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Xen Gin
Silurian Operations
Posted - 2007.11.25 10:27:00 - [1]

So I bought UT3, Amazon delivered it yesterday.

The one major thing, is that I'm disappointed in the game. It feels deficient, the UI is terrible, there is no server name search, IP connect (except via console), no server favourites. even with the game modes, warfare seems tacky, I liked Onslaught in 2004, but warfare seems like a cut down version.

What also disappointed me is that there is no Assault multi player, I really liked that.

I'm wonder what they were doing when they were pushing back the game 'completion' date, because it still doesn't feel completed.

Asilah Na'kani
The Scope
Posted - 2007.11.25 10:30:00 - [2]

They will add all those little functions (favorites etc) in some patch, don't worry.
I for one like the game, hell of a lot better than UT2k4. Thank god they removed those silly dodge-jump thingies. Only drawback is that I can't seem to find any servers with a ping below 60. Since I play Instagib, that kind of blows. And also I don't like those stupid white arrows that show you where to go, any way to turn em' off?

Gladiator Jonny
Cry Havoc.
Posted - 2007.11.25 11:41:00 - [3]

Only played it alittle while, but i love how they went back to basics with the life.
Its a really fast paced game, and "semi" realistic in the fact you dont waste a million bullets taking away someones armor.

i liked it, some flaws.
Good, fast played fun

Veto Corp
Posted - 2007.11.25 12:47:00 - [4]

UI sucks, terribly. But the biggest thing for me is that they made the wrong singleplayer game.

UT has always been very 'sportslike' in mood and atmosphere. It's always been a bit off, but it still seemed to fit in the Unreal universe. All the hooplah around the tournament was great.

Now they tried shoe-horning the game in some weird military singleplayer story about revenge, calling the maps 'missions', which just ticks me off. Why couldn't it be some kind of 'feelgood' sportsmovie like story, something that fit the UT name a bit more? The UT2K3 intro set the perfect example for a great UT story, and now we get this crap. It gets worse as all maps are referred to as 'missions' everywhere else in the game aswell.

The UT2K3 beta had a brilliant SP. You started out with a small team, and made your way up in leagues, in a seasonal format. In between you had the 1on1 challenges from other teamleaders and other sportsdrama stuff. That would have been a much more fitting setting to put the game against. I would have loved to have to work up the leagues over several season in order to face Xan's war machines, and eventually the guy himself, as part of or as opponent of Thunder Crash... And the rest of the teams. Gotta love Mr. Crow.

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2007.11.25 20:01:00 - [5]

Single player is a joke. It's not even remotely fun. It's like i'm playing Doom 3 rather than UT3.

UI sucks, and a lot of options have been removed for instant action games...I can't even find a way to assign bots to teams.

Once your into the fighting though, it gets better. The graphics are astounding, and the game is brutal and fast paced, certainly more like the original rather than follow-ons in that respect.

A lot of the modes are missing from previous assault, which sucks because I don't want to do every damn thing in vehicles, and the replacement for Onslaught is pretty crap.

Overall, still a good game, but in need of much fixing and adding.

Posted - 2007.11.25 22:10:00 - [6]

I've never been able to enjoy any of the Unreal games. Maybe someone can help explain what's so great about them/

Derovius Vaden
Posted - 2007.11.25 22:11:00 - [7]

I lost faith in Unreal a long time ago, somewhere around UR2000

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.11.25 23:41:00 - [8]

No DodgeJump Shocked = Epic Fail!!

UT2004 still the best. (and the fact that my GPU dies on UT3 so I havn't actually had a chance to play it)


Posted - 2007.11.25 23:51:00 - [9]

Originally by: pwnedgato
I've never been able to enjoy any of the Unreal games. Maybe someone can help explain what's so great about them/

I remember first playing the original UT, on a poor laptop, using the "nub" mouse, it was still great fun even on that very slow and awkward system.

It's true I hadn't actually played many FPS games before that, so maybe it was just me experiencing the joy of fragging for the first time. Would that be losing my "fraginity"? Never mind Laughing


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