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Posted - 2007.12.09 11:20:00 - [361]

Originally by: Nyu Victoria
I've not gone too deep into trinity, but the nightmare nerf seems to be another blow to the mission runners. It seems that it can only be that ccp wishes to make the new marauder BSs look more appealing by killing a good mission ship. Not only that, the NPC nightmares still cruise missile spam you relentlessly.
It saddens me more then their choice to not let carriers do low sec exploration missions or lvl4s....
The mission runners and industrialists in empire drive alot of the eve economy. Please don't drive them away from the game.
I know of one who will quit eve due to this, and he's been here since "frigate" was the only ship class...

Now to be fair there were battleships in the game when I started, I'm old but not that old.

I suppose in fairness I should comment on the changes before going on about my buisness of not renewing when my account comes up at the end of the month. I will do this in the futile knowledge that whomever is in charge of the game mechanics and changes subscribes to the Gary Gygax school of thought.

1: The supprise changes to the Nightmare is admitidly a sore spot with me. Why what is arguably the best mission ship in the game was rendered unuseable is beyond reasoning.
That it was done with zero warning is also puzzling. Fine, I can go back to my navypoc, it is slower but was serving well before when jobbing, however, I did notice that npc sanshas seem to have there missiles still and as I noted in a bug report, that should be fixed if the changes were for balance like the notes say they were.

2: The nerfing of tracking computers and sensor boosters.
The sensor booster nerf is annoying but is not actualy a game breaker since in all honesty, if I need to lock at range the speed of that lock was not as critical as it is for locking smaller targets that are much closer.

The nerf to tracking computers however is much more sever. any beam or rail user will feel the hit to these as now you are either loosing your ability to hit small targets or your ability to use better damage ammo/crystals at farther range. As an interesting note, I couldn't help notice that this does not effect projectiles to the same degree as the other two turret types since there range comes mostly from there falloff. Yet another way the non nerfing of the Mach is suspicious.

For me, the booster nerfs, specificly the targeting comps is the deal breaker for me.

It has been mentioned before and does bear repeating, you do not improve a game by taking away things, but by adding them. You do not improve your cash flow by ****ing off the people who pay you for your product.

Since there is such a big deal about the new content I suppose I will throw a bone to the artists. The new skins are not bad, there not spectacular by anymeans and certainly do not show any particular features that allegedly too 50 man years to produce, but at least they show some effort where before non was apparent.

I was convinced by online friends in the community to stay with eve over a year ago, since I was promised that the gameplay would not continue to be degraded. Sadly this has not been shown to be the case with this latest downgrade of the game and I am forced to conclude that you realy do have no idea who or what your fanbase is or what brought us to the game to begin with.

Eve is not a 'Hack and Slay', nor, despite your claims otherwise is it a pvp game. A pvp game would have little to no barriers to myself or others engaging in battle if we so desired. A pvp game would not be so devestating to recover from when you lose your "mount", or worse, get killed by loss of pod.

Despite your efforts to deny it, this is mainly a PvE game with PvP elements. Once you remember that and act accordingly, preferably before you lose a far larger portion of your playerbase than you realize, those of us who no longer have paitence with the changes may come back.

The Djego
Hellequin Inc.
Posted - 2007.12.09 11:37:00 - [362]

I like the new Models(exept some Minmatar Models) they look very cool(coolest one is the Navy Auguror this is shiny˛ Shocked the 3D Artists did a awsome Job). But I miss some details like the glowing Gem at the Ishkur. The T1 Color Theme of Galente is to BLUE Shocked. A nice fade into gray would be cooler, Vindicator on the other hand looks just awsome without the blue. The new Domi Model is awsome but please give it back that old colors the big Blue parts look like it´s purchased in a candystore. Also the Thorax, Vigilant(hurts bad without the Black\Gray paintshop) and the Deimos(looks more for jungle Action than Space combat) don´t look massive any more. The Edges are yust to sharpe.

The Drone Changes are also good. I like the new AI Options that Drones finaly focus fire.

Posted - 2007.12.09 11:58:00 - [363]

New Gallente colors suck. Nothing looks metallic anymore. I don't give a sh!t if I'm the minority, I pay for 3 accounts.

Yes, it's an opinion, not fact. But the FACT is a lot of people feel the same way.

Not constructive enough? How about cut your design teams pay in half since the best they could come up with these once beautiful ships is flat, bland colors and plastic looking grays.

Le Moulin Rouge
Posted - 2007.12.09 13:01:00 - [364]

Edited by: Toramii on 09/12/2007 13:05:25
The new Gallente 3d models look ok but the T1 colour scheme is totally uninspired, it looks washed out especially in the bright light of station interiors. Embarassed

If this is ever redressed, can we move to something that gives these ships a solid real presence, if CCP art department want the ships to reflect the surroundings then make them more metallic (silver) and get rid of that reflective hue that covers them currently. Rolling Eyes

While I'm at it, please re-visit the bonus of the Gallente Recon ships since the dampener changes (and other race recons too) YARRRR!!

Blake Ice
The Arrow Project
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2007.12.09 15:12:00 - [365]

Edited by: Blake Ice on 09/12/2007 15:24:12
The models look great guys!

There is a lot of color banding in the backdrops. It appears that they are in 16 bit color depth. Can those get updated?

The old mining lasers are better. Better yet would be a solid thick beam with bits of ore flowing back to the ship.

Forgot to mention that mining a belt in 0.8 space the other night was surreal...there were no GSCs...just asteroids. Do this for all systems!

Righteous Deeds
Posted - 2007.12.09 15:13:00 - [366]

Just in case the feedback on the other forums is not being viewed by CCP:

The graphics are very well done.

The module changes need to be withdrawn. The changes go too far to address issues that were vastly overstated to begin with. I've cnx my subscription until I see how you deal with these.

In general, CCP needs to stop nerfing and balance (when absolutely necessary) by addition to the game rather than radically changing the rules and assumptions. Adding new capabilites CREATES avenues for players to explore. Eliminating capabilites WASTES their time investing in skills, gear, and strategy development. This is not good. This one poor practice is the single largest source of player frustration with Eve if the forums are any indication.

Note how the market has responded to the torp changes, for example. I think it's safe to say that on average the change is not considered a buff. This and the mod size changes mean a whole lot of mission runners are going to quit selling to the market. Those that prefer mission running most in Eve may just quit entirely. That is a huge segment of the Eve community.

I hope you folks are willing to reconsider.

Qui Shon
Posted - 2007.12.09 16:11:00 - [367]

Edited by: Qui Shon on 09/12/2007 16:20:18
Love the focus fire on drones. Still not perfect, since they still ignore orders/ change targets from the one I told them to fire at, but a great improvement. My Garde's became so much more effective.

Most of the new ship models look great, and many of the skins do as well. But, <deep sigh> why in gods name did you choose the color for Gallente, so that it should make me think of Barbie, Disney and MyLittlePony versions of Hotwheels. Did the designer just become a parent to the cutest little boy? Or are they in the process of becoming that? Not a taunt, I'd really like to know, since that was my immediate assumption.

It doesn't look oxidized to me, it doesn't even look like metal. Also, any lighter main color you put on the Domi, it simply has too much space for it in the front for it to work. The Mega is the only ship that can get away with that color, because it has so small patches of it. Domi, Vexor, Thorax all look apalling.

From the back I could live with it on the Dominix, in fact, the ship model itself looks great from the back. Many of the small details are great, on the top as well as on the lower sidesection.

Unfortunately the color completely ruins it. People keep saying it looks better in space, and then post a screenshot with as much shadow as can possibly be gotten. It doesn't look much different in space, I'm afraid, all you can do is show less of it by hiding as much as possible in shadow. Full shadow + bloom effects don't actually do so much for the dominix.

The Badger I had in my hangar on the other hand has a great skin, it actually looks like a spaceship surface.

Akrinos LuCont
The Scope
Posted - 2007.12.09 16:47:00 - [368]

Looking forward to seein the planetary inviroment match the quality of the ships,stations, and jumpgates....soon we hope!


Posted - 2007.12.09 18:27:00 - [369]

I dont really care a about colors or models that i cant even see, yea lucky me.

Module size is... making me want to quit. Cant even loot ONE battleship before you have to return with a full hold.

Common, there's GOT to be a better way of fix'n some movement of minerals that doesnt f*** anyone else up totally ?

If this "fix" stays in, i have no more methods of making isk, since i dont have a miner alt... guess that's what dev's want or - whats up?

Taurus Inc
Posted - 2007.12.09 18:57:00 - [370]

Edited by: Wyliee on 09/12/2007 18:59:11
corporation confirmed kills and losses section does not give name of pilot of that killed the ship in kills section or the pilot's name of who lost a ship in the losses section.

Posted - 2007.12.09 19:40:00 - [371]

Originally by: Righteous Deeds

In general, CCP needs to stop nerfing and balance (when absolutely necessary) by addition to the game rather than radically changing the rules and assumptions. Adding new capabilites CREATES avenues for players to explore. Eliminating capabilites WASTES their time investing in skills, gear, and strategy development. This is not good. This one poor practice is the single largest source of player frustration with Eve if the forums are any indication.


I agree with Righteous, instead of nerfing and frustrating the players, make new ways to counteract current tech.

I have to wonder though, does CCP just hate Gallente? I was reading the patch notes and I saw that, despite the fact you have less drones, they fire quicker and do more damage, but for some reason this was not applied to sentries. I understand that less drones will make for less lag, but why all the other changes? Why not apply the damage buff to sentries? Why remove the insta-shield regen? It's almost as if there is some troll making changes to the game just to annoy the players. Please, make it so that I can go out in myrm, launch the max amounts of drones that I can, and they will do EQUAL damage to the amount I could with a max load pre-patch.

-The gallente colors are DISGUSTING, make it a darker green please, or ANYTHING other than what it currently is. I find it funny how a majority of people who are telling others to stop complaining about the gallente colors are from another race.

-Please bring back the old mining lasers, these new ones don't even look like they are hurting the asteroids. The old lasers were just better.

-PLEASE remove the salvage size changes. It's ridiculous. What was the point of doing it in the first place?

*Some of these changes were altogether unnecessary, they aren't really going to help gameplay and they are only going to cause you to lose players.

Other than that though, I am very pleased with new stations and stargates.

Galton Grimm
Seven Dwarves
Posted - 2007.12.09 20:25:00 - [372]

Edited by: Galton Grimm on 09/12/2007 20:50:31

New mining missions are nice to fly in my hulk, I like the mining specific goals. I'm a solo PvE player and enjoy mining.

I don't like the new mining laser effect. The old mining laser was one of the neatest effects in the game, the weird howling sound, the slow increase and decrease of the mining laser beam. The new effect is very uninspired, simplistic, reminds me of the short sound effects of 80s arcade video games (it's not quite that bad, but it's short duration reminds me of that).

You have some bugs in the sound code. Run 3 strip miners on a hulk and you'll hear it. Hardware enabled or software, the sound cuts out and back in repeatedly, the sounds aren't overlaying as they should.

I like the idea of the T1 race ships each having a metallic theme with two tones. Amarr has shiny/dull gold, Caldari has shiny/oxidized lead, Minmatar has shiny/rusted steel, Gallente has shiny/oxidized copper. All ships have some surfaces clean, some surfaces oxidized, it's all very self consistent. Metals don't oxidize in space but if somebody has a link proving me wrong let me know. Maybe they oxidize when in contact with gas clouds.

But (this is a big but, a great big butt) you need to increase the saturation of the Gallente textures, make them more saturated and maybe darker so the green is greener and the polished copper is more brown. That would solve a lot of the Gallente texture problems.

Sky Marshal
IMpAct Corp
Not Found.
Posted - 2007.12.09 21:00:00 - [373]

Edited by: Sky Marshal on 09/12/2007 21:05:30

Just now, I am totally unable to launch a second client without suffer of critical graphical issues in the second client, as long as I don't close the first one before, but he don't suffer of any problems ATM ugh The first one limit my computer to one account only.

It is not the first time and the only problem. I have also some freezes of one of the two clients, during 10 seconds, who can happen at any moment. This problem already existed before Trinity, but I think that it is become more frequent.

All Classic Edition. EvE become impossible to use for multi-account players :-/

Posted - 2007.12.09 21:35:00 - [374]

New Gallente ships look absolutely wonderful. That is all.

marie claude
Posted - 2007.12.09 22:53:00 - [375]

i have to say the colors make no diff to me im color blind my pc display is set to black and white. that aside this last patch is a slap in the face to most of us. first the mod size is just stupid. min compression can not big a big enough problem to punnish us the moron that came up with that and put it back the way it was. the only good changes to drones was the targeting all the rest is a big time nerf and takes away the best weapon most gall pilots have. the lag is worse than ever btw.tbh a lot of the lag may come from the 1000's of abandon drones in space.probers cant find them,or wont cause its not worth it.if the deves were smart the old drones would decay say in 48 hours or blast them all on each update.the cripeling of the eos makes me want to scream i spent a lot of time trainig toward it now all that is wasted.and the eos is not 'balenced' now its wrecked! "the eos is too uber we need to nerf it" bull it takes a ton of sp to fly so it SHOULD be uber. why else make it so hard to fly? the gates are a lag fest we all get lag when we launch/return drones. the ships look washed when u undock.the new overview is justr a pain.and the torp they nerf it for us but not the rats. i was in worlds colide last night the rats hit me at 123km with a torp for 210 damage. wtg ccp. imho trinity = fail.Evil or Very MadRolling EyesEvil or Very MadRolling EyesEvil or Very Mad

Posted - 2007.12.09 23:19:00 - [376]

Edited by: Kurogauna on 09/12/2007 23:25:15
New Gallente ships look absolutely wonderful. That is all

You seems to be overwhelmed. Rolling Eyes


I've only spoken about gallente blue before. Now some other features.

the pro
+ Drones interface is sweet. Drones a far smarter than before even if they are still a little dumb.
+ Free evevoice, nice !
+ All ships, excepted T1 gallente are awesome (yeah some need a little much love like the minmatars, but they're still in the spirit of their Rev2 ancestors)
+ trinity classic is much smoother than before. I've got a huge fps boost on my old computer.
+ I like the sum of all bounties in 30 minutes
+ thanks for not nerfing the traders, i've made a huge stock of cruise launcher, both best named and T2. The prices are exploding, my wallet too (Very Happy happy trader). Hum, its not a "pro". Anyway, i don't have any opinion on the torpedo "boorf" (nerf + boost)

the con
- Ccp spoke a lot about their need for speed, and drones were nerfed in that purpose. Damn devs, players need for speed too Laughing. Jita is lost in a black hole, some well known mission centers are lagged to death ! I even can't change my skill in dodixie LOL. (will change it later, no probz)
- two T1 modules and ... wtf, i am full ?! Forcing players to mine ... ok why not ... But the nerf is HEAVY
- dunno why but i found my ogre II do less damage than before. Maybe its just a feeling, maybe the npc are stronger.
- I must zoom out at the max when i see a T1 gallente ship =p
- Where are gone the sparks on my hoarder ? =)
- Incredible, NO! Supernatural amount of bugs and critical issues...
- The lack of apologizes fromm ccp about the bugs and damages. The absence of explanations from the devs about the nerfs...

Sure trinity have some nice "customer magnet" features... But... I dunno... all Eve is now a shiny broken thing.

Hope for patches, Kisses from Dodi

Paul Castrin
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2007.12.10 00:10:00 - [377]

Just want to say:

WOW! Great graphics and you have done a outstanding job at refreshing the old look. I have no problem with any of the color schemes (even the Gal which I fly A LOT) and some of the textures are so cool I could sit and stare all day at them. The stations are awesome and even the jumpgates look way cool. +1

WOW! The largest nerfing of EVE to date. I've never seen so much pain inflicted on the players since the hack job that was done to drones. Actually this nerf job, since it simply hammers every single player instead of a small subset, it makes that nerf job look like an improvement. Between crippling pve players ability to loot (massive loot size increases) and crippling pvp modules on a scale unseen till today you have pretty much punched every player in the face. -2

WTF! You some how went and deleted the 'boot.ini' from peoples machines runing the most popular OS currently (WinXP). Well that was a massive mistake that should never have gotten through QA. Someone's head should roll for it but we know the odds on that happening. Just be glad all it was was 'boot.ini' and not something that would have been truly difficult to recover from. -1

So, for the score: -2 and a bullet point ...

Next time do what you say and tell us EVERYTHING long before the roll out. Oh and maybe, just maybe, listen to those that were already sounding the alarm when they saw the changes on SiSi.


Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers
Privateer Alliance
Posted - 2007.12.10 00:24:00 - [378]

Deepen the 'baby blue' of Gallente t1 ships, or revert them to their classic green (keep the gold trim). Really. Trinity will be complete once this is done.

Oh, and my new-ish pc hard-crashed for the first time ever whilst I spinning the camera looking at a Maelstromm. 8-bit graphic artifacts covering the screen to. (but we'll put that one down to coincidence)

Esme Nomarra
Posted - 2007.12.10 00:27:00 - [379]

I'm a relatively new player - bit over three months, I think. So most of the nerfing hasnt directly affected me, BUT - I simply do NOT like the notion of doing that more than very mildy. The thing is that when you make a radical change to a ships capabilities, suddenly we're not in the same universe anymore. We - or at least, our characters - are in a universe where the laws of physics can be deifferent from one day to the next, and so can the properties of objects around them. Which is, quite simply, weird.

That said -

'Linux Client' - OK idea, not well executed. Needed more time on it for quality testing before going live - as did the Trinity patch overall. Would prefer a proper Linux client. Am finger-wagging Transgaming for not ensuring the Linux-wrapped EVE client plays nicely with pre-existing Cedega installs.

Trinity patch overall - why not just use OpenGL and remove the potential problems with DirectX versions on different systems? Given that EVE didnt use our graphics cards at all before, this was a great opportunity lost to make EVE more OS-independent!
- Prior to Trinity I had precisely two crash to desktops. In the 30 hours or so since I finally managed to get Trinity running, I've had eight or nine crash to desktops (several when exiting a station, two when using a stargate), and four or five Black Screen Of Deaths. Worse, when I've restarted EVE it's put me straight back to the BSOD. The workaround is easy enough - uninstall the Linux wrapper then reinstall it, but I find it hard to believe this was adequately tested.

- Classic Graphics - OK, except that where Revelations II graphics were flawless, I'm seeing graphics glitches at stations, now, glitches when my ship is attacked.

- UI - PLEASE sort out the problems with the Overview. Mine resolutely refuses to recognise the existence of a single damned thing in some systems, and rather more oddly, doesnt recognise the existence of moons even when I'm practically close enough to spit at them in Abudban. I'm also getting very tired of the overview settings being lost every now and then (something that happened in Revelations II as well), necessitating setting them up how one likes again.

- gang/fleet mining bonuses etc - still overly cryptic how this works, IMO. Or maybe I'm just being obtuse on those.

- speed - isnt running any faster on a PC with a Intel 3Ghz twin CPU PC with 1 GB of RAM than Rev II did on a PC with an AMD 2200+ with 512MB of RAM (same graphic card used on both). Warps to places like the icefield in Abudban still become a slideshow at the far end. Doesnt look as if my graphics card is earning its keep any more than it was before.. - is it?

Overall - sorry, I'm having a much worse experience than I was a week ago. Still just about playable but I'm keeping out of anything too critical in case EVE suddenly CTD's on me. Looking forward to seeing it all fixed, just wish it had been held back three months or so for more testing before release. And that the nerfs werent so extreme.

Posted - 2007.12.10 02:44:00 - [380]

I'll get straight to the point. IMO the changes to the ship models are great except for Gallente T1. Brutix and Exequror are not to bad (probably because they started from so low). Domi has gone from ugly to ugly (admittadly with its shape you are off to a really bad start anyway). The vexor thorax and mega are a step backwards and what you did to the Myrm was nothing short of a crime.
The crappy splashes of light blue undercoat really aren't in keeping with the quality of the rest of trinity.

Uninvited Guests
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2007.12.10 03:39:00 - [381]

Edited by: Revnant on 10/12/2007 03:40:21
  • Gallente T1 colours are bad. Part of playing eve is looking at cool looking ships and the pastel blue really leaves alot to be desired. If its a theme why is the navy mega so different? The serpentis colour scheme is more inline with the old gallente colours imo. Keep in mind that a big part of any computer game is asthetics, how things look. We're playing a game here internet spaceships, make them look badass not fruity, deliverers of death and destruction not flowers and muffins. Style and how our internet spaceships look is a big aspect no matter how much people try to shout that down.

    Forever being relegated to boring looking ships while npc's fly awesome ships of doom that we can never pilot makes for a frustrating aspect of the game.

  • Damp spec ships and target disruptor spec ships are over nerfed. They are no longer desirable in gangs for their main ewar abilities. They are quite close to be pointless.

edited cause i ramble like a drunken yokel....Mad

Vyktor Abyss
The Abyss Corporation
Posted - 2007.12.10 04:38:00 - [382]

Lots to say about Trinity but too tired to put it all down right now.

One thing I will say is the pastel shades of Gallente looks terrible. Guns, Ares colours look great, but Pink/Cyan/Turquoise!? - Even the French don't have taste THAT bad.

Posted - 2007.12.10 04:54:00 - [383]

Here's my feedback.

Grahpics mean squat.
fix the lag.

that is all.

Ghetto Kings
Posted - 2007.12.10 11:32:00 - [384]

Originally by: BhallSpawn
Here's my feedback.

Grahpics mean squat.
fix the lag.

that is all.

And bring back the old or fix the new overviewTwisted Evil

School of Applied Knowledge
Posted - 2007.12.10 11:33:00 - [385]

There is nothing close to in-line about mineral's... CCP can tell a crap as long as they want, but fact is - I reprocessed all my loot of station container wich was ~ 120000 m3 and it gave out ~560000m3 minerals... So, about inline is a buL$h1t. Just another stupid idea of CrapCann'tPlay studio inline with other IMHO...

at the end

To those, you know who:

1. English is not my native language
2. You can have my stuff in a Hell in your next life
3. I don't give a $h1t, cause Eve become a deadmeat

Cpt Branko
Retired Pirate Club
Posted - 2007.12.10 11:36:00 - [386]

Edited by: Cpt Branko on 10/12/2007 11:39:32
Edited by: Cpt Branko on 10/12/2007 11:38:16
Why has the directional scanner recieved a stealth nerf? It's no longer possible to see wrecks and cans on the directional scanner.
If this is intended, I'd really love to hear the rationale.

At any rate, graphics are fine although the new fleet window is a big clunky (too big icons). I dislike the lack of rust on the new Rifter (it looks quite plastic), though.

Also, the m3 on certain types of T1 loot is overdone (50m3 for a small hull rep? 15-20m3 might make sense from the standpoint of how much it reprocesses into). It's a pain for people who rat or pirate in small ships.

I forgot: er, gallente colours on some ships are really a bit meh.

Posted - 2007.12.10 12:38:00 - [387]

Congrats on the biggest yet expansion, and I do hope the mood at the office is sullen or grim about disgraceful condition you launched it... Neutral ...and you were showing promise with the last releases.

Mechanics-wise I am seeming changes that promote your commitment-to-a-fight filosophy, which make me warm and fuzzy inside, then there are ofcourse number of other changes that I don't really know how to take (yet). Time will tell how they serve the game, not my subjective speculation. Despite the loud ruckus in forums, I don't see any such that would make me tear my tunic and sprinkle ashes over myself.

New ships are (still) interesting, althou I am inclined to think that they (BS'es) may be pre-nerfed too far, and I see why some people say that for a ship of their price, they should show some more potential. But again, little time will tell, if they exceed their apparent potential.

What comes to the graphics, I think I understand more than well why it is imperative for Eve to get modernised graphics, as so much of the income comes from new suscriptions, and since the average "lifespan" of a subscription is (in my opinion) so short. You would attract less and less new customers with ever aging graphics. Heck, even I was drawn to Eve in my first days because of the graphics alone(!) - the game crashed on me several times an hour (in the first few minutes of tutorial too, which was not restartable at the time). So while I didn't even know how to warp for the first evening, I stayed, and overcame... A good, or even mandatory, move from CCP.

Personally thou, I will be postponing my personal graphics upgrade to premium due to the crazy glitching. The release is blatantly obviously premature, but I'm sure you get it hammered down by next summer. Who knows, maybe we'll finally have darker backdrops too by that time.

Finally, what suprised me was the apparent lack of performance increase. At best it is negliable (ca. 3% more fps). I was under the assumption that it would be significant given that whopping load of the processing would now be done by the GFX chip...

Good expansion. My only real critism goes out to QA and/or management for making the decision to release prematurely. ...althou I have no suggestions on how to handle masses of raging forum monkeys screaming it being late.

Perhaps the next release has more limited scope and is easier to get into shape in time. Good luck with the next one, already.

James Duar
Merch Industrial
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2007.12.10 15:54:00 - [388]

CCP need to realize the realities of mineral usage and the balance of low-end and high-end minerals in EVE and plan their changes accordingly, rather then screwing around breaking game mechanics where they don't need to be broken.

Module sizes are absurd now, and inflationary - people not looting when ratting means only ISK and not minerals/goods enter the economy.

Modules should be restored to their previous size. Minerals should be reduced in size below that of the modules they build. High-yielding ores for low end minerals need to be introduced to 0.0.

Chi Quan
Bibkor Enterprises
Posted - 2007.12.10 17:03:00 - [389]

all has been mentioned so far, i cant add anything new rather than another plea to fix those things.
my biggest concern is with the plae blue of gallentean ships.

Vyktor Abyss
The Abyss Corporation
Posted - 2007.12.10 21:53:00 - [390]


This release has some VERY ill thought out ideas...

The Premium graphics which like the sound is now being turned off by quite a significant number of players for a wide variety reasons (namely):

• Bugs
• Lag due to horrible memory usage
• More Bugs

There's the uncontrollable 'jitter', the horrible looking Gallente colours, aswell as none of the icons for ships loading properly in stations...It used to just be blueprints would overwrite the icon for some items in stations in the 'merged' view. Now I can't even see my ships anymore a lot of the time.

Worse still is the horrible slowdown I've experienced during PVP with the Premium graphics. Yes it 'could' be my 2gb RAM machine is the issue, but it is sad that the performance is degraded if you want to play with the latest graphics on the same machine.

Aside from the graphics, You've also made a fundamentally STUPID gameplay design decisions with Trinity.

Tech 1 modules taking 100m3 of space

The STUPIDITY of this change simply irritates the hell out of me. I believe it was done to stop mineral compression for easier transportation (enlighten me if I'm not correct). Though it has been glossed over without any real explanation being given.

The FACT of the matter is that you have killed TECH 1 Manufacturing pretty much dead anywhere besides Jita and the god-damn-aweful-lag-fest trade-hubs you claim to be wanting to disperse.

Why so stupid?

Primarily logistics:

People previously would buy a T1 set of modules needed to fit their ship from suppliers (who currently manufacture T1 in all sorts of off the beaten track places) and transport it quickly in a small ship to their 'base' location. For speed, for security (avoiding suicide gankers) and for convenience of not having to go to that lag-hell Jita.

By making EANM I's 100m3 though for example, you've made it impossible for someone wanting to fit a T1 battleship able to gather their equipment, and transport it quickly to their BS's location for fitting. Sorry but moving Industrials over 20 jumps is a waste of my playing time considering I used to be able to do the same job in a cargo fitted frigate (Imicus/Catalyst) in half the time etc.

The change now gives people 2 options. i) Fly their hauler all the way to Jita for T1 since if you're going to have to be slow as hell to pick up a T1 module, you going to want to make sure all ranges of the T1 modules you want are there which = Jita rather than fly round a few smaller hubs like happened previously.

or ii) Fly the BS itself to the trade hub to fit it taking fecking ages and basically nerfing people's valuable playing time by doubling or trebling the time it takes to fit a ship compared to pre-Trinity.

So in summary the T1 volume change effectively:

• kills the T1 Manufacturing business everywhere except Jita
• screws over people who 'rat' for their income by making them unable to gather a small portion of their loot.
• Wastes playing time of everyone who wants to fit T1 to ships by forcing people to use industrials to do a job they used to do in a frigate/destroyer.
• Probably has ZERO impact on mineral compression since mineral compression is just a symptom of a much worse problem with 0.0 - Namely: NOONE WANTS TO MINE FOR TRIT IN 0.0, when it is safer/easier/more profitable in High Sec - And this issue is being addressed by the Rorqual and other changes (like carrier nerfs) anyway.

Balance changes with scripts

Great idea in theory, but WHY ruin a lot of (not imbalanced) modules just because sensor damps are imbalanced?

Sensor boosters, tracking computers and those boosting modules were already balanced to allow for long range sniping etc

You also boosted ECM: ridiculous considering a single rook/falcon/blackbird/scorpian can completely disable a gang more effectively than the support from other races respective ships.

Running out of space for feedback except to say this relaese oozes POORLY thought out balancing changes.

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