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The Red Skull
Posted - 2007.12.20 16:40:00 - [121]

OK I know this is slightly off topic in relation to deployment issues, but does anyone else find this line in the latest Trinity patch notes funny?

"Non-English characters in certain circumstances would create petition issues. This has been resolved." - Build 45001 to 45943 addresses Patch Notes for Trinity 1.0.1

Damn those non-English characters for creating petition issues...

The Xenodus Initiative.
Posted - 2007.12.21 04:17:00 - [122]

Apart from the "warp tunnel visible before warp initiates" this looks like a good patch. My framerate went up considerably at the same settings (70 to 150 in some cases), and the widescreen icon alignment problem seems to have been fixed.

Posted - 2007.12.21 06:03:00 - [123]

Hmm .. i have a problem in station. when i have "merge ships and items in the right side panel (general options)".
The ships and items dosnt show up before before i go back to the normal mode.

I have two computers with diffrent cards and settings, it happens on both computers.

Roy Gordon
Caldari Advanced Response Division
Power Of 3
Posted - 2007.12.21 14:21:00 - [124]

Had a 'bug' appear in the level 4 missions 'Enemies Abound Pt3' and 'Enemies Abound pt4'. When salvaging, the wreck icons would move to different positions around the screen. Also, the message telling you how much damage rats are doing to you is overlapping the rat ship icons at the top of the screen. I'm running classic edition by the way.

Lee Thrace
Krazny Oktyabr Revolyutsiya
Posted - 2007.12.28 12:46:00 - [125]

Edited by: Lee Thrace on 28/12/2007 15:11:20

i've checked as many posts as i can, to see whether someone else has this problem. i havent checked all so forgive me if this is allready known

my starmap doesnt work...period. if i click the starmap it zooms out, but doesnt show anything. i have to reboot eve in order for this to return to normal
as of a few days ago tho, the systemmap seems to work, but the entire map seems to work only went it wants too, which is rarely

secondly, my overview tab doesnt load if i log onto eve and undock. as soon as i enter a gang or jump into the next system, it appears again.

if i somehow have logged off eve while in space and log back on, this time my overview is there but everything shows op double(which makes a 6 man gatecamp seem like a big ass blob yikes)

i hope this is of any use. i have the premium content btw



edit: typos

Lee Thrace
Krazny Oktyabr Revolyutsiya
Posted - 2007.12.29 13:22:00 - [126]

never mind my previous post, clearing my cache seemed to help :)

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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