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Posted - 2007.12.06 01:23:00 - [1]

I cannot even log into the game, the new client constantly crashes on me.
First off i tried the autopatcher in game. It said re-install..
I then tried the manual patch. It said re-install...
Then I just downloaded the whole new client, and it wont even let me log in, it brings up the eula, and at seemingly random intervals it crashes completely. Sometimes I make it to the bottom and click accept, sometimes I dont make it.
Anybody else had this issue?

Posted - 2007.12.06 01:24:00 - [2]

17" macbook pro
core 2 duo 2.16 GHz
Ati X1600
OSX version 10.5.1

Posted - 2007.12.06 01:29:00 - [3]

dis-reguard. Rebooted and works like a champ now.
I guess i should reboot every now and again, two weeks without a reboot kinda would put a dampener on just about any os.

Byron Steiner
Posted - 2007.12.06 05:05:00 - [4]

Eve is the only thing that makes me reboot my Mac. Part of the Mac experience is that the OS does not suck. Thank you, eve team for making my OS suck.

Private Nuisance
Posted - 2007.12.06 05:47:00 - [5]

My client is crashing constantly as well, I think around 10 times in the past hour. Seems to be happening mostly when I open a new window, especially to look at a character's info. Kind of frustrating especially since I'm running a brand new iMac.

Grabbo Dashal
Posted - 2007.12.06 08:46:00 - [6]

i have the same problem since the trinity expansion. it's really really awful. i had no problems prior to this patch, but now it quits on me in the middle of battles and even just sitting docked in a station. it makes the game unplayable and if it doesn't get fixed soon i'm going to demand a refund of my subscription since i literally cannot play the game right now.

Avvin Oligard
Posted - 2007.12.06 14:58:00 - [7]

me too!

in fact, the forum system just ate a big post i was writing with all the unique errors i have in i guess it doesn't like safari.



Winter Eu
Posted - 2007.12.06 14:59:00 - [8]

mine crashes as well during play randomly, usually when jumping or entering missions

Winter Eu
Posted - 2007.12.06 15:54:00 - [9]

Here is my last crash report for the tech guys:

Process: cider [674]
Path: /Applications/EVE
Identifier: com.transgaming.EVEOnline
Version: 2.3 Mac (1)
Build Info: Cedega-5.3~5.3
Code Type: X86 (Native)
Parent Process: launchd [1]

Date/Time: 2007-12-06 16:52:33.630 +0100
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.5.1 (9B18)
Report Version: 6

Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x00000000d18035b3
Crashed Thread: 0

Thread 0 Crashed:
0 0x921f6904 CGFontGetUnitsPerEm + 10
1 libRIP.A.dylib 0x9581b1e6 ripc_GetGlyphBoundingBox + 30
2 libRIP.A.dylib 0x9582702f ripc_DrawGlyphs + 2711
3 0x9221d3a9 draw_glyphs + 732
4 0x9221d01b CGContextShowGlyphsWithAdvances + 660
5 0x9126dc3a TLine::DrawGlyphs(CGContext*) const + 174
6 0x9511232f TCoreTextEngine::DrawThemeTextBox(THIThemeTextInfo*, CGRect const&, unsigned long, CGContext*) + 1855
7 0x95111afc DataEngine::DrawTextBox(void const*, CGRect const*, HIThemeTextInfo*, CGContext*) + 576
8 0x9511188c HIThemeDrawTextBox + 344
9 0x952c38e7 HIMenuBarView::DrawTextTitle(MenuData*, CGRect const*, __CFString const*, unsigned short, CGContext*, bool) + 469
10 0x95110989 HIMenuBarView::DrawSelf(short, __HIShape const*, CGContext*) + 1829
11 0x9510ff81 HIView::DrawCacheOrSelf(short, __HIShape const*, CGContext*) + 95
12 0x9510fd8a HIView::SendDraw(short, OpaqueGrafPtr*, __HIShape const*, CGContext*) + 108
13 0x9510f9e6 HIView::RecursiveDrawComposited(__HIShape const*, unsigned long, HIView*, CGContext*, unsigned char, float) + 734
14 0x9510fb4a HIView::RecursiveDrawComposited(__HIShape const*, unsigned long, HIView*, CGContext*, unsigned char, float) + 1090
15 0x9510ede8 HIView::DrawComposited(short, OpaqueGrafPtr*, __HIShape const*, unsigned long, HIView*, CGContext*) + 668
16 0x9510eafb HIView::Draw(short, OpaqueGrafPtr*, unsigned long) + 83
17 0x9510ea4b HIView::Render(unsigned long, CGContext*) + 45
18 0x95117617 FlushWindowObject(WindowData*, void**, unsigned char) + 749
19 0x9511702e FlushAllBuffers(__CFRunLoopObserver*, unsigned long, void*) + 168
20 0x916279e2 __CFRunLoopDoObservers + 466
21 0x91628c12 CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 546
22 0x91629d38 CFRunLoopRunInMode + 88
23 0x951158a4 RunCurrentEventLoopInMode + 283
24 0x951155f6 ReceiveNextEventCommon + 175
25 0x95115531 BlockUntilNextEventMatchingListInMode + 106
26 0x945fdd5b _DPSNextEvent + 657
27 0x945fd6a0 -[NSApplication nextEventMatchingMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] + 128
28 SDL 0x30033871 QZ_PumpEvents + 284 (SDL_QuartzEvents.m:963)
29 SDL 0x30006388 SDL_PumpEvents + 49 (SDL_events.c:378)
30 libsdldrv.dylib 0x270e5814 SDLDRV_MainThreadEventLoop + 16
31 cider 0x80008bac -[WineMain applicationDidFinishLaunching:] + 115
32 0x9595577c _nsnote_callback + 364
33 0x9160aa4a __CFXNotificationPost + 362
34 0x9160ad23 _CFXNotificationPostNotification + 179

Baba Akili
Posted - 2007.12.06 19:22:00 - [10]

yes my rate of crashes have risen to a whole new level with this "update".
Before my screen would just freeze and necessitate a opt/command/esc force quit to get out and then a reboot to start up the app again. Now I get a black screen - ominous, also requires a force quit and reboot. I have never , in over 10 years of using macs, had anything run that gave my computer the blues this much.
heh, yet I am still here trying to make it work....

Tamek Loeb
Posted - 2007.12.06 20:01:00 - [11]

Same here. The client seems to crash at random intervals (about once every hour or so of gameplay), and doesn't even leave a crash log behind most of the time. I'll try filing a bug report, although I have a feeling it'll bounce back as "unreproducible"... I think I might try running the Windows client under CrossOver and see if that helps. Guess I might have to go and buy CrossOver too, then...

Or just bend over backwards and install XP with Boot Camp. Ick.

All in all, I keep being less and less impressed by the performance of the OS X client. It seems to get worse with every "update." I wish CCP would have the sense to use OpenGL et al instead of DirectX. Would make porting much less of a hassle. Not that it's ever going to happen, but a man can dream... Next step: DX10 which means it'll probably be unplayable on OS X or Linux.

Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2007.12.06 20:02:00 - [12]

Ditto, I'm having regular crashes of the most odd sort. No crash logs, no dialogs, no nothing. Suddenly EVE is gone like it was never even running.

MacBook Pro

Posted - 2007.12.06 22:36:00 - [13]

Originally by: Igaze
Ditto, I'm having regular crashes of the most odd sort. No crash logs, no dialogs, no nothing. Suddenly EVE is gone like it was never even running.

I'm having the exact same problem. :(

MacBook Pro

Winter Eu
Posted - 2007.12.07 01:41:00 - [14]

yea out 50 or so crashes only 1 time did i get that crash log. It seems to happen most when changing areas or entering stations for me. Has me nervous to do missions would hate to loose ship due to client crashing.

Llama F5 and Associates
Posted - 2007.12.07 03:49:00 - [15]

Originally by: Byron Steiner
Eve is the only thing that makes me reboot my Mac. Part of the Mac experience is that the OS does not suck. Thank you, eve team for making my OS suck.

Man, the WINE team has gotten *REALLY* good at emulating Windows!

Posted - 2007.12.07 07:44:00 - [16]

Edited by: Nemesios on 07/12/2007 07:49:20
Edited by: Nemesios on 07/12/2007 07:44:38

Now for me the mac client crash, the previous version worked very well. There are also a hit, jerks in the game It's very unpleasant. And besides we do not have access to the latest graphical improvements .. Pfff

Pro Mac 3 Ghz and Leopard

Aizen Intaki
Posted - 2007.12.07 10:29:00 - [17]

Adding my voice to the chorus.

MacBook Pro; 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. 2GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, Radeon X1600
Running OSX: Leopard (Version #10.5.1) and EvE Online (Client #4.10.45017)

The client consistently, but unpredictably CTD's within the first hour of usage. I have noticed this happening mostly on the opening of new windows (once when I went to open the 'set standings' window on another player, and once shortly after selecting the docking option outside a station - when the popup telling you that you're being brought in would normally pop up). It crashed a few other times, but I can't recall my exact actions at the time of the CTD.

The client has also become unresponsive to my "esc" key once since the patch. Because I couldn't open the menu to 'quit eve', I closed the window by clicking on the red 'X' in the upper left hand corner. The window and process become unresponsive at that point, and eventually needed a "kill -9" after waiting for 4-5 minutes. I have not seen this particular bug since then.

Subspace Anomaly
Posted - 2007.12.08 14:16:00 - [18]

Originally by: Igaze
Ditto, I'm having regular crashes of the most odd sort. No crash logs, no dialogs, no nothing. Suddenly EVE is gone like it was never even running.

MacBook Pro

This is exactly my problem. I will be sending in bug reports this evening, EVE is crashing ten times as frequently, and very strangely (indeed, no longer freezing but just... vanishing).

Beann Loant
Caldari Independent Navy Reserve
OWN Alliance
Posted - 2007.12.08 15:11:00 - [19]

Same here, most often than not when undocking in Jita. The client just quits.

MBP Core Duo 2 GHz, 2 GB, Radeon X1600 256 MB, OS X 10.4.11

Jeff Lightfoot
Posted - 2007.12.08 15:37:00 - [20]

I've been having similar problems, game just crashes, i.e., the window disappears with no crash report, like the game was never running... once this starts once, it will continue to happen at very frequent intervals, it normally starts happening after an hour or so of play. The only solution I've found is rebooting. This problem has only cropped up since the trinity patch, prior to that I did get occasional freezes that required a force quit, but these at least had error logs. I've noticed this when jumping from systems with a lot of tabs open, particularly Wallet and Market tabs... though that might just be because after about an hour I have a lot of windows open. Hopefully all will be fixed soon.

Running OS 10.4.11, 2GHz Intel Core Duo iMac, 2 GB ram, 256 MB RadeonX1600 graphics card.

Heizeus Khan
Posted - 2007.12.08 22:37:00 - [21]

I'm having constant crashes, and have had one Kernel Panic since the update;

Mac Pro 2.66, 9GB RAM, ATI X1900.

Andromeda Survey and Mining Division
Eve Trade Union
Posted - 2007.12.09 00:11:00 - [22]

I am getting crashes too. very random but when they do start they will happen over and over again until i restart the computer.

Posted - 2007.12.09 01:36:00 - [23]

I am also seeing the spontaneous exit-to-desktop issue. No crashes, no hangs, EVE just closes and disappears from the Dock. I did discover one interesting thing in the system log, hopefully it will be useful to the devs:

Dec 8 20:30:13 Grace [0x0-0x1e01e].com.transgaming.EVEOnline[0]: err:seh:EXC_DefaultHandling Unhandled exception code c0000026 flags 1 addr 0x68d828

Anyone else who is having this issue, do you see this or similar in your system.log?

Snowcrash Winterheart2
Concordia Discors
Posted - 2007.12.09 01:45:00 - [24]

*Holds up Tux plushie* I come in peace don't shoot! Razz

Don't know much about OS X but Cegeda is pretty much Wine. Wine has two processes one called, oddly enough, wine and the other wineserver, on Linux, once it starts getting crash happy I'll often find zombied wineserver processes littering the place (and others called exe-file).

If you open a Terminal and ps -ef you should be able to spot them and issue the requisite kill -9 <process> command. Cegeda doesn't run as root on Linux so you shouldn't need to sudo su or anything.

YMMV but it gets the thing stableish again on Linux so should work on OS X.

*Throws Tux plushie and legs it in opposite direction*

strive nails
The Tuskers
Posted - 2007.12.09 02:25:00 - [25]

yeah, trinity actually made it much worse. the client sucked before, now its unplayable. too bad i've got a 6-months subscription running :/

Posted - 2007.12.09 02:46:00 - [26]

Edited by: Extrooder on 09/12/2007 02:48:34
Been having the same problem... What seems to help greatly is logout of my account when it first happens (this isn't windows, no need to reboot!), and log back in. EVE also doesn't seem to like ANY background apps running what so ever (pity, life without iTunes sucks)...

If I do the above I can get a good hour or two out of it before having to log out/in again.

Janney Jill
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.12.09 03:57:00 - [27]

Since Trinity hit I've been starting to crash every 20 minutes or so on a 2.33ghz Macbook Pro. No crash report or anything, client just silently disappears. Only thing worth mentioning is:

Dec 9 04:52:53 misuzu [0x0-0x2f22f2].com.transgaming.EVEOnline[0]: err:seh:EXC_DefaultHandling Unhandled exception code c0000026 flags 1 addr 0x68da48

in system.log

Taris Arrathan
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.12.09 07:12:00 - [28]

I got so bored with all bugs and s**t in the Mac client so I went downtown and bought Windows Vista instead. No I am running EVE via Bootcamp and the difference is so huge I can not even longer see the Mac client as a alternative. I can now play the new graphic, adjust 3D settings in CatalystCP and play with fps around 50-100 (depends on 3D settings in CCP)..

So...I am a bit sad bugs and s**t made me quit the Mac client, but like I said, the difference is so huge. I would rather have stayed in OS X but when it comes to EVE, Windows is the only way to go.

But..let me know IF the day comes when you can play EVE in OS X with same fast and stable experience like EVE via Bootcamp.

Baron Erique
Paxton Industries
Paxton Federation
Posted - 2007.12.09 10:52:00 - [29]

Originally by: Beann Loant
Same here, most often than not when undocking in Jita. The client just quits.

What about other systems with a lot of other players? I've found that any system with more than ~160 people in it causes the same type of crash.

Also, mine often crashes when it tries to download an image of another character.

Viper Darkshine
Posted - 2007.12.09 13:47:00 - [30]

Mac Pro, 5 GB RAM, X1900 XT 512mb, OSX 10.4.11

I have also been getting constant crashes where the client just quits to desktop. Has happened when warping, dock/undocking, entering/exiting a system, with no signs as to when or if a crash will occur. Very very annoying.

They really need to put some kind of crash log or reporter into the client because I have filed multiple bug reports on this crashing issue, making them as detailed as I could, only to get the generic response, "The problem you have described was non-reproducible." Bug report filtered or closed.Evil or Very Mad

Its nice to see they are working on the issue...Rolling Eyes

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