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Alenia Asthare
Quantum Knights
Posted - 2007.12.20 23:02:00 - [1]

If I have a base thermal shield resistance of 20%, and I add a +50% module like Heat Disipation Field I, why do I only have a thermal resistance of 60%? I thought the first module always had full affect...

Posted - 2007.12.20 23:05:00 - [2]

A +50% resistance will halve the amount of damage that you take.

If you have a 20% resistance, you will take 80% of the damage delt to you.

Halving that 80% damage received would mean receiving 40% of the damage delt.

If you are receiving 40% of the damage delt, you are resisting 60% of the damge.

That is why adding 50% resistance to a base 20% resistance gives you 60% resistance, not 70% resistance.

Gartel Reiman
The Athiest Syndicate
Advocated Destruction
Posted - 2007.12.20 23:37:00 - [3]

What Matalino said. And please realise how "halving damage taken" works when applied to a resistance figure - I've seen too many people say that resistance mods are affected by stacking along the lines of "the first adds 50%, the second only adds 25%" without realising that both mods are halving the damage that would otherwise be received.

If it worked the way you were expecting, you could add a single Explosive hardener and be healed whenever someone did explosive damage to you. In fact, with one Explosive hardener, two for Kin and Therm and three for EM, you would be completely invulnerable to damage. Doesn't sound that balanced to me... Smile

Falka Lakadaka
Posted - 2007.12.21 01:39:00 - [4]

Edited by: Falka Lakadaka on 21/12/2007 02:26:20
Remember adding a second 50% resist module will not take you from 60% to 110% and make you immune to explosive damage. Otherwise everyone would do it, shoot each other all day and combat would be endless boredom.

Now that you have 60% resistance, adding a second 50% module will halve the remainder leaving you with a total of 80% resistance to explosive damage.

The formula is:

TotalResistance = BaseResistance + (ResistanceModuleStrength * (100% - Base resistance))

When you add a second module you just substitute the result from module#1 into the formula as the new base resistance and repeat.

As you can see the benefit decreases as you add more modules.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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