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Andreus Ixiris
Mixed Metaphor
Posted - 2007.12.10 23:15:00 - [391]

Main Trinity Issue:



Thank you.

Aremy Stillaar
Posted - 2007.12.10 23:59:00 - [392]

OMFG I just realised what was done to the volume of loot. . .and it still doesn't correct the fact that you get more minerals than you should when re-processing. . .so playing the game becomes even more boring and chorelike (I spent too long looting missions before). . .the answer is simple. . .make minerals smaller or just forget about it! Now after spending some time on the game i am thinking about just finding something else to do with my time. . .if i adapt to this slap in the face (And i mean the general nerfing) by re-training to do something else. . .will this just be Nerfed that away from under me? More fool me for investing time/money in a game.

Skraeling Shortbus
Final Agony
Posted - 2007.12.11 00:07:00 - [393]

Now that loot volume was increased to where i cannot even loot a very short level 4 mission without filling up... Can we get a dedicated salvaging vessel with a LARGE cargo bay finally? Bonus to tractor range and or salvager range/duration/power consumption.

3rdD Dave
The Scope
Posted - 2007.12.11 00:31:00 - [394]

Originally by: Cpt Wisdoom
Edited by: Cpt Wisdoom on 08/12/2007 20:17:39
There is all ok with gallentian color, but what they do with dampers? I've spend 2 month to train damper skills to good level, and what? Before my dampers strenght was 70% (a lot, i know, but its take a long time to train them so strong) now they are 53% WITH scripts. Its on celestis, and all corresponding skills at 5. 53%!!! Dampers is TRASH now... Where do my 2 months of study go?

It may be ok if they cut base of T2 dampers from 37% to 30 or even 25... But 17% on T2 - it is absurd! And they bust jammers in same time... I don't get the idea...

And this "bandwith" stuff... Its ok, its realistic, but it make impossible to use 5 heavy drones on Myrmidon in same time.

This patch hit me hard. Really hard. Because i'am:

1 - Gallente
2 - Drone User
3 - Damper specialist

Expect this i cannot do anything. So, what should i do now?

Same here mate, personally ive been hit quite hard with this nerf. But I have no say as a paying customer so i`ll ahve to suck it up and adapt.

I honestly wish some other MMO would come out, i only subscribe to eve to play wiht my corpies.

Posted - 2007.12.11 02:01:00 - [395]

Like the graphics, and was just starting to look into the new functionality when issues de-railed me. With the lack of response and help on my petitions, however, the new 'shiny' means nothing to me.

I am a supporter of CCP, and understand the magnitude of the update, having worked on large scale IT deployments, but the lack of updates and information on issues that leave the game basically unplayable for many subscribers is getting annoying.

marie claude
Posted - 2007.12.11 03:02:00 - [396]

yeah the lack of response is bad.and the new graphics stink tbh and now i cant open 2 clients without all the graphics smearing all over themselves wtf?Confused

trinity = FAIL

Posted - 2007.12.11 11:47:00 - [397]

Edited by: Knightside on 11/12/2007 20:11:20
Edited by: Knightside on 11/12/2007 11:54:46
Originally by: Ethaet
I have this really bad bug, all the gallente ships now look really ugly. Switching back to the old graphics fixes it though.

Great to see the games evolving and more things are being added.

Pro's to Trinity; The new ships, PVP centric and all desirable. The new drone mechanic does seem to be keeping my drones under command far better.
Pro's to Premium Trintity; The lines! DEAR GOD THE CURVES ON MY SEXY GALLENTE SHIPS! And the somewhat fun lines on the other ships I fly. The Enyo looks rather tough and mean and the lance is chunkier, which works.

Cons to Trinity; boot.ini... enoughs been said. POS jump bridges? Jump clone Implant suprise! Myrmidon hold the drones...

-edit- Module to Cargo stealth nerf I can't see a difference on the size of many mods I use, but many of them aren't plain t1 gear. So I had a look, my EANM t2 is 5m3 and indeed the EANM 1 is 100m3. WHAT THE?
Mission runners dont make a huge amount off bounties, they can't chain a tripple 1.55m rat spawn in some belt like nullsec farmers. Nullsec farmers are hardly consistent in looting practices, some only take ammo and fancy stuff. Logistically moving minerals should have been made easier through compressing the ores like with a Rorqual, rather than making the modules so large that mission runners and the like were hampered.
Whats the solution? Dont loot the big modules worth pittance! Or cargo expand the Catalyst for some 890m3 of cargo room and grab 8 of the HUGE modules... The cream (for pve) is in the looting. When I ran about I would make half my profit off selling the t1 modules, probably to smelters, but it kept the industry happening.

Cons to Premium Trinity;
My Dominix... its less ugly cool drone boat and now a Fischer Price "My first Carrier!" And the Premium Sin isn't some non-premium black and pink affair which I would have played KISS to piloting.
The Megathrons lines, as I have mentioned are drop dead gorgeous, when planning to fly it for a while I load the premium package and restart EVE. Then when I am getting back to other stuff I turn it off. The dull rough powder blue/grey look of every other ship in the T1 range bores me. I believe that the ships are made by different ship yards, so why are they all painted the same?
The Amarr; I fly with a couple other Amarr pilots, in Amarr space. bring back the bling! The Absolution looks great with its matte shine and crimson highlights. Its not a high gloss sheen I fell in love with in the shuttle, yes the shuttle.
Candy Canes! Ever fly the Ishkur? a Helios? even the Ares I think had them... Swirly candy cane appendages. It may not be much but I rather liked having them on the ship.
Yes, most of my complaints with Primo Trinity is the skinning...

Since Premium is about graphics, and the new models are great, why is it that I feel like my ships are worth less... even bleached and homogenized?
The Paintshop, another Station Service is a graphics upgrade that some people like and some people dont... so far they haven't spoken up :)
I dont know how the game handles ships entering and leaving the grid, I imagine once its on the grid you're sent info about it, where it is, speed, and the like. Among this information 1 byte, a table referenced color character tells you what the ships base colour is, its highlight colour, and if applicable or possible the sheen you want over your ship (none, matte, gloss, 'bling').

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.12.11 13:23:00 - [398]

It seems to me that CCP have just over complicated a already complicated game. Once apon a time if i wanted to pvp or rat i selected a ship and messed around with a slot layout which suited me and off i went. Then came rigs, followed by overheating followed by scipts and so on.
Now i can't be bothered to do much in Eve its just too time condsuming to get anything done and if i finally make the effort to grab all the stuff i need and i finally start pvping do i really need to worrying about overheating and scripts or do i just want to shoot at something.
Eve stopped being fun when posses were introduced but some elements were still worth playing for but as of last week that stopped being so for me.

Trinty was it worth it? not for me.

Posted - 2007.12.11 18:41:00 - [399]

More work, less income after Trinity.

Even the new marauder class ships will not be able to loot a level 4 mission after the "loot volume stealth nerf"

Will give it to xmas, where my sub. runs out - but I doubt I'll stay - too much work just to earn some few ISK now.

Maldus NiKunni
Posted - 2007.12.12 00:13:00 - [400]

After reading 13 plus pages of this forum I have yet to see CCP reply to any of these complaints or complements listed in this forum. Is this just a place to vent our frustrations or do they really read any of this. Or do the forum mods even get asked what the mood of the forum is or do they forward any of our feelings or ideas?
I have one question I do not see posted here yet. When I read the patch notes and such that CCP put out about the patch why is it I do not see any referance to 95% of the problems voiced in this forum? Why the undercover nerfing, color change, animation changes, etc., problems that are really crucial to the play of the game and the happiness of its players.
I see we reached a new high in the numbers of players. Are these new teenagers playing, that dont know any better and are happy to be told what we need and how to play the way CCP wants, which seems to be PVP and nothing else?
What will happen when people start to leave the game in numbers because CCP has no love for its hard core players and just seems to spend money with drunk young programmers and worthless Q&A.
Why dont we have a window where we can color and change our ships to our own chosing as was implemented in Earth & Beyond?(A killer space game many of us came from).
Why doesnt CCP just send out an Eve-mail and ask people what we think and for suggestions? Oh, gee, that's to easy and doesn't eat any money or employ 55 people.

oh, well
hope this all gets fixed soon

Tawrich Tistrya
Posted - 2007.12.12 00:21:00 - [401]

i have just 1 question to ccp :

Which of you is the colour blind tree hugging junkie that thought up the idea of making all my beloved ships look like kiddy toys with the damn baby blue?

Obviously i'm a ****ed of gallente pilot.

Everything else looks great , and the modeling is good aswell.

But for god sake get rid of the baby blue , bring back the colours i had , dont make me leave the premium content.

Posted - 2007.12.12 08:17:00 - [402]

/ratatosk mode on


Seems Ccp want to change the "toy" light blue by something darker.

check this thread

/ratatosk mode off

Max Essen
Bison Industrial Inc
Posted - 2007.12.12 22:27:00 - [403]

Well, being a CareBear at heart. The new graphics are just fine while mining in HiSec. Very well done and a darn good thing that I have a very high-end computer and a very high-end graphics card.

However, when I head down to my corp's POS in 0.0 I switch back to classic graphics before leaving HiSec. I just don't need the loss of FPS if PvP is imminent.

Additionally, neither of my laptops can support the premium graphics so I just play there with Classic. Which suprisingly has also taken a FPS hit .... still playable, just have to be more careful.

Dennmoth Ferdier
Posted - 2007.12.13 02:25:00 - [404]

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Change back / or do over the strip miner visuals. They are damn awful. Seriously, it's horrible to the point my eyes hurt.

Exotic Dancers Club
Imorral Dragons
Posted - 2007.12.13 05:58:00 - [405]

Buff Vargur

Sean Drake
Dirty Deeds Corp.
Posted - 2007.12.13 12:40:00 - [406]

You guys complaining obviously forgot the golden rule with a CCP major content release train a long skill and don't even bother logging in till after the 1-2 week is up and they have the 1st set of post-patch patches out.

Sometimes you may even want to wait for the patch for the patch for the patch for the content release Very Happy

P.S on a serious note yeah Trinty is most underwhelming pile of nerfs & bugs disguised as content ever released but it's all good because we have shiny graphics now to pull in more unsuspecting nubsSad

Elbert Ainstein
The Engineer Corp.
Posted - 2007.12.14 07:40:00 - [407]

Edited by: Elbert Ainstein on 14/12/2007 07:40:29
Hoping there will come some hotfixes soon, this game is not running very smoothly anymore.
Even with only the Classic version it is bad Confused

Loc Maythan
Ty Bach
Posted - 2007.12.14 11:34:00 - [408]

Originally by: Sean Drake
P.S on a serious note yeah Trinty is most underwhelming pile of nerfs & bugs disguised as content ever released but it's all good because we have shiny graphics now to pull in more unsuspecting nubsSad

Of course, because of the implementation, there are a lot of us who don't even have the shiny graphics to look at while we cry ourselves to sleep at night over the nerfs ;-)


Cohortes Vigilum
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2007.12.14 12:02:00 - [409]

1. Damp specialist.... is there such a thing anymore. Gallente recons "slightly" over-nerfed.

2. Jump bridges dont work but still POS warfare has been re-enabled? Something is not right here, esp. when JBs were specifically setup with POS warfare/defence in mind..

3. I guess petition system isnt working properly? (3+ days now no response to a combat log related bug)


Performance increase (as in FPS) is the one big positive side to trinity patch IMO.

Loc Maythan
Ty Bach
Posted - 2007.12.14 16:26:00 - [410]

Originally by: Arthegon
Performance increase (as in FPS) is the one big positive side to trinity patch IMO.

This is true - contrary to a number of other posts, I am finding there to be less lag, and the graphics to be smoother. Note that I cannot (and don't want to) use the premium graphics.

I also like most of the changes to the fleet windows - changes that result in less clutter without loss of functionality = good.

Other things I like are ... erm ... hang on a sec ... let me think ... um ... I know ... the single new level 4 mission I've found. OK, it's a 5 part mission, so technically 5 missions, but it's against the Amarr, and they already hate me so much that they shoot me on sight :-(

Seriously, though, I like some of the new item icons, login seems to be faster, drone focus-fire is useful (when it's not being hampered by the still present target amnesia problem), and that fact that tractor beams no longer flash all over the place when activated.


Phelan Driscoll
Posted - 2007.12.15 04:07:00 - [411]

I also think the Angel loot tables are still messed up. Killed a domination cruiser and didn't get any actual domi loot. Also, angel rats seem to be dropping less named loot then they used to. \/Sad\/

Roger Douglas
Infinite Improbability Inc
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2007.12.15 06:22:00 - [412]

The improvements to drone AI and hotkeys are WIN!!!

POS bugs aside, trinity so far has impressed me. The people whining about their uberwin setups being nerfed, ya, it sucks. More nerfs will come. More buffs will come. Better setups, New FOTMs will appear. Ah well, just play the game and go pod someone, get your frustrations out. YARRRR!!

Romana Zangi
State War Academy
Posted - 2007.12.15 08:02:00 - [413]

Where are the "Hundreds of New Missions"? I only found silly Mining-Missions.

The new Premiumgraphics are fine. But is this all? Give us empire-based players more stuff please.

Posted - 2007.12.15 23:30:00 - [414]

Geez...glad I have a job that sometimes keeps me from playing games.

Looks like I missed most of the fireworks. I got the newest patch today. It didn't delete any OS files and it has a beautiful splash screen. Now if I could just log in and witness all the shiny nerfs you folks are talking about. As it stands, I enter my ID and password and get NOTHING. No login.

Cleared the cache. Rebooted. Checked my driver revs. blah blah blah.


Posted - 2007.12.17 00:12:00 - [415]

Edited by: ARREB on 17/12/2007 00:56:20
Edited by: ARREB on 17/12/2007 00:50:40
Edited by: ARREB on 17/12/2007 00:24:43
Edited by: ARREB on 17/12/2007 00:23:43
CCP Rolling Eyes do the players a great thing and if it works please do not fix it.We see how you fix it ends up.
This patch and expansion has more stuff wrong with it then right. The graphics are great but everything else stinks.
This should be undone or give the players this month free for the dang near impossibility to play it.
Where do I start with the bugs .
1. Rats will not stay on one person any more making tanking a spawn to mine impossible this in my book is stupid.Sure its artificial intelligence but its now a lot harder to make isk in this game unless your barge can tank battleships.
2. Torpedoes which maybe by design
are useless now because rats will not stay in range unless you use a microwarp drive using to much cap making it very hard to tank. Rats should also have this change as well to make it fair limiting their torp range forcing them to stay in range.
3. Chat windows will not lock any more.
4. Abandon drones option its to close to recall drones.Making it to easy to accidentally leave your drones.
5. Implants getting lost when clone jumping.
6. jump Bridges are only working for the corp hat deployed them.
7.Pos loosing shields letting hostiles come in and destroy our ships in it.
8.New graphics lagging players in pvp combat.
9.Standings not working properly or were not.
10. Still do not insta dock yet half the time this is before expansion.
I am sure if I sit here and think about it I would find alot more but you get the picture.
I as well as many other players are having a hard time playing because of all these bugs and to be truthful its not even enjoyable anymore.
If everyone suspends their accounts for a month which I may do on both of my almost 5yr account I bet ccp sill get the picture.
Seems like all or most of the changes that ac cured in this expansion are not what most of the players wanted either.
Maybe you folks will one day listen to the players.
Anyway I will be suspending my accounts for a month and hopefully by then this beta test will be over.
Good luck for all of you that stay with it. You gonna need it.
Oh yea and your account suspension isn't working either I suspend both my accounts few days before my billing cycle and got a confirmation from you that they were canceled.
I didn't come back and try it for days and what do I find .My credit card was billed and was never suspended.
I tried to suspend my accounts for a month or so till someone actually makes the game fun and worth playing again.
Not only is the game bugged but also CCP web sight as well.
I sent email about this going on 4 days ago and no reply.
Looking more and more that you people are only interested in the mighty $Dollar and not the players.
And also now if you change your billing info like credit cards ccp will automatically charge you for one month at that moments. They are trying to stick it to the players.
If they charge me for a month on my card and i didnt say they could I will deny it on my card company will take care of it.

And someone posted this link told me to post which is here now and locked the original post. Here Where its not easy to find for a lot of players.Guess this thread is buried to keep most people from finding it.
Put it up front on the forums like the Test server tab.
ARREBRolling Eyes

STK Scientific
Posted - 2007.12.17 12:00:00 - [416]

Most annoying Trinity feature?

Production used to default to one corp hangar - now it defaults to a different one (and not the one that the bpos are in either!). Having to reset the input and output hangars of every single corp build is a real PITA. Can we have this particular "feature" put back how it was please?

Superior Eve Engineering
Posted - 2007.12.23 16:55:00 - [417]

Originally by: Lucre
Most annoying Trinity feature?

Production used to default to one corp hangar - now it defaults to a different one (and not the one that the bpos are in either!). Having to reset the input and output hangars of every single corp build is a real PITA. Can we have this particular "feature" put back how it was please?



Would someone please check on why Combat Recons no longer install for production in hi-sec? Is this a new un-announced feature? I can't install my Curse in the same station it has been building in for the last year.

Posted - 2007.12.25 02:50:00 - [418]

SadBug that are supposed to be fixed in tis patch some have but some are not like the target behind hud problem still there.
Mods disappearing from ships when boarded in certain systems .Making everyone in that system have to reset their cache.
Getting to be a pain when ccp needs to fix this game no the players.

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