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Niron Werls
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2007.12.17 17:38:00 - [91]

Today I actually received an error I had never seen before.

The crashing is starting to make much more sense.

libpng warning: Incomplete compressed datastream in iCCP chunk
libpng warning: Profile size field missing from iCCP chunk

And many more of them, and then it crashed.

This might explain why things as simple as getting a pilots icon is causing crashes.

Comply Or Die
Posted - 2007.12.17 17:47:00 - [92]

That error is to do with the creation of .PNG files - basically it's creating them wrong.
Now, I don't know if this is a WINE error or an EVE error ....

Niron Werls
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2007.12.17 18:05:00 - [93]

Originally by: UberL0rd
That error is to do with the creation of .PNG files - basically it's creating them wrong.
Now, I don't know if this is a WINE error or an EVE error ....

Yeah I am not sure either, but it happened when I ran a show info on someone and requested their icon. It might not explain everything that is wrong, but since requesting new graphics for the cache seems to be the easiest way I can force it to crash, maybe a difference in libpng versions between the windows/ most linux systems might be a cause of at least some of the distress.

For the record I am using libpng-1.2.22 on gentoo.

Gilbert T
Gladiators of Rage
Posted - 2007.12.17 20:21:00 - [94]

a correction to my earlier post:

log to file from command line:
eve -debugmsg +debugstr &> ~/eve-online.log

Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2007.12.17 22:55:00 - [95]

I can confirm random crashes which I didn't see pre-Trinity. I leave my alt afking for five minutes on autopilot and generally it has crashed before I come back.

Posted - 2007.12.18 15:13:00 - [96]

I am noticing that most of my crashes happen when I'm loading a portrait, either by clicking on someone in a channel or doing a show info from local.

Niron Werls
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2007.12.18 17:31:00 - [97]

Yeah doesnt seem like the new patch has changed much so far.

I got 2 show info's completed while docked in station after the patch, the 3rd one crashed me.

Havent tested anything else though.

Gilbert T
Gladiators of Rage
Posted - 2007.12.19 02:08:00 - [98]

It seemed to crash less frequently. Went from every 10-15 minutes to once an hour or so. It picks way better times to crash now mostly. Rats arrive, crash. Jump to low sec, crash! Launch some drones, crash!! Anything that will make playing the game more of a pain than a pleasure. I paid today. It will be the last time if I don't see improvement soon. I'll submit daily crash reports starting tonight.

Posted - 2007.12.26 20:55:00 - [99]

It still crashes for me, just a lot less often. Weird. Maybe I need to update to the latest Nvidia drivers.

Relative Quantum Limited
Posted - 2007.12.26 21:18:00 - [100]

I do not believe this has anything to do with Linux per se. The problem is associated with particular PNG phasing, which means that something is wrong with the algorithm. If it was a problem with libpng, the problem would occur every time we attempted to render a PNG image. I am not, tbh, willing to play EVE until a random crash occurs with a debug running as the crashes occur one every hours. I cannot see how 2 - 5 hours perfectly running EVE debug information will seriously help CCP determine the problem.

The question I wish to know, are the PNG phased locally on serverside? If it is locally it is clear that the PNG phasing technique is not generic enough for libpng. Simple enough for CCP to fix. However, if it serverside, the problem might be image truncation. Would it be too hard for CCP to impletement a sha or an md5 check?

Posted - 2007.12.27 08:44:00 - [101]

Also crashing, but am consistently getting this error in the term upon crash:
wine: ../../../src/pcm/pcm.c:666: snd_pcm_type: Assertion `pcm' failed.

Hope that's helpful.

Posted - 2007.12.28 08:22:00 - [102]

Official Linux client EVE crash when need make png.
I see it in debug, i see it when i click on portret - game crashed :/

I realy don`t know what need do, for fix it :/
I rebuild:
qt, python, PyGTK, glade and more other tools

but, if i use wine 0.9.50 with patch + premium client - i don`t have problem with game, all working fine.

Problem in cedega :/


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