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Paddlefoot Aeon
SiN. Corp
Daisho Syndicate
Posted - 2007.12.20 01:44:00 - [31]

Edited by: Paddlefoot Aeon on 20/12/2007 01:46:23
Originally by: Vio Geraci

As an example for how wildly the punishments varied, banning Captaingordon from the game was utterly unexpected and is not, so far as I can determine, a listed penalty under the forum rules.

Pretty sure that discussing moderation and/or GM action is against the new forum rules, too! Cool

Ben Derindar
Dirty Deeds Corp.
Posted - 2007.12.20 02:10:00 - [32]

Originally by: CCP kieron
Yes, CAOD will see heavier moderation,

This to me is key.

Although the new warning system seems simpler for all, it still won't go nearly far enough. I want to see measures such as revealing the mains of NPC alts and 1 man forum corps, in-game muting of offending characters across all channels, and outright game bans for the most serious persistent offenders.


Ket Halpak
Posted - 2007.12.20 02:16:00 - [33]

Originally by: CCP kieron
Yes, CAOD will see heavier moderation,

Will this include moderation of posts that dont include any content other than one word, ie. 'welp'?

Situation: Normal
Posted - 2007.12.20 02:20:00 - [34]

Looks interesting. I expect we *may* be seeing individuals like Tank CEO and Jade Constantine posting under mains on the forums again sometime Soon™.

As for CRC, sad to see you folks go. Your efforts helped keep the forums from descending into complete and total chaos (as opposed to the semi-controlled chaos we have now). Thank you. Smile

The Collective
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2007.12.20 02:39:00 - [35]

Originally by: CCP kieron
The forum word filter will be updated and some words resulting in filtering of words like cockpit or crack will be reviewed. Proper use of multiple definition words will not result in a warning, but improper usage will.

just remove the ****ing censoring.
its useless and just stupid :|

Vio Geraci
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2007.12.20 02:58:00 - [36]

Edited by: Vio Geraci on 20/12/2007 03:04:42
Originally by: Paddlefoot Aeon

Pretty sure that discussing moderation and/or GM action is against the new forum rules, too! Cool

You had better hope being pedantic isn't against the new rules.

Posted - 2007.12.20 03:31:00 - [37]

The forum needs 2 things:
- To send an e-mail whenever there has been a reply in thread since you last saw it.
- Be usable via the IGB

Posted - 2007.12.20 04:15:00 - [38]

How about seeing some bans for necroing? Lately, and at many other times, this has become a pox upon our boards.

Sure, some threads can be necro'd if they're still relevant, like that awesome Lego thread. But many others are just useless. People should be punished for obviously necroing useless threads. Hopefully the changes to the search function will help stop the accidental ones. It's the necrophiliacs I want to see punished.

Yakia TovilToba
Halliburton Inc.
Posted - 2007.12.20 05:54:00 - [39]

For all other community members, the warning/ban counter will be reset at the end of the normal Tranquility maintenance period on Thursday, 20 December.

Does this mean i can go an a trolling-spree now, insult everyone and his dog, post a lot of ****agraphy and get away with it, since the warning/ban counter will be reset in few hours ? Laughing

Victor Valka
The Kairos Syndicate
Transmission Lost
Posted - 2007.12.20 06:00:00 - [40]

Flame Wars Episode 3 : Revenge of the Forum Whores

ISD Santiago Cortes

ISD Interstellar Correspondents
Posted - 2007.12.20 06:53:00 - [41]

To the fine men and women of CRC it was an absolute pleasure working with you. Having met some of you, I cannot imagine a more dedicated, focused and ethical band of forum warriors exists.

We may move onto a new dawn but the new team have much to thank the old guard for.

Special congratulations to Jacques Archambault for leading CRC through these times despite many upheavals!
For those that I have had the pleasure of dealing with threadnaughts at 3 am, I salute you o7.

Omega Wing
Snatch Victory
Posted - 2007.12.20 06:57:00 - [42]

The forum word filter will be updated and some words resulting in filtering of words like cockpit or crack will be reviewed. Proper use of multiple definition words will not result in a warning, but improper usage will.

Nice to see some intelligence being put into those stupid filters.

ISD Huitzilopochtli Tlaloc

Posted - 2007.12.20 09:04:00 - [43]

Hey guys, its been a absolute pleasure (most of the time Twisted Evil) working with you. I have absolute confidence that the new team will be able to get the forums back to the caliber that it was at the high of CRC.

Thanks for all your emails of support for CRC over the time i have been in it, the fan threads, the hate threads and the threads which we have hi-jacked. They all go to contributing to a very interesting 14 months for me.

I have got to meet some awsome people within ISD and i wish them all the luck in wherever they go next.

This may indeed be the last time the man with the silly long name virtualy no one can say will be seen, i have become very attached to this name and i will be sad to see it go.

so ...

bye and be nice to each other in CAOD please Razz

Haniblecter Teg
F.R.E.E. Explorer
The Initiative.
Posted - 2007.12.20 09:22:00 - [44]

Get rid of hte antiquated forums.

I want PM features, google-like search ability, replying only requres one click, update the ugli ass layout, etc.

For a major game, the forums are really antiquated.

Capital Enrichment Services
Posted - 2007.12.20 09:42:00 - [45]

I would like to thank CRC for their efforts to this date. While not perfect, it was better than no moderation at all.

To the new Community Group, I wish you best of luck in your upcoming endeavors.

Linda kays
United Empires Asset
Posted - 2007.12.20 10:06:00 - [46]

Got a little thing I'm not clear on after reading both these comments and the News item:

1. Warning = no Action.
2. Warning = 2 weeks ban.

Reset of Warning counts the 20th. December today I guess.

Now this is somewhat clear, and I don't really get warnings since I'm such a nice person. The thing I do wonder about is:

If I get my first warning somehow tomorrow doing something bad, well fine I'll fix the problem to the level of my skills, and I don't get "hurt", then 5 years after that I do something stupid again getting a warning, but this being my 2nd. warning I get a 2 weeks ban, well okay fair enough but I'd more see it as a second 1th. warning though. But imagine this going even futher say 20 years with 5 warnings now being 6 months at a time.

Do these warning counts gets reset again like every 5th year so to accomedate "nice" stupid people like me?

Jacques Archambault

Posted - 2007.12.20 10:26:00 - [47]

Good luck guys n gals, and all the best. Its been an awesome time with all of you.

Signing off, one last time....

Jacques Archambault
Vice Admiral of CRC
Interstellar Services Department

Miner Tech
Posted - 2007.12.20 10:40:00 - [48]

o7 CRC

Was a good time :)

Target Practice incorporated
Posted - 2007.12.20 11:31:00 - [49]

Yay less perm bans is good.

It was a shame to see poster such as jade constatine getting perma banned.

Anyways about the colours they don't look that good though. But ohwell I hope it will improve when the new forum is done(tm).

ISD Cobray Aine

ISD Interstellar Correspondents
Posted - 2007.12.20 12:41:00 - [50]

It's been a pleasure working with you, CRC, fly safe o7

Galaxy Punks
Posted - 2007.12.20 12:52:00 - [51]

Edited by: Kappas. on 20/12/2007 12:54:54

Guess the only thing I'll say is please don't get too quick with the warning button for trivial things since the bans come quicker and more severe.

Only thing I'm concerned about, really.

Edit: This also explains why all of my emails to the mods have been ignored I guess Laughing

Edit2: Can the forum mods be given a different colour from the real devs at all? For instance, now if one of these mods posts "Thread cleaned, don't spam" it attracts a lot of attention to the thread since there are gold bars next to it.

ISD BH Garik Michaels

Posted - 2007.12.20 13:14:00 - [52]

.... It was good while in CRC. Thanks Jacques and the entire team!

ISD Bies

Posted - 2007.12.20 13:24:00 - [53]

Farewell CRC, it has been an honour and a pleasure working with you.

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2007.12.20 13:42:00 - [54]


Max Teranous
Body Count Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2007.12.20 13:44:00 - [55]

Originally by: HippoKing


Uninvited Guests
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2007.12.20 13:52:00 - [56]

Originally by: HippoKing


The Littlest Hobos
Posted - 2007.12.20 13:52:00 - [57]

Originally by: HippoKing

I was here!

/report Hippo. Razz

Jowen Datloran
Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2007.12.20 13:55:00 - [58]

I too would like to thank the CRC, I think you have done a great job during your time.

Interestingly I never once received a warning, guess I know how to behave.

Though, I am actually looking forward and hoping than some of the old forum personalities will reappear, like HippoKing up there.

Lucifer Fellblade
Posted - 2007.12.20 14:17:00 - [59]

Originally by: HippoKing

Soup Hippo.

Posted - 2007.12.20 14:29:00 - [60]

Originally by: HippoKing


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