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Posted - 2004.03.14 07:57:00 - [1]

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In the void between the planets of the Tierijev system a Scorpion class battleship drifts between an uncharted asteroid fields. Its hull bears no markings of the trials of battle. Its virgin gunmetal armor glistens against the multiple flashing lights that flare from the dozens of high gain antennas. And the markings of the Caldari State are steeled into its hull with the lesser logo of the Minedrill Corporation imprinted below it. This vessel of war has been outfitted as a mining ship.

“Almost got it!” The voice of a female child like voice whispers to herself as a implant clicks and blinks quietly as an optical filter slides across her eye. “I cant believe we found this monster out here”

“Amenda, shut the hell up and set the scanner resolution to 1.2 cycles per second.” The squeaky voice of younger red haired boy snapped at her from across the bridge of the mining vessel.

“Hey I still have 37seconds! Shut the hell up! I’m doing the best I can with these clunky scanners!”

“Hah I can smell 10,000 isk coming my way”

Amenda takes her hands of the manual controls for a moment to pull back her jet black hair and continues intently focused on a dark patch some several thousand kilometers away hidden among the nebular cloud about 127 AUs from any sign of life other than the 18 souls aboard the Kalikuto Maru. Most battleships without a captain with a pod connection require the better part of 2,000 people to man and maintain. With a captain in a pod the number is reduced to about 345. The Minedrill Corporation in an effort to reduce cost figured that since a mining vessel in secure space would not need the pod and that about 20 or so implanted crewmembers would serve just as well. And to further cut the cost of expense MineDrill decided on the use of child labor because they take up less space and require less of a demand on the life support systems, this allowed the battleship to be for the most part a hollowed hull save for the drive systems, sensors and power grids. Amenda is one of the eldest of the crewmembers only being 14 years old; her small frame has been riddled with neural implants to accommodate the demand of the ships needs. A positive side effect the children do enjoy is the instantaneous access to almost all forms of information. There is one adult who is actually a clone linked to its original via light speed comms at the Nutura station in the system. “HAH got it! Thom I present to you ‘Nibbles’ the lonely 24 km in width Bistot asteroid with an orbital eccentric of 23453.221233 and a surface temperature of 67K.” Amenda spins around smiling looking at Thom’s bewildered face. “Oh an what’s this thinks? Look Nibbles, you have a friend!”

Animated image of Amenda in a bikini is seen walking on the image of Nibbles the asteroid setting up and beach blanket and umbrella to take in the rays of the tiny speck of the Star of Tierijev to sun bath. The cartoon looks at Thom through the view screen and says in a cartoon words wrapping around a voice bubble. “Thommy sweetie gambling is a terrible thing…but. PAY UP BIOTCH!!”

“Very adult Amenda..”

Thom looked back at her with a ghost white face then his own neural link blinked and a great big smiling dog walks up behind Amendas bikini clad likeness on the view screen and pulls her close to it with one front paw while the other starts to rub its crotch as the panting puppy starts to speak sweet inappropriate nothings into her ear.

“The hell!!” she said in outrage. “You little perverted crap I cooked this one up last night in my sleep!”

Suddenly a wing beast appears to fly from above the battle ship and orbits the asteroid and swoops down and snaps the dogs head off and spits into out into orbit around the multi million-dollar asteroid.

“Now pay up!” she says as her lips purse together in a scold to her peer.

“Well I can’t pay. Not yet at least until next cycle.”

“What!! A Caldari with no money!! What kinda crap is that pay!!”

“Ok Ok I will, I promise until next cycle.”

“And you will pay with interest! As in yourself…my slave for a day!”

“You got to be kidding..” Thom squeaks out

“I’m not…and you can start by taking my day shift duties.” Amendas dark eyes gleam with authority over her new subject.”

“Fine…But I’m not cleaning your quarters!”

“Like I trust someone like you going through my under panties, such insolence you have been awarded another day of slavery!!” She says slideing a smile across her teeth.

“What!!..ugh.fine, get the hell out of my way.” He picks her up by the hips out of the control consol and sets her on her feet beside him, he then lights up the warp drive and sets course to about 20 KM from nibbles and programs the computer to approach within 12KM to start the mining process of the precious Bistot.

Posted - 2004.03.14 09:13:00 - [2]

With Thom now busy working her duties Amenda stretches comfortably in her rack and scratches an itch on her stomach and curls her toes thinking of all the free time she has. For the past year and a half she worked long hours and rarely had anytime to simply relax. She figured she could sleep it all away and get some needed rest. But she promptly figured that time off is to valuable to waste sleeping in addition to the 5 hours a day she gets. So she hops out of rack and logs onto the communications net of the ship and attempts to make contact with her father. Such a risk should only take when she had the time to afford it. Her mother’s blocks on his neo-com have a hell of a firewall and it usually took several minutes for her to tunnel around them. Another problem was because of the distance from any station much of the communication cluster was focused on keeping track of the minuet position of the Nutrua station orbiting Tierijev IV, and with Amenda using up the precious bandwidth for a face-to-face call she knew she would have to pull some over time to make up for it. But she loved the thought of seeing Thom’s face when he finds out her work list is expanded so much and she giggles to herself as her hail is answered by an aged Intaki male with a smile on his face and Amenda soul suddenly brightens.


The man looks over to his side and pulls himself from a woman he was attending “Hey sweetheart how are you! How many times must I tell you that your mother would literally have me killed if she found out you were talking to me.”

Amenda pouts at the thought of her mother. “I know but I had some time off and I wanted to say that I missed you soo much! Wheres Auntie Nique?!”

“Monique is right here.” The camera swivels to behold a stunningly beautiful Gallente woman slightly younger than her father.

“Amenda, beloved. How are those big bad Caldari men treating you?” She says in a seductively throaty voice.

“Well, aside from treating me like a little kid and underneath all that outer shell they like to put on to people they are just big soft puppies underneath.”

Monique chuckles softly her father caresses her neck with his fingers, “Yes my love, Caldari men are quite the paradox should you meet the right ones. And your mother any word of her?”

Amenda frowns recalling that mail she last received from her mother stating how she is working to free her from her contract with Minedrill and she will make her fathers toy pay for helping her get away from her mother. Amendas father could not help her direct without fear of legal action by CONCORDs transnational domestic agency. So he had Monique call in some favors and arrange meeting with some officials with the State to get her emancipated through contract of duty and service. Monique chose the Caldari because they hold their contracts to be completed no matter what. It’s a contact of indenture citizenship for Amenda to become a full citizen of the State once she reaches the age of maturity. With the unscrupulous practices of the Caldari making it lawful under special cases to allow children to work in the hazardous space industry it made it nearly impossible for the retrieval of the child for she is considered a member of the Minedrill corporation. However the particular company of the Minedrill will reward her and her shipmates for the discovery of Nibbles that once she has completed the contract she can enjoy State life in luxury.

“Sweetie, I’m so enthralled, almost aroused by your mothers persistence.” She says smiling lovingly into the camera as her fathers hand slips down below the cameras view and it turns back to her father.

Amenda suddenly remembers. “Mother calls you a drunken pill popping lush and suits my father well to have a fling with a Gallente w-hore.”

Monique gasps in shock and says off camera is a pouting voice, “Lover, I’m no w-hore am I?”

“No beloved, you’re just my kinky packaged of girl love’n!” He begins to chuckle as his hand obviously hits a spot and she yelps “Oh, monsieur!”


“Oh honey I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. By the way, those contacts that your Auntie has. Recently contacted me that there have been a bounty set on your head.” He now says to her fully concerned.

“What! Why wont mother stop! She is just going to bring me back and start treating me like a child! I’m not a child.” She said as her dark eyes suddenly started to fill with tears. “Daddy cant you stop her? She is ruining my life. I hate her..”

He father looks at his near sobbing daughter with helplessness “You’re a big girl, you know there is nothing I can do for you without being charged.”

Posted - 2004.03.14 09:13:00 - [3]

The words ‘Big Girl’ have been said to her several times before and it is intensely irritating all the time that she is always compared to little girls who have no implants. With the skull hardware she can access almost any information and retaining it as easily as remembering where the food receptacles are stored plus tap into someone credit history as easily as you would check your mail. But she holds back her anger and concedes by saying.

“Yes I know daddy, but I need to go…been talking to long and I don’t want mothers firewall to catch me. I love you. Auntie Nique, take good care of my daddy!”

Monique responds in an amused voice. “Believe me child, I will. I pray for your safety.” And her father responds, “Amenda, The bounty hunter is a Tierijev native and I want you to know I lo---“ and the comms link cuts out.

Amenda has been working in the Tierijev system for two years and she has never thought of what their culture is so she decided to spin her neural boosters to collaborate as much information on the Tierijev Caldari as she could.

Within moments her mind began to be flooded with the information on them. The most notable facts were the population on the planet that was native spoken a rather odd form of the Caldari language that has various distant roots but the dialect to most Caldari outsiders is heard as gibberish and to anyone other race it is completely foreign. She was for a moment curious about this fact and learned that it was developed from a group a traders wanting to be able to talk to one another without prying ears in public. And the local populace enjoyed having privacy of speech that only they knew and it began to spread like fire across the planet.

Other notable facts are that since peace as been declared that the planets populace mostly stayed secluded from the rest of the world, only coughing up one maybe two spaceship captains for the State every generation. And most of the planets new captains had family ties to the Caldari Navy in the first place.

Next where that psychologically the Tierijev Caldari are completely Loyal to the State and however due to Gallente contact and influence or by pure isolation they seem to all process fairly liberal ideas and mindsets and have been know to put their feelings before monetary gain.

Amenda fear soon grow as she imagines meeting her would be hunter as a soulless collector of heads for isk. Or an old traditional Caldari Civire who would rather blast their prize and bring it back dead to insure none of the problems that can occur live captives. The very thought of the military elders of her friend Thom, dragging her in shackles beaten back to her mothers power lusting arms. Brings her nearly to tears again.

To Be Continued

Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2004.03.14 10:13:00 - [4]

Interesting POV you've chosen. I await to see where this goes.

Posted - 2004.03.17 09:09:00 - [5]

The Kapiolani drifted in orbit around Tierijev IV. The ship itself was a typical Caldari Condor. However it is one of the oldest currently registered for space flight. The vessel can be traced back to the final days of the war between the State and the Federation. She was a hand down from Ly’sol family company. More directly it was his fathers final command in the war. So the Kapiolani has seen her share of the business of warfare. The spaceframe has endured tactical lasers, torpedo blasts and an occasional cruise missle. A majority of her armor plateing has been replaced, in fact only 17% of the Kapiolani remains of the original vessel. The rest are upgrades repairs and so forth.

“I still don’t understand what exactly you want me to do about this.” Ly’sol said to a distant whisper comeing from the star gates comms line.

“Are you not one of the local bounty hunters in the system?” An older voice chirped to Ly’sol from the gate.

“Technically I’m a hired investigator. But with your situation there is no exceptions.”

Before he could continue the woman’s voice intercepted his statement with “FINE Caldari! Ill triples it to 250,000. But you had better get her back.”

Ly’sol inquisitive nature got the better of him and he decided to pick his employers brain. “How is it that a State citizen of only 5 days is making such a request.” Ly’sol looks down off screen to a data pad. “Further more, records show you are in good standing with several Amarr families and you yourself simply gave up your possession as apart of the merging contract. Additionally the 12,000 slaves you held are now to be paid minimum wages as per Suuvee guidelines.” Ly’sol cold blue eyes met his new bosses and he continued, “Madame Guidly, you were already successful in life as an Amarr citizen. Why did you give your material wealth in the name of the State and become a citizen?”

There was a strange nerve that gave Ly’sol a chill. Being so interrogative is a normal part of his negotiation process. But this woman had been manipulating him without even thinking of it. And with those oppressive eyes she played Ly’sol game. “A mothers love, from the looks of it and the concern you show from your questions I beg of you to listen to me. My little girl Amenda has been poison by her father’s ludicrous Ideas of pursuit of happiness above everything else. I could tolerate him adding skull ware to my Daughters head when she was a baby. But after she started to follow her father’s footsteps I could not allow this!”

Ly’sol noticed an obviously staged tear come from the woman’s eyes. “Amenda refused to go to school with unaltered children. It is taboo for a child of her age in Amarr society to have such hardware. I’ve tried to shelter her from the harm that could fall upon her, I’ve long believed that she has been spiritually poisoned and have had her exorcised multiple times in school and home to rid her of her lust for information not earned for. Yet her fathers ideas and encouragement destroys any progress I’ve made with her.”

“Why didn’t you restrain his rights to speak with the child?” Ly’sol argued softly

“I have! But that fancy little ***** of his is doing his will for him. While they go to clubs to do drugs and spend money of trivial things to get drunk and swing with multiple couples.” She continued with a sharp tongue, “My daughter has been sold to contract to work as a slave for the rest of her childhood. The influence that man has over her is unethical and is ruining her life!”

“And so you decided to become a Citizen?”

“Yes I will sacrifice everything for my child.” She declared, “I will get her back.”

Ly’sol thought carefully about his next words, “And becoming a member of the State you now hold legal guardianship to all contracts on your daughter and you retain control and now speak for your daughter in all matters concerning her.”

Ly’sol thought to him ‘This woman is very cunning…perhaps such maternal passion succumbs Amarr women as such.’ Ly’sol finished “I accept the job. “ he said in an serious voice and cut the comms.

Posted - 2004.03.31 05:29:00 - [6]

The Mine Drill Corporation sent a communiqué to the Kalikuto Maru within an hour of Amenda’s communication with her father revealing that there was a price on her head. “Why can’t she just stop!” she screamed aloud in an outrage from the news the message delivered.

This was just simply another attempt to control her. Amenda started to hate her mom since she was only a little girl. With the help of the implants her father paid to have installed, by the age of 4 Amenda had the mentality of a of 8 years, fluent in all of the major nations languages plus knowing 6 different binary languages that are common throughout the star cluster.

Although her mind and body was that of a little girl, her persona was far more mature than that of most adults. However, people do not see what the child is within. But they saw the appearance on the outside, as a vulnerable defenseless life that needs constant protection and teaching. Amenda’s mother made sure of this by propagating to her peers and Adults that Amenda was a special child. And often mixed with her mothers lies and the appearance of her implants people often talked to her with little regard and as she was mildly ******ed.

Her mother was fanatic of the Amarr religious movement. Once she had finally rid herself of that insolent and degenerate of a husband that she had always openly remarked as a “Mistake of youth.” She however believes that it was a divine punishment to bear a child of a lesser race and it would be her steadfast faith and devotion that she would raise the Intaki/Amarr girl as Amarr.

What was once a curse of being isolated and secluded from normal Amarr children, Amenda had thought that what her father had done to her was unjust and cruel. And her mother used this anger to her advantage. Controlling without question where she lived, whom she talked to. All the while her mother was made out to be the struggling believer whom was chosen for a testament of faith that God can bring light to the most horrendous life.

This was before her mind had developed enough to handle her implants correctly. Slowly Amenda noticed her eyesight was so much clearer and she could see the strange inferred signatures from where people were and moved away. More and more as apart of the little girls awakening she started to look at herself in the mirror.

She began to fully study the small patches of artificial skin that formed to the natural skin over her body. She began to explore the strange devices that were opening new feelings and sensations she had never before felt. Her hands moved over the optronics and external conditioners that lace one side of her head that stuck out a few millimeters from the skin. To down and back behind her skull where she felt two separate lumps. The first was barely the size of a paper clip. And she thought about it for a moment, and then suddenly there was a loud snap that cracked inside her skull and an immense wave of answers to any question she ever had flooded into her mind and she was able to remember every detail and every feeling as if it had just happened.

Every part of her body felt as though she was floating. She felt like she could know everything. Once the euphoria of the experience subsided, it was soon replaced by excitement. The future of possibilities opened for her. She felt as though she could do whatever she wanted to. Her minds eye was able to paint her imagination in front of her eyes with the help of her new abilities that the tiny machines inside her had given to her.

Amenda’s hate and distrust for her father turned to admiration and passionate love that despite the fact she had hated him, Such a gift proved to her that he loved his daughter enough to give her up to allow her to decide when she would make the choice to want to understand it. Amenda’s mother however was not pleased in the sudden shift of her daughter’s attitude. She figured her ex-husband was putting foreign ideas in her “Amarri” girl. So she decided to compress her will upon her daughters.

She cut the comms with her father and put a suit against him should he or Amenda ever talk again. It didn’t matter what the excuse was, even when Amenda was right about an argument she was wrong because her mother said she was. And every time she felt the urge to scream back to stop her mother from “holding her hand” she knew in the end…it would be pointless. Amenda’s mothers single-track fundlementalist mind always had to win.

Posted - 2004.03.31 05:30:00 - [7]

Her mother pulled her from education centers, committed ceremonial purging exorcisms to rid her daughter of the ill thoughts in her mind. Such practices were often done in public. And friends she could have developed were snatched away before the initial trust could begin. For three years Amenda was in virtual lockdown by her mother and being force fed propaganda of how she should act and behave. And yet once again she forever had eternal thanks to her father as the warm hum of the implants allowed her mind to be free from the world of lockdown and expectations. The implants were a link to the outside world that her mother could not cut away. In her room she constantly listened to egonic’s and found many passions. She study the behaviors until she felt they were mastered and then put the memories in storage drives for later use. Even with the hope of when she became of age she could leave her mothers grasp and with the aid of the Implants. Amenda could no longer tolerate how she was seen as a child.

She started to communicate with her father secretly and although he loved her dearly, her father wanted to keep the image of his baby girl forever and not the reality that Amenda could hack his bank bosses bank account to have his pay direct through 77 different individuals before ultimately ending as 100% taxed revenue. Although this frustrated her greatly, she always smiled at him warmly and called him “Daddy” as she knew he liked it.


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