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Rhyssa Tacticus
Posted - 2007.12.04 23:40:00 - [31]

Yes, I would like to know if we can make multiple entries!

Also, how old do you have to be to enter?

Master Technique
Club Bear
The Seventh Day
Posted - 2007.12.05 01:11:00 - [32]

Edited by: Master Technique on 05/12/2007 01:13:58

Originally by: Borsek
Can I compete, although I'm 16yo?

Or do you have to be 18?

From the EULA:
"Only an individual, natural person who is an adult or, in the discretion of such an adult, his or her minor child, may establish an Account. You are responsible and liable for all activities conducted through your Account, regardless of who conducts those activities."

I think this means you can enter, but your parents get the T-Shirt. Maybe they will give it to you for Christmas.

And the OP says to print it out, go outside, put it somewhere entertaining, and take an actual picture. I would wager "NO" on whether you can photoshop it into funny picture and call it your own.

Posted - 2007.12.06 00:43:00 - [33]

Edited by: Maaxeru on 06/12/2007 00:43:33
Trinity screenshot contest

One "First Place Winners" (one per contest) will receive:

One 'The Art of EVE' book signed by members of the EVE Online Art Department

When are you releasing the graphics patch for the book??? Very Happy

Posted - 2007.12.07 00:31:00 - [34]

All your boot.ini ... ha ha. Not really. Well, I appreciate the humor, but to one who had to waste an evening reestablish a file (AFTER which you can read the mail/web page warning you) ... the above picture does not evoke carefree laughter. Wink

Lana Langstrom
Posted - 2007.12.07 07:26:00 - [35]

Edited by: Lana Langstrom on 07/12/2007 07:26:47
Rule 2 of the screenshot contest reads:
Attached to the email, 4 versions of your entry in the following screen resolutions: 1600 x 1200 pixels, 1280 x 1024 pixels, 1024 x 768 pixels and 800 x 600 pixels. These must be 72 dpi and in RGB . jpg format (non-.jpg formats will NOT be accepted).

Because my screen is only 1280x1024, does this mean I am disqualified? I can make the other sizes by scaling, but they're probably not going to look very good in comparison to the original size. This sounds like I should be attaching 4 sizes to 1 entry email. Or did this mean that I am limited only to images of those sizes?

♥ Lana

Fremen Sietch
Posted - 2007.12.07 10:09:00 - [36]

can i get t-shirt with text "EVE- dont reboot you PC"
if i win :D :D

Posted - 2007.12.07 14:19:00 - [37]


If i had send a mail via " web. de or Hotmail, will there be a confirmation mail?.

or can i only send it via microsoft word? ( outlook?

breg mac

Posted - 2007.12.08 02:28:00 - [38]

Question: How much tweaking is allowed in the screenshots? I take black borders for granted, but how far can we go? Trinity logo? Corp/alliance logo? Captions? Motivational poster? Color/brightness/contrast and other post-processing effects? etc.?

Mark Lucius
Final Agony
Posted - 2007.12.08 14:36:00 - [39]

1) Are you allowed to upscale screenshots to the requested resolutions?

2) Are you allowed to enter either contest more than once? The screenshot contest seems to imply that you can, but I like to know for sure. Cool

Huang Yinglong
Posted - 2007.12.14 19:51:00 - [40]


these are photos where you stuck the logo!

that's it I'm heading outside right now and I'm spray painting eve on something.

I'm so confused none of these entries match the contest!


come on oh man ok give me a few days.

Lana Langstrom
Posted - 2007.12.15 23:01:00 - [41]

These contests are a bust. Not one reply to any questions in more than a week. How lame.

Huang Yinglong
Posted - 2007.12.28 04:35:00 - [42]

so... can we still send something in?

I'm confused :P

Posted - 2008.01.04 19:17:00 - [43]

when does this contest closed?

or is it closed right now ?

Posted - 2008.01.18 12:05:00 - [44]

No respnose since weeks isnt a good sign.

who had won?
How much entrys?

Posted - 2008.01.24 13:04:00 - [45]


Contest open to North American entrants only.



CCP Wrangler

Posted - 2008.01.25 19:52:00 - [46]

Due to too few entries we have decided to cancel these contests, but we'd like to thank everyone who participated and we will do this again in the future.

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