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Radix Salvilines
legion industries ltd
AAA Citizens
Posted - 2007.12.18 16:40:00 - [1]

Many times I wished there were some options to limit members rights more efficiently. Also many corps recruit new players "invite only" which is bad. They fear for spies and thieves. Heres some ideas that may help:

- more adjustment options with the rights in the corp for each member:
a) not only being able to limit to query and take from each hangar division and cans in them but also more directly mark modules, or types of modules (specific cans) that can be taken out from the hangar for a specific person. Additionaly a limit (ex. max 5 items per day). That adjustable for either each member or a certain title.
b) more 'base station' options. If we had like 200 divisions per office that wouldnt be such of a problem. Thou still being able to assign certain offices for each member or title would be great. Now we can assign only one and in a limited way. That could be expanded. Like a list of stations below random title manager and a manage option for each position on the list (with options as in a)).

- anti-thief system.
a) each ceo can turn this option on or off. The option is -> taking corp assets from hanger or isk from wallet results in a 7 days peroid of stasis for leaving corp. This peroid may be extended by corps ceo or directors at their will. BUT - the person may leave immediately IF he returns all the same amount of isks or items in the same condition as it was taken from the hangar. Pilot gets a warning mesaage when he is taking anything from the hangar and the stasis peroid option is enabled. If CEO enables this option after the member takes the stuff he is not being affected by it until he takes something again.
Example: new member wants to take a ship. A warning message appears telling him he wont be able to leave corp for 7 days (or another number - adjusted by CEO o r director) with the option of prolonging the stasis peroid on the CEO's whim. Only way to leave the corp will be to give all the stuff back. New guys accepts it and all is fine :) Both the member and corporation are safe from any scams :P
b) the same thign may be added to titles and roles... meaning having some sort of a title or a role gives your 7 days of stasis peroid while others with dirrerent roles does not have this penalty.

- time-based titles
in short words: title or role that lasts like 4 hours or a few days... would be handy when command cant log in to the game for some time but they want someone to be able to get this long-awaited battleship from corp hanger after its being produced.
+ an option when this title or role starts to work :)

- Corp container rent-able by members. Members can put it in their personal hangar in a station of their choice - ather members with certain rights are able to get an access to it. Would reduce te number of overall offices around the space. To prevent overuse of this there can be put a limit to how many rented containers can a player or corp have at the station (limited by skill perhaps?).

These are my ideas feel encouraged to discuss them :)


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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