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Misina Arlath
Posted - 2007.11.23 16:16:00 - [1]

How well would drones take down an interceptor that's orbiting a cruiser?

I've been flying a cruiser and had interceptors on me, which fly under the guns pretty elegantly. Now, I only have rubbish skills on this char, and haven't trained drones at all yet. I do have 15m3 of drone space though, and would letting 3 scout drones fly handle the interceptor ? I'd probably just cut the guns that don't hit anyhow, and just run the MAR alone.

Yeah, I'm a newbie to PvP, hence the questions, to improve.

William DeMeo
Genos Occidere
Posted - 2007.11.23 16:19:00 - [2]

depends on the speed and skill of the inty pilot. Fit 3 warrior II's and hope for the best.

Misina Arlath
Posted - 2007.11.23 16:24:00 - [3]

Well, my char has just over 1 mill SP, flying an omen with rat fittings for ratting in .4

I got jumped by a crow and an enyo, both pilots were 5 months in their current corps, so I dunno.

In any regards, I was outgunned, maneuvered and outskilled. I almost got the Enyo though, which, for some reason, flew straight towards me, so I webbed him and put all 4 turrets in his eyeball _. Maybe pilot wasn't too bright, I dunno.

Guess I'll keep drones handy for the next time I swing by .4 ^.^

Zawa's Fan Club
Posted - 2007.11.23 16:53:00 - [4]

Edited by: Vrabac on 23/11/2007 16:54:00
T1 small drones wont catch up with a good inty pilot, at least not for long enough to deal any real damage. Even with good skills and t2 drones, a crow would most likely deal with your drones faster than they would deal with it.

It's not easy to kill an inty that keeps it's distance and goes fast enough. AF is usually another story tough since they more often than not fit for close range and go into the web range. AF has nothing good to hope for in a fight with a well fitted cruiser.

Trans-Solar Works
Posted - 2007.11.23 17:04:00 - [5]

Edited by: Darkopteron on 23/11/2007 17:04:46
Most good ceptor pilots will outrun and probably pop any drones. A fun anti-ceptor setup I know of is a vexor with T2 lights, get a few drone navigation computers in the mids, and drone link augmentors in the highs. Scares the life outta them!

General Coochie
The Bastards
The Bastards.
Posted - 2007.11.23 18:37:00 - [6]

Edited by: General Coochie on 23/11/2007 18:38:06
your best defense in low sec is to always watch the ppl coming into local. If they have negative security status its a big risk they will try and kill you. Either make some safespots or dock until they leave. If you feel this makes you rat inefficiently you can align towards something and be ready to warp if there are pirates in local. This means that you select for instance a station, check where it is in space and dubbel click towards it so that your ship moves towards that station at full speed (you don't need afterburner or MWD on if you have it). Now if someone comes into the belt you should see them instantly. Always have an eye on your overview if pirates are in system. Also make sure your overview is setup so that it only shows NPCs and player ships as an example. This will let you spot any hostile ships instantly.

If they come into your belt, simply click warp to at top corner of your overview at the station you are aligned to. This will make you warp in a second. And there is no way even a interceptor can catch you before you are safely in warp to your station.

Keep in mind you can still fight the rats when alignd to something, you dont have to be alignd to the same thing all the time you can align to whatever suits your ratting the best. ugh

Kenneth McCoy
Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.11.23 19:08:00 - [7]

be advised a well fit AF can take out cruisers if the cruiser aint careful.

blaster harpies, for instance, pack quite a punch and a not too shabby tank for a frigate

Limited Mercy
Posted - 2007.11.23 21:02:00 - [8]

There seems to be quite a few pilots out there flying ships they lack the experience to fly properly. I popped an enyo the other day that had no tank fitted at all. It went down like a spray painted incursus.

As for the interceptors. Flown properly they can get out of most situations. Drones can provide some protection, but if the inty takes any real dmg he'll probably straight line it out of drone range and start flying straffing runs.

Wind Ictiva
Delta Kappa Gamma
Posted - 2007.11.23 21:55:00 - [9]

for starters, a cruiser pilot with your sp has very slim chance to kill a pair of inties or a.frigs.

id suggest you rat in a frig. takes longer time but you wont get killed by the rats (they shouldnt be able to hit you).

also if you for some reason miss neutrals (read: hostiles) entering system so you fail to go ss jumping, the loss wont be that great.

also as a nub, set your goal for inty and as asap. great ships for solo work and tacklers in group.

Misina Arlath
Posted - 2007.11.24 13:05:00 - [10]

Thanks for the replies guys.

I knew my cruiser was going to pop as soon as the Crow locked me and slapped the scrambler on. I flew an inty on another char for awhile, and there's not much I could have done against it.. at least not with my skillpoints, which means no drones and no assault launcher... nothing anti-inty anyways. Not that Omen in and of itself is a good anti-inty cruiser in the first place.

The A.F. though, I think I could probably have taken since he bolted right into my webber range ugh

I still have an Omen in the station, but I bought a new Punisher and fitted it with some decent guns and all. I'm actually having alot more fun flying a well equipped Punisher than I did while I was doing the L1's with it. So I'm sticking with a frigate now until I master the frigate, if there is such a thing as mastering anything in this game besides slaves.

I wanted to follow the progression from frigate-cruiser-bc-battleship, but after my experience with the cruiser, I know that I'm going to need quite a few million SP before I can do a battleship justice.

For now though... flying a Punisher, having a blast, and seriously considering training towards assault frigates rather than battlecruisers.

Optia Darkstone
GK inc.
Posted - 2007.11.24 14:56:00 - [11]

I used to fly punishers all the time, but it's a shame to say their T2 variants aren't that spectacular solo. They hold up well against ratters with railguns, but a well fit cruiser will be your demise. Now the arbitrator... that's a good amarr ship. Smile

Valerax Orion
The Corsairs
Total Comfort
Posted - 2007.11.24 15:54:00 - [12]

Punisher with blasters used to be my bread and butter for EVERYTHING. It is in my humble opinion one of the finest ships you can fly/fit with minimal skills, to an excellent degree. Will rip cruisers to pieces, and can easily take out BC sized rats, maybe Battleships too, haven't tried it however.

As for drones/interceptors, depends as said above, on the skill of the 'ceptor pilot. Most times you'll see the ceptor with MWD running pulling 1.5km/s minimum, which scout drones could keep up with. Faster than that it's gonna be tricky. I'd suggest fitting a webber to even up the odds if you expect to be attacked by 'ceptors again.

Rudy Metallo
Posted - 2007.11.24 17:49:00 - [13]

Originally by: Misina Arlath
Well, my char has just over 1 mill SP, flying an omen with rat fittings for ratting in .4

I got jumped by a crow and an enyo, both pilots were 5 months in their current corps, so I dunno.

In any regards, I was outgunned, maneuvered and outskilled. I almost got the Enyo though, which, for some reason, flew straight towards me, so I webbed him and put all 4 turrets in his eyeball _. Maybe pilot wasn't too bright, I dunno.

Guess I'll keep drones handy for the next time I swing by .4 ^.^

Or maybe he was using blasters? Just a thought.

Warriors are usually a good bet for anti-frigate drones. As for your guns, fit an MWD, and when the inty begins to orbit you in one direction, say up, quickly activate your guns (w/ long range ammo (Radio or the like)) and MWD and head down. This will either slingshot him out of scram range and allow you to escape, slingshot him into your web range, or, at the very least, lower his tranversal and hopefully allow you to score some punches before he returns to orbit.

Sakura Nihil
Selective Pressure
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2007.11.25 00:28:00 - [14]

I don't use expensive rigs, implants, or hardwirings, and I can easily pull 7.6 km/s in my Crow.

No drone is going to catch me unless they're in a dedicated drone boat with a very unconventional setup, and even then I'll just pop them quickly.

Misina Arlath
Posted - 2007.11.27 11:02:00 - [15]

Is there really a way to stop a decent interceptor then other than another interceptor?

I mean, if the drones can't keep up and such.

Temporal Weapon Against Time
Posted - 2007.11.27 11:14:00 - [16]

well my crow can orbit at 8Km/s in scram range so warrior IIs aren't gonna catch it.

tbh the only things that i worry about are the minmatar recon ships, or something with high tracking guns that can hit out to 24km+

Misina Arlath
Posted - 2007.11.27 11:41:00 - [17]

This might sound stupid, but if the only thing to counter interceptors are other interceptors or a special ship that happens to have fast tracking and fast turrets, wouldn't that be a bit imba/overpowered?

I guess I'll train towards interceptor next then. Why bother with a BS if I can fly something noone can counter :P

Cpt Branko
Retired Pirate Club
Posted - 2007.11.27 11:59:00 - [18]

Edited by: Cpt Branko on 27/11/2007 12:07:19
Edited by: Cpt Branko on 27/11/2007 12:04:27
Attempting to attack a proper cruiser setup in a AF is preety much suicide. A omen is hardly a proper cruiser, thankfully.

Long-range ceptors you should probably fear, though, since you'll never hit them and they'll slowly whittle you down.

Oh, BS (as of yet) have a very neat weapon against interceptors - the Heavy Neutraliser. Also, most interceptors are well countered by really fast ships, and certain types of gun will hit a slower interceptor orbiting you, as well as (sometimes) precision lights on ships which get the proper bonuses.

Plus, only the crow can really orbit at full speed and hit with any accuracy - would take a preety long while to kill a cruiser solo with it. Well, and the malediction, but it has the DPS of a wet noodle when using missiles and rockets fail range-wise.

Oh, and interceptors get killed as well as any other ship, so they're not that uncounterable (and, often, just one mistake can mean death, considering you have so little buffer). Take note that minmatar recons mean death or gtfo for interceptors, and the new EA ship (minmatar, again) will probably be reasonably effective.

Destry's Lounge
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2007.11.27 14:01:00 - [19]

Edited by: Omarvelous on 27/11/2007 14:02:38
Originally by: Misina Arlath
Is there really a way to stop a decent interceptor then other than another interceptor?

I mean, if the drones can't keep up and such.

As a Caldari pilot - I'd train for standard missiles V ASAP. Fit a Caracal or a Hawk <missile velocity bonus> and fit light precision missiles. With decent missile skills and a rig or two (explosion velocity rigs - remember the interceptor pilot spent a good amount of isk, you will too to counter them). You should be able to get a decent number of interceptor pilots.

You could also use a destroyer's bonuses for tracking and range, and fire away with light guns. Just bother to get the destroyer up to at least level IV for this purpose.

I've also used a harpy with rails - not as good tracking, but a harder hitting punch and superior tank.

So those are some ways to solo-counter interceptors.

If you've got a gang - have your buddy with a web warp to 20 km of you - once the interceptor (Crow) pilot starts to orbit you - he'll cross paths with your buddy if they're careful, and get webbed. You can also have your sniping buddy warp far away to his optimal on you - and his transversal to the interceptor will be low enough for his guns to track very well on the interceptor.

Hope that helps.

Misina Arlath
Posted - 2007.11.28 11:54:00 - [20]

Nice tips again.

I'm doing a bit of pirating and pvp in low-sec, figured I'd start out with a frigate instead of my cruiser now, then go on to assault ships for same purpose.

I suppose, for solo PvP/pirating, an interceptor has to be without equal. I use a Punisher now for said purpose, and I know rifters might probably be better, but I don't feel like cross-training, especially not while I got small energy turret skills at V and Beam laser specialization at II.

Best way to learn how to fly a ship is to know what others need to do to counter it : )

Failed Diplomacy
Posted - 2007.11.30 09:08:00 - [21]

If you're belt ratting theres another trick that may get you out. If you're lucky, and the inty pilot blunders.

Head into the roids. Preferably at some hole or section you can fit through and perhaps align some where with on the opposite side, but head into the roids. if you're as good as dead, you've nothing to lose and if luck is in your favor one of two things may happen (ive had both happen, at some point or another)

A: Inty pilot bounces off / into roids, drones eat him to death or at least force his escape.
B: Either by bouncing off or avoiding scenario A, the inty has broken 20-24 kms (depending on disrupter) and you now have a few precious seconds to spam 'warp to' like its going out of style.

Misina Arlath
Posted - 2007.11.30 14:14:00 - [22]

That is a good idea for sure.

I've struggled with the same problem while doing L2 missions in my frigate. Some rat is parked in the middle of a bunch of ruins nad broken station things, and when I go in for close orbit, I bounce off objects or get jammed, losing my speed and transversal.

Didn't think about using that in belts :) Good tip also for when to back off from a ship if you're the frigate/inty lol.

Gavin Neltharek
Debitum Naturae
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2007.11.30 20:19:00 - [23]

Most inty pilots will either outrun your drones, or simply deal with them and then focus on you.

Your best bet is going with warrior IIs and working up those drone skills or fititng a setup purely made to take down ceptors. Drone nav comps and drone link augmentors on a vexor as mentioned work pretty well. Unfortunately you don't really have any chance of kiling a smart ceptor pilot. The second they take damage they'll either go after your drones or simply warp off after damage is inflicted.


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