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Posted - 2004.03.17 05:51:00 - [1]


Pulgor examined the package. It had come from Minmatar space. He had been vocal on a few topics on the GalNet recently and it is very probable this was a bomb. There was no sender. Pulgor decided it wasn’t worth the risk. He grabbed the package and boarded an Amarr shuttle. He placed the package in the cargo hold and flew the shuttle out 15 km from the station. He then ejected from it and flew a kilometer away. He remotely accessed the shuttle and used the crane to open the package. Immediately after opening, the camera turned to static. Pulgor switched to a camera drone from his capsule. He switched just in time to see the shuttle explode. “hrmph” he thought to himself.

He docked the capsule with the station and climbed out. “Time to get to work I guess.” Pulgor said to himself. He began to walk to his agent’s office when a uniformed Ammatar Consulate person stopped him, “Excuse me, Pulgor?”

“That would be me.” Pulgor confirmed.

“I have been ordered to deliver this package to you. I’ll need you to sign here.” The man pointed to a spot on the clipboard he was carrying. Pulgor signed and then examined the package. It was from Minmatar space and also had no sender, “One second there, I just got one of these and it was a bomb.” Pulgor explained.

“I see, well this one can’t be. I ran it through safety scanners and they turned up nothing.” The delivery person said.

“Oh, okay then. Thank you.” Pulgor nodded and then returned to his quarters. “Well if it’s not a bomb, wonder what it is.” Pulgor opened it. Inside were some papers. They appeared to be family history charts and stories. However the language wasn’t Minmatar. The language looked similar to old Minmatar writings. Pulgor had no hope of translating the papers. He decided to leave them until after his mission.

* * *

Pulgor got off the boarding shuttle, “How did the mission go boss?” Jason asked him.

“Another successful delivery,” Pulgor reported. Pulgor then remembered the documents he had received, “Hey Jason, can you have a look at some documents for me? I received them from a courier.”

Jason pondered the request, “Sure, bring me the papers and I’ll have a look at them.”

Pulgor acknowledged and padded back to his quarters to get the documents. He found ITX-9 waiting at his door, “What can I do for you, ITX-9?” Pulgor asked.

“Master! You informed me that you had picked up some documents for translation. I believe my circuits are up to the task!” ITX-9 explained.
“Oh… sorry ITX-9, I’m going to let Jason translate them.”

“But Master! I must make sure I play an important part in this story. I didn’t do anything in the last story.” ITX-9 said sadly.

“Fine then, come along.” Pulgor grabbed the documents and proceeded back to Jason’s work. ITX-9 followed quietly.

They arrived at Jason’s workshop. Jason placed the documents on a desk and began to fish through them.

“Hmm, I see, these aren’t in Minmatar writing. They’re written in Nefentar tribal writing.”

“So these documents are of Nefentar origin?” Pulgor asked.

“Yes, they are. From a quick examination it would appear that these papers are about you, Pulgor.” Jason proceeded to take a more detailed look at a few of them.

“Me? Why would they send me papers?”

“Well, there is a note here that is separate from the main documents. The note reads as follows:

“Dear Pulgor, I have been watching you for sometime, wondering if your tribal ambitions would surface. I know you know nothing of your past and you believe you are from the Brutor tribe, however this is false. You are of the Nefentar tribe. When our ancestors had to leave the republic, the Brutor tribe seized the house they lived in. They could not get their children back. The Brutor raised three children as if they were their own. I am the daughter of the family advisor, I was instructed that should you cast off the Brutor tribe, I was to inform you of your birthright. The documents herein are proof of your family’s tree and destiny. Please use them for the good of the Nefentar, in your service, Anonymous.”

Jason read off the note. Pulgor was stunned, “Well I never knew this. I will examine these papers in greater detail at another time. It’s going to take me some time to absorb this. “Well ITX-9, looks like you didn’t get to do anything important in this story either.”

“Master! If I had your futile tear glands I would be balling right now.”

“You have forsaken your tribe, and your name! Ammatar demon!” Everyone turned to see who said this, it was a Brutor mercenary. He held up a pistol, “Now you die!” The mercenary said with blood lust. He aimed and fired. ITX-9 promptly pushed Pulgor out of the way. He then lifted up his arm and fired a proton cannon that was fitted onto it. The Burtor mercenary crumpled to the floor. “Ah ha Master! ITX-9 is not so useless after all!”

“I’m never going to hear the end of this.” Pulgor shook his head.

Darrin Tobruk
Stonecutter's Guild
Posted - 2004.03.17 09:53:00 - [2]

This sounds like fun Very Happy

Ready for more


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