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Posted - 2007.12.09 23:41:00 - [1]

Making a copy paste of my bug report.

When "Entering station" (log in, from space), the "entering station loadin bar" is filling but when its full nothing happens and the game remains stucked prompting the "entering station" box and i must fill a petition to be sent in space.

This happens when Premium Graphics are enabled, regardless of :
-EVE voice being enabled or not
-HDR being enabled or not
-Loading Station Environnement being enabled or not

This DOES NOT happen using classical graphics.
Please notice that :
-there is no graphical issue with premium graphics, nor issue with jumping in another system
-im using up to date drivers and DX

EDIT : after several tests on other computers, it seems that "Loading Station Environment" does not work as intended and partially loads the stations with some graphical issues, thus not being a short term solution to this problem.

It happens each time i dock OR each time i log in a station.

Im using Win XP Home Edition, running on a MacPro using Bootcamp, Radeon mobility X1600, 2GO RAM, 2,16 GHz Dual Core.

All suggestions are welcomed :)


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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