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Posted - 2004.03.16 00:46:00 - [1]

So your all alone with no way to mine good places and carry it in even excluding Ore thieves which CCP will never stop so…you try trading and stay near the sentry guns.

You take your hard earned isk and buy a cargo hold full of minerals and try to sell it on market.

My tip had two parts. Isogen is the life blood of quick frigate trading. you can always find decent buys using the table instead of the map (sort supply by price) and purchase as much as you can if in your cargo hold then take it to sell via demand (look around the regions and use the highway system) sorted by price just as supply. AND set your market to region and never use the automatic purchase option. ISOGEN WILL ALWAYS BE A GREAT TRADING MINERAL 24/7. Other minerals never pan out as easily as isogen.

Second part for those of you willing to fly slow Indies, buy and sell trit. buy at 1.35 and lower and sell at higher. I use iteron mark 5's and make 200k a trip on trit, while isogen (due to market availability) makes little more than 80 k a run but is faster in an infinite MWD punisher.

Enjoy new people, inquire in channel CTEK for more information. Make a suggestion on a topic and I’ll see if I can add a tip :D


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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