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Die Dunkle Seite Der Macht
Posted - 2007.12.31 19:25:00 - [31]

Originally by: Audemed
TBH i've compared abso and abba setups....and the abba just wins every everything. Sure, the abso might hit the smaller targets easier, but unless you have T2 med beams and want to use aurora, the abso just can't even get close to competing to a mega beam abaddon. Even at point blank range, the abaddon does more damage than the abso...AND tanks better...

When you say you have compared setups to you mean EFT or have you actually ran missions with them? I cannot see who you can say the Abaddon tanks better when it has lower resists, bigger sig and CANNOT fit tanking rigs without gimping everything else. Maybe Core X lows would sort it. I know that i can perma run my AB, REP and Guns on my Abso forever if i have anything other than Multifrequency fitted. Aurora hits out 60km and will insta pop a lot of frigs.

On the Abbadon its not possible to fit a single rep with T2 Mega Beams due to PG.

I have T2 guns and BS 5 and command ships 4

On the whole i much prefer the Abso, Mega pusle abbaddon is great fun and useable to 60km+ with right ammo, tracking comps and the correct scripts. Its the better ship for BS mission but useless against tracking disruptors missions that Sansha's are famous for, you DPS then becomes your drones.

Monica 32
Posted - 2007.12.31 21:56:00 - [32]

Absolution vs Abaddon for L4s = Pulse Abaddon winner

For Sanshas/blood Missions:

8 * Mega Pulse II with Micros/standards/gammas
3 Cap Recharger, 1 * 100mn AB II
2 Heat Sinks II, 2 Thermic/1 EM Hardener II, 2 LAR II

3 CCC, 5 Hammerheads

this can tank all sansha/blood missions anjd deal 700+ dps with my skills

1 setup for All missions remove the heat sinks and 1 em/thermal hardener add 2 EANM II + 1 kinetic/eplosive hardeners..this can tank 850dps and deal 500dps with my skills

the Absolution's real advantage is faster and has to use beams to stay in range and with worst actually resists from abaddon in em/thermal the setup is this :


this can tank 200dps and deal 200dps less than abaddon...should be funnier ofcourse :)

btw i use all of those setups more than a dozen times in missions Wink

sorry for my bad english Embarassed

Posted - 2007.12.31 22:10:00 - [33]

Originally by: Vixeon

On the whole i much prefer the Abso, Mega pusle abbaddon is great fun and useable to 60km+ with right ammo, tracking comps and the correct scripts. Its the better ship for BS mission but useless against tracking disruptors missions that Sansha's are famous for, you DPS then becomes your drones.

Ah-ha! That's why I had that tracking computer fitted on my Absolution. I remember not being able to hit anything on a Sansha mission, got frustrated and added the tracking computer. After that, I mercilisly pulvererized the Sansha scumm!


Posted - 2008.01.01 02:25:00 - [34]

Edited by: Verton on 01/01/2008 02:26:17

Hey... What do you think of a Heavy missile launcher (T2) in the last high slot on the Absolution? I have Adv Weapon Upgrades level 4 so it fits for me.


Posted - 2008.01.01 02:30:00 - [35]

Absolution outtanks the Abaddon by miles.

However, the Abaddon outdamages the Absolution significantly. A pulse Abso does not have the range to hit half or more of the orbiting BS rats in most missions, and a beam Abso has worse range, worse tracking, and FAR worse DPS than a pulse Abaddon.

More tank does not help you complete missions faster, does not improve your ISK/hour. DPS does. Once you have the minimum tank required to beat the mission, you always want to pile on more DPS. Abaddon simply has far more DPS and is thus a far better choice.

Sephiroth Repent
Oberon Incorporated
Posted - 2008.01.02 01:19:00 - [36]

I currently use absolution for lvl 4s and have done for 6 months now. i have found it to be beter overall than abaddon. i'll just start by saying i have most skills for both ships nrly maxxed out so i have compared quite evenly and flew the abaddon extensivly before geting the abso. my current setup is:

6x heavy beams II 1xheavy missile/drone augmentor

1 domination AB 2xCR II

corpum med rep, core x em, core x thermal, centum thermal + 3 faction heatsinks(sometimes a domination tracking enhancer for v heavy frig missions)

dmge rig t2

as for abaddon fit i use same fit as Vixeon posted cept had a nano pump in there so to be able to cycle repper less often and conserve cap.

obviously this is a very expensive setup to get but it really makes a big difference and in my opinion having done hundreds of missions with this setup(mainly sansha ofc). i started with just t2 fit and replaced bit by bit to faction and the centum repper is awesome... i have nano pump instead of damage rig till then.

Also worth saying that with the right set of implants it gets an even bigger boost i have
slot1-5 snakes 2xstd 3xlg mix
slot 6 7% repper time bonus implant
2x5% dmge implants and a 3% speed imp i think...not logged in to check .

i only have command ships 4 and get a 10.5 dmge mod on my beams

abaddon is a cheap and sturdy option although imo you need a lot of skills to make it work and the lack of cap bonus on guns is a killer. if lvl 4s were all BS affairs then abaddon would rule but most are particularly high in cruisers/frigs and u have to mess around with drones. Even in the more BS heavy missions like blockade you get jammed to hell and for that reason even on these a abso is faster as it can AB up close to the jammers and burn thru them a lot faster than an abaddon could if at all without drones.

also the amount of travelling on missions from one gate to next and the ability to put distance between you and the enemy if they start to get on top of you. obviously most wont have snakes fitted but just with a good AB it will get away from most cruisers and can keep distance on most frigs as long as ur not webbed.

any high skillpoint amarr that has plenty of iskies and wants a pimped mission runner ship that is safe as houses on any mission get an abso and try this setup cos it tanks like a *****, rips sansha skum to shreds and is relativly manouverable.

theres my 2 cents anyway.... but im probably totally biased as i love this ship

Posted - 2008.01.02 04:26:00 - [37]

Originally by: Vixeon

6 Heavy Beams, 1 Drone link thing

AB, 2 Cap Recharger

3-4 Passive Corpums
2-3 TS Heat sink


8 Mega Pulse

2-3 Cap Rechargers
1-2 Tracking comps

2-3 Hardners
2-3 Heatsinks
Sometimes and Eanm or DCU
3 x ccc
Abaddon does more DPS but doesnt hit frigs or cruisers so well, its better for BS heavy missions. Abso rocks for everything else and tanks way better.

Similar experience. I don't run missions very often in my Abso, or Abaddon for that matter, mostly PvP with them. But when I occationally try lv4's I run similar as above, with the difference I use pulses, not beams, on the Abso. I never felt the need for more range.

I definately prefer the Abso for tanking, the damage on everything but bs is more than sufficient (they die fast) so well, Abaddon? For BS killing, and possibly slightly bigger dronebay. That's it.

As for the Abso tank suggestion;
3-4 Passive Corpums
2-3 TS Heat sink"

I have mostly used MAR, 2x EAN, Passive Therm, DC combined with HS. In some tougher mission I swapped out one HS for a 2nd MAR (really don't need it most of the time).

Super Batungwaa Ninja Warriors
0ccupational Hazzard
Posted - 2008.01.02 05:41:00 - [38]

I totally agree that the pulse Abbadon has more DPS on paper but missions are predictable and measurable. The Abso is far easier to hit things of any size and its DPS is far more predictable and not as theoretical like it is on the Abbadon with the use tracking disruptors in a lot of amarr mission.

The DPS = more isk per hour rule just doesn't work in this case, moving to gates, moving to optimal, collecting mission objectives and avoiding damage by moving quickly all slow down the abbadon. It can't fit a tractor beam for instance, can't AB easily due to cap and fitting restrictions if you use mega beams.

I tried a Palladin tonight for the first time and i was impressed! It is fitted with mega beams, and lower end faction stuff and beats the abbadon hands down in tank, gank, range and the tractor bonus is a real help for collecting cans. 1 gun will kill most frigs in one volley with very good skills and it can tank with only 4 slots, fire guns, run rep with just 2 cap mods and 2 rigs. It also hits to 100km with TC's and scripts.

my 2 isk

Arm of Orion
Posted - 2008.01.02 05:50:00 - [39]

Both the Abaddon and Absolution have different strengths, and if you're that concerned about missing out on some critical aspect, just do what I did.

Get one of each.

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