I should have ransomed higher than 20 mil though, for the sheer embarrasment it would have saved him from corp chat.

I'm sure people have better examples and tales of pure evil and piracy than mine, Twisted EvilYARRRR!!. So post away, and enjoy the last day of 2007 in eve. :)

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.12.31 08:13:00 - [2]

I got an Onyx. Shocked

Chainsaw Plankton
Posted - 2007.12.31 08:30:00 - [3]


scanned down a vexor in a belt, in warp scan again, oh he has some friends, hey, i should kill the blackbird first, 1 volley off, jam Sad drones were out i locked him first, drones aggro him, he pops before he can warp out. now for that rohk and vexor. oh hey my gang showed up. vexor and rohk melt.

Sakura Nihil
Selective Pressure
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2007.12.31 08:34:00 - [4]

Lot of good fights in Geminate lately, but today was great.

Best fight of the night was myself hopping into one of SMASH's home stations, quickly scanning down and bubbling a Nighthawk, Covetor, and Blackbird with my Sabre, and running off while the NH pilot began smacking in local. That changed shortly when our little raiding force showed up and got them Wink.

Topped the run off with an RK carrier kill teamed with Einhijar and company, no losses throughout all of this.

Eternal Perseverance
Posted - 2007.12.31 08:35:00 - [5]

not the best but certainly a memorable one....

corpm8 goes to belt to bait for what we thought was 2 stealtbombers about, he is in a harpy, another corpie in a rapier, me in a rapier aswell

they take the bait.....
nemesis uncloaks, both our rapiers uncloak at the same time as 2nd sb(manticore)

nemesis, lock, pop! manti, like 10-15 seconds..

whats this...I have 2 more sb's uncloak behind me. corpie in harpy locks the farthest one so he can't recloak, both rapiers lock the closest

nemesis2, lock...pop! mant2, lock...pop!

whole fight took like 30-35 seconds...

fastest 4 kills I have ever had.

Kain De'Stroi
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.12.31 09:03:00 - [6]

its been a good year, lots of nice fights,
best fight ive had i think is probably when i went up against a gang of tech 2 fitted passive plated ruppies whit my pilgrim.
nos/neut didnt have any effect, and they where to many for my balmers.
and ofcourse they went for my drones to so had to do crazy drone managment during the whole fight.
but 10 mins later they where all wrecks, still not sure how i managed to pull it off.

and also Liang, bloody EW ***** Razz
you been a pain in the butt, but also very fun, cheers and happy new year

Vardr ok Lidskjalv
Posted - 2007.12.31 09:12:00 - [7]

After trying to split two Caracals with my rifter I sat back and thought how ******ed I was. Next morning wake up and see two trasher in a belt. This time I make sure I know who they are first and try to pick the lowest sp one first. Hit belt lock first target and orbit. This guy is going down so I worry about next one. I see he's trying to get some distance so I switched web to him. First target goes boom so I hit my AB Crying or Very sad and try to gain 9km, curving in at like 10% armor I get orbit. Killed him and looked at Killmails notcing I hit the AC Trasher first then got the arty one. Was a fun fight and not the normal gank nubs fight.

Muppet Factory
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2007.12.31 10:33:00 - [8]

Back in an old Merc corp, we were out looking for our war targets. Me in a Sleip and a mate in a Typhoon found 3 of them in a Dominix, Megathron and Raven on a gate. We managed to take down the Megathron and Dominix, and started on the Raven as my mate popped. I started fighting with the Raven, but my Sleip wasn't fitted with a Disruptor, so a mate in a Megathron joins up with me, and points the Raven, which goes down like a sack of crap.

The ex-Dominix pilot then comes back in another BS, a Megathron this time, which naturally melted at great speed.

Not bad going from my point of view, 4 T2 fitted BS for the cost of 1 Razz

Thorek Ironbrow
CAPS Holding
Capital Storm
Posted - 2007.12.31 10:35:00 - [9]

I was hanging around with some dude from the 101st SMF, when a Racketeer started buzzing around him in a Rifter. Me, being a complete noob-douche, stole from the guys can, got tackled, and I had no stasis web so I could slow him down to hit him. Then two more guys in a Caracal and a Hawk came along and I barely lasted 10 seconds :( I learn more every day.

Then I got my Ibis, went to shoot one of them at a gate, and got insta popped.

Posted - 2007.12.31 11:17:00 - [10]

Basically this weekend was my first true PVP in EVE. Ive been playing about a week and half not counting christmas off. Built a bunch of Tristans and went to low sec to "learn" the ropes.

First encounter was vs a wolf that tore me up quick,

2nd encounter was a bit later in a new Tristan I engaged another Tristan but didn't have a scrambler fitted... so he warped to a gate. I followed and like a newb engaged only to die to sentries ugh I guess my drones got the last shot in though according to killmail.

3rd encounter was right after that one... I fitted another Tristan (Ive stored plenty of extra modules for my setup :P and made sure to fit a scrambler. I went out and to my suprise there was the same pilot from the Tristan.. but he was in a velator this time *shrug* so I took him out again.

4th encounter was the Tristan/Velators friend who was close by. I didnt last long it was a Caracal and a 3rd guy in a rook showed up to 2 shot me and my pod.

5th encounter was a Taranis that warped in and scrambled me before I could even right click to warp away Crying or Very sad he podded me to.

6th encounter was a Rifter with T2 who after buzzing me by a station agreed to a 1v1. He didnt pod me and even gave me back my leftovers from the wreck.

7th encounter was a Drake (i think) that I was following around in a system trying to track down. He seemed to warp out right when I had him pinned down... anyways I caught up to him and like a fool got to close and engaged. Not sure what I was thinking, I guess I confused him for a cruiser and not a battle cruiserEmbarassed I thought I would actually learn something from a fight vs a cruiser. But a battle cruiser tore me up in like 10 seconds lol.

This is all posted in a different thread so apologies if you've read it... but its been a fun weekend "losing" ships and I thought Id share to all those who are looking to start pirating/pvp.

Voivode Sha'mael
Senators of Eridan
Red Alliance
Posted - 2007.12.31 12:00:00 - [11]

Originally by: Thorek Ironbrow
I was hanging around with some dude from the 101st SMF, when a Racketeer started buzzing around him in a Rifter. Me, being a complete noob-douche, stole from the guys can, got tackled, and I had no stasis web so I could slow him down to hit him. Then two more guys in a Caracal and a Hawk came along and I barely lasted 10 seconds :( I learn more every day.

Then I got my Ibis, went to shoot one of them at a gate, and got insta popped.

This. Lol Laughing

Karyuudo Tydraad
State Protectorate
Posted - 2007.12.31 12:08:00 - [12]

Busting a low sec gatecamp of a couple battleships solo in my Gankabaddon was pretty tight. Wish I'd frapsed it. :(

Don J
Doom Guard
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2007.12.31 12:27:00 - [13]

Not strictly piracy but...

Some of us were kicking about empire in the small hours, wars had gone quiet and we were bored, so we thought we'd go for a looksee in Eifer, sort of a tradition with us.

Ships near insurance term - Check
Green pvpers in gang - Check
Drunk FC - Check

Bait drake jumps in and sits in top belt, pretty soon a mean corp Vagabond trundles in and agresses, Drake calls the warp and we go in. Surprise surprise, local's spiking, looks like we're gonna get a fight.

Some assorted Hurricanes and a Damnation land in the belt and all hell breaks loose, drones everywhere. The vagabond goes down, then one of the hurricanes. We primary the next hurricane but he shoots off to 70km away leaving the Damnation alone so damage turns to that.

More mean corp and Black Flag start arriving on the scene, our ewar goes down, then one of our tempests, it's looking pretty bleak now. The damnation's tanking heavily, but he's at half armour now so we think sod it, the expensive ship's going down, no point changing to a softer target.

The damage turns on me, 5 ships and my Hyperion's just about holding.... just, then one of the guys we downed at the start turns up in a typhoon and my tank crumbles, but not before that Damnation pops \o/ Just time to put a few volleys on one of the cyclones before i'm spamming warp to get my pod out.

We race to get new ships, but we just cant beat the pirates back to the field, they lose another cyclone, but after that the remainder of our gang goes down one by one. The bait Drake is the last to go, having tanked 80k damage during the fight.
The final blow comes from the damnation pilot, who's returned in an absolution Neutral

One guy has to go 12 jumps to get a new ship, and another has passed out at the keyboard soewhere in Eifer (to return via clone express sometime during the night), so we call it at that point Very Happy

Props (mad ones) to M3an & Black Flag. You're our favourite pirates Wink & you won that one fair and square, though far from unscathed. GF guys.

Posted - 2007.12.31 13:51:00 - [14]

only pirates can post ? :(

Oberon Incorporated
Posted - 2007.12.31 14:57:00 - [15]

We were messen around doin a little yarr. When my scout for the gang scout a pheniox getting shot by sentry at a station a few jumps away. So, i grab a domi and get another nanophoon to try and bump him off.

Well, he gets ****y and starts smackin and docks as we get close for the bump. and well he starts talkin about how he is going to bring his friends, so i tell a cloaker to stay outside station and he still smacks the cloaker.

I guess his friends were the NFF pirates and they got him off dock range and poped him a few hours after. I laughed we also snuck a frig on the killmail. We didnt get the kill but it was funny.YARRRR!!

Orar Ironfist
Veto Corp
Posted - 2007.12.31 15:06:00 - [16]

Mine was and will be for a while the fight between Turby and KK(before it closed down).
5 bs (mega domi phoon 2x geddon) VS. Our 14 man gang.
At first it looked like it was gonna end up being a slaughter cause 5 v 14 doesnt usually end well but then a cyno goes up and an archon landsShocked. We were all about to run for the hills when we decided that cause we have enough damps we would try it......Ended in a draw really...we got all 5 bs and the carrier was in structure and going down when 2 more carriers came in....They managed to kill a raven a machariel...and sumthin else but the isk done to lost was about the same
Hats off to all Turby(even though this was foreva ago and i think they disbanded Sad)

Defenders of Order
Posted - 2007.12.31 15:50:00 - [17]

Warping to a belt in my Crow, after scanning down a Raven and Rokh. Engaging the Raven and promptly being blobbed by a Drake, Stabber and Rifter. Killing the Raven, looting it's wreck and making it out in one piece.


Posted - 2007.12.31 15:51:00 - [18]

Tackling a nano Raven with 3x polycarbs. Loosing point and watch it run away only to watch it warp back in again, eject and warp his pod off Laughing

Drake Dracoli
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2007.12.31 17:41:00 - [19]

The longest, biggest, and best fight I've ever been in

It goes through 3 videos, just check the links. It would have been perfect if we had the time to take down the carrier in the end. A fight worth remembering.

Ashley Sky
The Eleventh Commandment
Posted - 2007.12.31 22:01:00 - [20]

Taking the candy away from PvP babies.

Nexa Necis
The Really Awesome Players
Posted - 2007.12.31 23:04:00 - [21]

I got a report of a war target flying around alone in a Navy Megathron. We managed to snag him and he popped 2 of us.

He caught me off guard with his faction webber and pounded on my ship. I barely managed to deaggress and get thru the gate.

4% armor and 6% structure FTW!

We managed to pop him and he had a lot of nice goodies for us.

My other one would be getting to kill Cown solo.

The Accursed
Posted - 2007.12.31 23:05:00 - [22]

Most satisfying:
Probing out a CNR on a mission, engaging it solo with my ishtar, watching him beg for a ransom that never came.

Most lollerific:
Watching some moron in a Raven (might have been a goon, probably was, only goons could be this stupid) eject to save his pod. Inside a bubble. Free raven and a squished pod made for a lot of racket on teamspeak Laughing

Kurt Armstrong
Cow Boys From HeII
The Volition Cult
Posted - 2007.12.31 23:16:00 - [23]

Finding carriers in low sec belts YARRRR!!

The Accursed
Posted - 2007.12.31 23:27:00 - [24]

Originally by: Ashley Sky
Taking the candy away from PvP babies.
I wonder if I even have to point out the irony here.

Vardr ok Lidskjalv
Posted - 2007.12.31 23:45:00 - [25]

Kurt using a carrier as bait for Frig gangs is a very valid tictac.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2008.01.01 00:04:00 - [26]

Killing a phoenix a couple of days ago in Akkio with my ibis.

The Executives
IT Alliance
Posted - 2008.01.01 00:38:00 - [27]

I was traveling through 0.0 in my ratting Myrmidon when I noticed a rattlesnake on scan. Never having seen one before I wanted to check it out from a I narrowed it down to a static complex and warped in on it.

When I entered the complex the rattlesnake was 20-30km from me, I got scared and tried to get away from it and then I noticed the rattlesnake itself was trying to warp out. I saw it warp to a planet and followed it...from there it warped back to the complex entrance and I managed to tackle it there.

I was in structure when the rattlesnake died :)

The guy refused any ransom demands :(

Posted - 2008.01.01 01:12:00 - [28]

Edited by: Niffetin on 01/01/2008 01:12:35
Propably one of the best fights for me.

Rapier, Rook and one Drake got away iirc.

Also a Stiletto and Incursus died to Sentries.

Johnny Gurkha
Silver Snake Enterprise
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.01.01 02:16:00 - [29]

Edited by: Johnny Gurkha on 01/01/2008 02:16:26
Gang raping an annoying gatehugging Nighthawk pilot, that one tasted sweeter than Strawberry Jam on a pair of ****....podding the same person 3 times in an hour....Ratting Chimera kill - I was in an Ishkur Very Happy.......popping cyno-alts for annoyance value, their always fun

Black Star Alliance
Posted - 2008.01.01 02:50:00 - [30]

Getting pwnd by thrasher really big thrasher gang, knew I was going to die so after killing a few of them before being EW'd to death, I went to the bathroom, came back 3 min later and was still alive as they where trying to munch through my armor. Longest most hummiliating death ever :P but good on them, and no I didn't SD they earned the KM, let them have it

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