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Solar Revenue Service
Posted - 2007.11.24 11:41:00 - [91]

Originally by: SmokeyJones

You can add timezone information (what time the corp operate) and what Country/Region your members should be (America, Europa, Asia), etc

You can display other informations, like number of members, killboards and war decs


If I'm looking at a corp then knowing what timezone it members operate in will go a great length to help my decision if I want to join or not.


Juwi Kotch
KOTCH Construction and Anchoring
Posted - 2007.11.24 15:27:00 - [92]

That's definitly an improvement so far! Very Happy

I would like to have added a few categorizing / selection criteria, though:

Arrow Size of the corporation. Add a check box, that the corporation size (extracted from the corporation's attributes) will be automatically extracted and added to the recruitment description. Pilots looking for a corporation can then select in groups like corporation size <10, 11-20, 21-50, 51-100, 101-250, 251-500, >500.
Arrow Add alignment: Good, or Evil
Arrow Add an operation "Defensive Warfare"
Arrow Add a checkbox "Alliance", which automatically extracts and adds information on Alliance name, number of corporations in Alliance, and total amount of members in the Alliance. As the info about the corporations size, that info should be dynamically updated and always reflect the present status.

Juwi Kotch

Posted - 2007.11.25 01:41:00 - [93]

How about adding tags and a global tag cloud, listing only the most common ones?

I know there are already corp categories the corp can select and that it has an opportunity to explain itself in it's presentational text, but letting each corp use 2-3 tags and enabling a player search among the tags would help out all.

Perhaps make the presentational text searchable if you use/don't use tags, as there are a million kinds of corps that won't ever fit into the general checkbox categeories, even if most will.

Ramblin Man
Posted - 2007.11.25 05:06:00 - [94]

veldspar mining slavegirl

It's so wrong that turned me on in more than one way.
Time for EVE break! Very Happy

Erelas RyAlcar
Destinies Touch Unlimited
Posted - 2007.11.25 10:43:00 - [95]

Replying to the request that a checkbox be added in for whether a recruiting corporation "requires" that an applying member have access to voice communications in game: Do, if implemented, make the opposite available as well, as there are some that play who aren't for obviously good reasons capable of even hearing the game.

Thanks :)

Ministry of Craft
Posted - 2007.11.26 01:19:00 - [96]

Shame advertising doesn't currently work on Sisi - you set up an advert and it takes the ISK for doing so and gives it you right back without setting up the advert.....

Rock Xameth
DarkStar 1
Posted - 2007.11.26 11:53:00 - [97]

How about if the recruiter can specify a few required skills?

For example minnie dread level 4. The applicant can't apply unless he/she has the required skill.

It makes it much easier than the current system of retruiters asking for screenshots Very Happy

Posted - 2007.11.26 15:12:00 - [98]

I think it would be great if could use timezone as a filtering criteria. enough said on that :)

Haniblecter Teg
F.R.E.E. Explorer
The Initiative.
Posted - 2007.11.26 22:42:00 - [99]

You gotta put a timezone field in that.

That's something that's really important, and should be searchable/filterable.

In fact, making sure the prospective corp is within your timezone is crucial, esp. in 00 where pvp and roaming gangs are the #1 enjoyment factor, and its hard to have fun when you're 10 hours from your corp's peak (hard for aussie players)

Sire Magnus
Posted - 2007.11.27 16:55:00 - [100]

The problem I see is that as soon as the recruitment adverts come out of the corp window and become more visible they will start being used for all kinds of advertising not just recruitment. Just like the labeled cans became player billboards.

So why not do it right from the beginning and make it an advertisement system with options for recruitment, services, custom order goods, etc... Since that is how it will end up being used anyway. That way at least we can have a filter to separate the recruitment adds from the service adds.

Galactic Express
Burning Horizons
Posted - 2007.11.29 21:48:00 - [101]

A major consideration for me in choosing a Corp was number of members. Please make that a search criteria option as well

Alcair Dovienya
Posted - 2007.11.30 02:18:00 - [102]

A few suggestions/requests to an otherwise great idea:
i) Please make corporation & alliance information linked directly from the advert. We shouldn't have to bring up People & Places to go and find out more about the corp.
ii) Please allow someone to initiate an application to join a corp directly from the advertisement. The current station-based restriction is nonsense in the context of galaxy-spanning civilizations - surely if we can chat to people anywhere in the cosmos we can post a simple application electronically :)
iii) Please add corp size & timezone(s) to the ad;
iv) Rather than make me place a separate ad for each region, how about just listing out the regions I can advertise in (based on my offices) and let me select from the list - with the total ad price calculated as a multiple of the base cost.


Yuri Mengeroth
Very Bad Things
Posted - 2007.12.01 21:34:00 - [103]

Why not just expand the IGB to support higher web apps and let your community build features and tools?

You have an army of free geek labor out there...

Iria Ahrens
Ministry of War
Posted - 2007.12.03 06:54:00 - [104]


I wasn't sure if Wrangler was still viewing this but I wanted to get my suggestions in anyway just in case.

Things I think should be listed.

Type of voice chat. I was rather annoyed when I first got Eve voice and then couldn't find anyone that used it. Eve Voice is supposed to be free I understand, but I would still rather use it than the other programs in use. So a way for a Corp to specify what voice chat client they use.

Most of my other suggestions have already been suggested by others, so I'll just leave it with that.

Posted - 2007.12.07 16:25:00 - [105]

Please... Please... Please...

Use the Billboards to host and advertise these recruitment requests...



Morning Maniac
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2007.12.12 13:40:00 - [106]

Just a few thoughts:
- Great!
- Wonderful!
- It would be useful if you could use checkboxes to select all the regions you wish to run the add in. Rather then having to set it up for each region.
- It would also be nice if you could rerun the same add and get a bill like you do on offices.
- Skillpoint requirements, if any, should be added in the filtering options.
- Keep up the good work!


Posted - 2007.12.14 00:25:00 - [107]

Edited by: Banix on 14/12/2007 00:26:49
Can you please increase, or allow us to increase the size of the "sales pitch" text box when we are browsing recruitment ads? I can make it wider in the pop-up dialog box, but it won't go more 3 line long. Very annoying to have to resize the window every time I click an ad to read.

Also, it would be nice if we could add some of the "filter" values as columns to the results table, like "SP", high/low/zero sec operations...etc,.

Esme Nomarra
Posted - 2007.12.29 01:25:00 - [108]

Nice idea, glad to see it implemented. But I'm finding using the damned thing to advertise utterly frustrating. This seems to be due to a combination of poor UI design and possibly lack of explanation of the system.

First of all - managed to get up a quick advert a couple of weeks ago. Meant to renew it over Xmas, but I was ill. Just remembered it today, by sheer chance. (why no reminder, like with office rentals?). So I try to renew it, or create a new one. I absolutely can NOT find a way to renew an advert - but it wont let me create a new one, as it claims there already is one for our Corp in the region . Which, as we only ever create done, has to mean the expired one.

There are no buttons or menu items offering options to delete or renew adverts. Which means - I'm stuck.Crying or Very sad

Much as I love EVE, and am impressed by the folk who make it, it's a mystery to me how a team that produced an excellent UI like the ship control one can so consistently make a bit of a pigs ear of the rest of the games GUIs. And please, even if in-game help isnt practical on everything, at least tell us in-game where to look to find out how a system we're struggling with is supposed to work.

For now - please, please tell me how I can renew our Corp Advert? or otherwise how to replace it with a new one? Oh, and THIS time, I'd like to know how much it will cost BEFORE pressing the go button, please! Wink

Micco Skywatcher
Brotherhood of the Spider
Posted - 2007.12.30 06:07:00 - [109]

I liked the idea of this, but for all the hoopla surrounding it, this has done absolutely nothing for my recruitment. I've had to go back to hitting the EVE-O forums to get any attention at all for my adverts.

My biggest problems are two fold. First, the requirement to have them regionalized and tied to where you have offices. I can't see a reason why they are tied together, and the view interface is hard to understand at best. The second is the total lack of feedback on the advert itself. I can't tell who is looking at it or even if it has been seen, so for all I know it could be sitting out that completely unviewed. I don't get ticklers to update or renew it and for the life of me I can't figure out exactly how to get a decent text segment in there either.

There is a lot of things I love about EVE, and this would be one of them, if it were more.... well, useful. Good idea, poor implementation. Hope you all get around to improving this soon.

Striapach Tuilli
Posted - 2008.01.02 00:47:00 - [110]

I would very much like to see in-station advertising. Have a limited HTML screen (like the concord news thing) show in stations when you dock. Stations in Jita and Rens would cost significantly more than places in the Solitude region for example. Player owned stations would charge as they like.

When you dock, you would see a large screen behind or to the side of your ship advertising to people in NPC or all corporations. You pay for ad-time or number of views. 1 view per docking. Mind, it'd be nice to advertise anything you like, like contracts, but for recruitment it would be key. Allow players to set the types of ads they see in their menu. So if they're not looking for a corp, they don't see recruitment. But still see certain ads depending on their skills (A minnie player shouldn't see ads for caldari ships that he can't fly for example, or Tech 2 Large ACs if he can only use small ACs).

I feel that more advertising would add to Eve's realism and corporate philosophy. Look at America or much of the capitalist world in general, you can't go anywhere without seeing ads. Yet the only ads or news I see are on the forums (voluntary) or on CONCORD billboards (negligible).

Pop-ups in anything but POS would be a bit much. They should be available for POS though.

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