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Brother Victae
Posted - 2004.03.17 06:39:00 - [1]

Edited by: Brother Victae on 17/03/2004 06:44:27
The chamber was massive, fully 300 feet from archway to altar, its vaulted roof was so high above, it was difficult to discern the fantastic suclptures which resided there. Intendant Bulai strode down towards the far end of the chamber, where a balding man dressed in simple brown robes knelt, quietly intoning a prayer.

"Brother," Bulai whispered, "Brother Victae, it is time, the Defilers draw closer, we must make ready." The kneeling man sighed deeply, his shoulders seeming to slump momentarily, before he regained his composure and stood.

The two men walked back towards the entranceway, their gate measured and calm. As they reached the arch leading to the winding corridors of the station, Victae turned to the Intendant, his expression grim, "How many?", he asked.

"Sensors detected three, Brother, piloting what seemed to be heavily modified Inquisitor class frigates". Victae nodded, before folding his arms into the sleeves of his robe and stepping inside the turbolift.

He selected the hanger level, his gaze meeting that of the Intendants briefly, "Good luck, Brother, may God smile upon you this day". He bowed his head in response as the doors sealed, and the lift began its 47 level descent.

As the lift reached the hanger level, Victae could see his Punisher class frigate, Grace Of God, being quickly equipped for combat. Engineers hauled turrets into their berths on the hull, while his bretheren annointed the laser crystals found within. He was ushered into the Command Chamber by the station's Tech-Priests, and they began to attach all the control umbilicals necessary for piloting a ship via Pod, to his cranial and spinal implant sockets.

By the time they had completed the procedure, the ship was ready, and Victae submerged himself in the ecto-plasmic liquid which filled the control pod. There was a brief period of darkness, then a blinding flash of light as his mind became linked with the Grace Of God's systems. He initiated the startup procedures and system diagnostics, then opened the commincations relay. "This is Victae, I am beginning startup protocalls, what is the current situation?" he thought, the thoughts made sound by the communicator.

"Thank the Lord you are ready, Brother, the Blood Raiders have almost reached us. It has been confirmed, the Heretics are in command of three modified Inquisitor frigates, and will be exiting warp in 3 minutes". He digested the information, bringing up a tactical overlay of the exterior of the station, calculating probabl locations where the enemy ships would exit warp, then plotted a course into his navigation computer and actiavted the un-docking mechanisms.

The docking arm retracted slowly, and meg-clamps which had held the Grace Of God in place released, allowing the ship to begin its graceful exit from its berth. Victae felt apprehensive, this was the fifth Blood Raider assault on his small chapel-station in a month, and this was the largest yet. He decided to recite a prayer to concentrate his mind on the task at hand;

"Pater noster, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum.
Adveniat regnum tuum.
Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in Amarr.
Ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo.


His will strengthened by Faith, he brought his Punisher up to cruising speed, and turned to face the incoming threat. As he had suspected, the three Heretics dropped out of warp about 30km from the station, evidently intending to soften it up a little before boarding.

He willed the comm system back into transmit-mode, and began broadcasting on a wide range of frequencies. "Heretics, enemies of The glorious Amarr Empire, your time of wickedness is finished, repent now, lest you spend an eternity burning in the deepest fires of Hell!"

A blinking light appeared in the corner of his vision, indicating an incoming communication, and he hastily opened a channel. A horrific visage appeared on his screen, the heretic had apparently skinned one of his victims, and now he wore the skin like a mask, pins of steel clamping it too the side of his face. The monstrosity spoke, "Fool! It is you who shall incur the Wrath of God by obstructing us in the Holy work of obtaining sacrifices! Stand aside, or you will be wiped out".

There was evidently to be no reasoning with these particular Heretics, their souls were beyond saving, the kindest thing he could do was to end their existances before they could heap yet more sins on their everlasting souls. He willed his engines to full power, and instructed the targeting computer to lock the three enemy frigates.

Brother Victae
Posted - 2004.03.17 06:44:00 - [2]

Edited by: Brother Victae on 17/03/2004 15:46:33
Victae threw the Grace Of God into evasive manuvers, enemy missiles streaking towards him. His annointed lasers began to fire, the powerful blasts going astray. He closed the distance with the Raider frigates, missiles performing a bright coloured weaving dance about the outside of the craft. There was a sickening lurch as a missile struck the ship, impacting harmlessly on his shields.

As his range closed, the lasers finally entered optimal range, and bright plasma energy lanced out, strilking the lead ship in the Raider's formation, stripping its shields in a single hit. The second impact from his weapons blasted a gaping hole in the side of the Inquisitor sending fragments of hull spinning away, before all the lights on the hull went dead. A final strike set off the ammo dumps of the ship, causing a violent explosion which tore the Raider craft to peices.

Warning lights rapidly began flashing as yet more missiles were poured forth from the remaining Blood Raiders, and Victae cursed sharply, before remembering himself, "Forgive me Lord" he intoned briefly, before returning too the matter at hand.

His shields were losing integrity quickly, and although he had heavily damaged the hull of one remaining frigate, the other was untouched, this was beginning to look like a loosing battle. But it was his duty to fight, and die if necessary, to protect his bretheren aboard the station. He was the only member of the Order trained to operate space vessels, if he failed, there would be nothing left for those aboard but to pray for salvation.

He brought the Grace Of God about sharply, raking the side of the damaged Raider with concentrated fire, and it promptly imploded, sending out a shockwave which obliterated several of the missiles which were meant for him. But Victae had no time to celebrate, just then a full barrage of missiles truck the Punisher, draining what little remained of his shield energy, ripping great gashes in his hull and forcing pressurised gas out into the void. His capacitor was almost totally drained, and the focusing crystals were burnt-out from the rapid firing anyway. There was only one option remaining.

He brought the Grace about, aiming the imposing prow directly at the last remaining foe, then activated his afterburner and began to pray.

The two ships collided just as the last Blood Raider was about to finish Victae off, the armour plated prow of the Punisher smashing full-force into the center of the Inquisitor's hull, with enough force to collapse its shields. Victae closed his eyes, fully expecting his next sight too be the dim, brazier lit cloning center on the station, but after several seconds, he still felt intact. Slowly, Brother Victae opened his eyes, and gazed in astonishment at the scene before him.

The Grace Of God had come to a complete halt 450m from the station, and lying just in its wake was the ravaged remains of the Blood Raider frigate. His ship has split his opponant's clean in two, and the half were now gently drifting apart, venting gas and corpses.

Not that his own vessel was in much better shape, as he quickly realised once the damage report began to flow across his vision.


Hull - 12%
Armour - 3%
Shields - Offline
Weapons - Offline
Warp Drive - Offline
Main Power - Offline

It was no accident he had survived, God had been with him, guiding him, protecting him from harm. Each time he emerged from combat, his faith was renewed and strengthened.

Victae opened a link to the station as he limped home, "It is done Brothers, God has vanquished our enemies with me as his weapon! Rejoice, for we are Saved!". He closed the link, reflecting on the battle passed, and as the Grace Of God slid home into its berth once more, he thought to himself, "Ave Amarr, Ave Imperator, Ave Deus....."


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