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Salia WinterDrake
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Posted - 2007.12.20 02:51:00 - [1]

Edited by: Salia WinterDrake on 20/12/2007 03:24:10
*Avoids necromancy*
- 20 Dec 2007 -

I use 'OpenVPN' and 'YourFreedom' to tunnel out through a firewall at work - allowing Eve to connect.

This should help those who are stuck behind heavy corporate firewalls where many ports are blocked and Eve won't connect at all.

Here's a walkthrough - "The Great Escape":

WARNING: Tunneling out of your work/university/school firewall is probably against their security policy. Use at your own risk!!!

Download OpenVPN from the OpenVPN website:
I used the openvpn-2.1_rc4-install.exe version dated 25 April 2007. I do not know if it stops working after a trial period.
Install OpenVPN.
The installer will ask you to reboot the PC.
After rebooting, start OpenVPN, then right click the OpenVPN GUI icon in the system tray. It looks like two PC's with red screens and a little world.
Select Proxy Settings and use Manual Configuration > HTTP Proxy and enter and port 26000. No prompt for username or password.
Press OK. OpenVPN is now ready.

- Go to
- Register a username; you will need a valid email address.
- Once the confirmation email arrives in your email Inbox, use the link to authenticate your account. The basic version is free; better, faster versions can be purchased for a fee.
- Download, Install and fire up YourFreedom.
- Under the Status tab, use the Configure>Wizard buttons to configure the program.
The wizard will ask if your PC uses a web proxy to connect to the internet - follow the instructions to see if you are, or leave the fields blank.
I left them blank.
- Hit Next and after searching, the wizard should end up with a list of Found Freedom Servers.
It takes a few minutes depending on your connection.
- Pick a server (I picked the ems13 server which happened to be in the US). Hit Next.
- Enter your login and password (that you specified when registering on the YourFreedom website).
- Save and Exit the configuration Wizard.
- This next bit may not be necessary: I pressed Configuration again, and under the Server Selection tab, set the sliders to require OpenVPN support, prefer low load servers and prefer US servers, as I'm in Australia. Decide your settings based on your location but OpenVPN must be supported on the server you pick. I ran the wizard again to make sure I picked one that supported OpenVPN.
If you're still in the wizard, Save and Exit will return you to the main Your Freedom screen.
- Under the Ports Tab, make sure OpenVPN is selected. It should show port 1194. Also uncheck 'Flatten traffic bursts' - apparently this helps streaming applications such as games.
- All done - you should be good to try connecting...
- Back under the status tab, hit Start Connection. After a few seconds, you should see the little door icon open. This does not mean you are fully connected yet.
The connection takes another minute or two to start (for you it might be quicker).
When the connection is ready for use, the little door icon will be fully open and there will be a little sun in the sky. Aww, cute.

Check the Messages tab - it should report "OpenVPN ready, you are Online".
If you forget to install or get OpenVPN running before YourFreedom, it'll say so here.

Start Eve Online:
Start Eve Online and connect as normal. No editing of the prefs.ini file, no wierdness, just log in as normal.

Insert Eve goodness: Very Happy
"Give me 1mil ISK!" *flips jet-can full of ore*
"Go away, I'm not a macro miner!" *flips can back*
*Pew Pew*...
"Ouch!" *sets five Hammerhead drones onto annoying ore-stealing frigate*...

When you're done;
- Quit Eve Online.
- Stop Connection under YourFreedom (ignore the warning about closing an open stream), then hit Exit.
- Exit OpenVPN.


Its slow and I wouldn't go anywhere near Jita, but for staying in-station and changing skills while at work - priceless!


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