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Pedo Fortis
Posted - 2007.11.22 07:41:00 - [61]

Can we please be able to supply data on and filter on:

Corp Size (above and below a threshold)
Min skill points
a specific skill (e.g PE V, Barge V)
signing bonus
Corp tax rate
Voice Comms
Time Zone

DBS The Division
Posted - 2007.11.22 08:00:00 - [62]

Hmm as soon as i hear advertisement, i see those biig displays next to every gates, that are advertising most notorious pirates and some other quafe adds.

Would it be possible (somewhere down the road of recruiting advertisement) to show a recruiting add on these displays. could also lessen the container spam (that corps use for advertising atm) near most of the gates.

to improve that idea, showing a movie (dunno corp advert. movie or some recorded action from recent event) would be even better Surprised Very Happy sort of like the Add displays in RL showing news and such...

Es and Whizz
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2007.11.22 09:08:00 - [63]

looks good, but forgot to include drug dealer/smuggler or whatever want to call it..

though i guess could settle with just trader.

Es and Whizz
Hedonistic Imperative
Posted - 2007.11.22 09:13:00 - [64]

Originally by: Daerkannon Shimmerscale

Also the regional limitations might be a bit too limiting. If a 0.0 pilot were looking to change scenes from the north to the south, for example, where would he look? He's probably not going to fly down to Stain and check out the adverts there.

With this limitation in place what's probably going to end up happening is that one region *cough* Forge *cough* will get picked as the primary recruiting region and the rest won't get covered except by corps looking to snag newbies.

yeh i was thinking this too, our alliance is fairly loose footed, would be difficult to pinpoint a specific region.

Yokan Daifuku
Bene Gesserit ChapterHouse
Tread Alliance
Posted - 2007.11.22 09:16:00 - [65]

The cost is my main concern, perhaps 100k instead of 250k would be good and a setup fee of 100k.

Concord Billboard ad's would be sweet. To keep things from being slow some standard templates could be developed. These could be added at an extra cost (1M/day 2M setup) and since the templates are standardized there would not have to be any moderator review if any free form field was not used.

Posted - 2007.11.22 09:28:00 - [66]

Well overdue. Absolutely fantastic, looks good. Smile

That UI is really starting to look dated though.

CCP Fear

Posted - 2007.11.22 09:55:00 - [67]

Originally by: 350125GO
This looks promising, but it'll need some tweaking.

The main thing I don't like is that I'm going to have to fly around to a bunch of different regions to place ads. This is a bit of a burden on recruiters, it's also going to be tough on young corps to open an office in each region they want to recruit in. You should be able to view the ads in all regions, just like you can contracts. You'll still have to fly to a specific region to apply to a corp.

I think you should keep it simple. Leave it the way it is, just allow viewing of multiple regions. Charge more for a multi-region listing if you want, just make it possible. It's absurd to think in the universe EvE takes place in that they couldn't brodcast or access an ad across multiple regions.

And to everyone who wants all the extra check boxes, the idea of an ad is to get potential recruits into your recruiting channel so you can interview them, and they you. Haven't you ever read a want ad before?

You can place ads in all regions Wherever you are. Just as long as you have an office there. There are no restrictions on your actual location. So if you are somewhere in Stain, you can place ads in Domain. Same goes with searching. You can search in any region regardless of your location. Just select the region in the drop down menu.

Originally by: Serenity Steele
- Specify skill points per category required

This is something for the future yes. I will add this to my list (this goes for everything in this list).

This is a nice first step.

How about an additional system where you can post your CV for recruiters to search for? It would have the same tick boxes as the advert system plus maybe an option to share the skill tree as well.

We have been thinking about such things, and it would make sense to do it. So we probably will.

Originally by: Mashie Saldana
Is the minimum skillpoints requirement just an info text or is it actually set up that you don't see the ad unless you have enough skillpoints?

It is a text number, but you can filter it to show only corps that will allow you to join based on your skillpoints or hide them.

Can we please be able to supply data on and filter on:

Corp Size (above and below a threshold)
Min skill points

This is already in.

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2007.11.22 10:05:00 - [68]

Smart ISK-sink. Well done.


Tres Farmer
Gallente Federation Intelligence Service
Posted - 2007.11.22 10:56:00 - [69]

Originally by: Redbad
Smart ISK-sink. Well done.

Hm.. you mean, this gimmick was created with this stealth-purpose in mind? nice... YARRRR!!

Posted - 2007.11.22 10:58:00 - [70]

Maybe replace the "skillpoints" box with a minimum skilpoint one and maximum skillpoint one.

A lot of corps have got minimum SP requirements, but I can imagine e.g. the eve-university corp would like to set a maximum SP cap.
Otherwise please rename the box to minimum skillpoints to prevent confusion

Posted - 2007.11.22 11:21:00 - [71]

Originally by: Alz Shado
That's some fee for a single line listing -- will our ads show up on the billboards too? How about on the scrolly text tickers that go around in some stations?

Advertising in the corp page is ok. Advertising visually -- now that'd be awesome. Now just get rid of all the damn anchored cans.

Finding a corp should be as immersive and important as character creation. When you're deciding just how linear to make it you should keep that in mind.

Scimon Tinker
Posted - 2007.11.22 12:13:00 - [72]

hey hey

Posted THIS a while back but got no replies.. . :/

Kai Zion
Posted - 2007.11.22 12:49:00 - [73]

Edited by: Kai Zion on 22/11/2007 12:52:13
Please consider adding a way for people to find other roleplayers using this feature.

It would be a very simple and effective way to help that part of the Eve community grow, and it needs all the support it can get.

Edit, ah I see that you are in fact adding it.


Oberon Incorporated
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2007.11.22 12:59:00 - [74]

Edited by: Rilder on 22/11/2007 13:03:10
How about a tab for Voice comms being required.

Cyriel Longinus
Posted - 2007.11.22 13:13:00 - [75]

Edited by: Cyriel Longinus on 22/11/2007 13:14:25

Mr. CCP Fear,

This is excellent work and thank you.

The in station Corporate Recruitment NPC with a customizable corp uniform/attire is all I have to suggest (as a feature to include in Ambulation).

Again, thank you.

Gner Dechast
Flashman Services
Posted - 2007.11.22 14:07:00 - [76]

Very nice idea - how about coupling this with the many times mentioned ability to get adverts into CONCORD billboards for extra (excessive) fee?


  1. Please consider changing "unknown" alliance to "(none)"

  2. Why is there a Station column in "Our Adverts"? How is that relevant, if adverts are put up region by region?

  3. "Add Recruitment Details" - Replace "Days" with "Advert Durations" or similar that explains better the purpose of the field.

  4. "Add Recruitment Details" - Again, what is the purpose of the station here? The Station to apply in? What if many? If it is office/application station, say so in the dialog -> change "station" into "Applications to station..." or similar

  5. "Add Recruitment Details" - Change "Race" to "Looking for Races"

  6. "Add Recruitment Details" - Change "Locations" to "Our primary areas of operation" or similar

  7. "Add Recruitment Details" - Change "Operations" to "Our primary operations" or similar

  8. "Add Recruitment Details" - Change "Skillpoints" to "Skillpoint requirement for applicants" or similar

  9. "Add Recruitment Details" - Add counter "0/1000" to the empty space under "Message" title to ease creating the content.

  10. "Add Recruitment Details" - Cut it in half lengthwise, make it wider, allow bigger area for the message input box. (two columns for other, message in the bottom spanning the two columns)

  11. "Other adverts" - min what? max what? employees? Replace/add with understandable titles

  12. "Other adverts" - Dropdown values should fit the field.

  13. "Filtering" - Add string "These additional filtering parameters will further refine the list of adverts you see in Other Adverts page" or similar

  14. "Filtering" - Consider allowing user the full potential of SQL. What if instead of checkbox you would have three state dropdown selection "(not used)", "Must Not Have/Be", "Must Have/Be" Allowing wider searching like "pretty much any Amarr -only corp that doesn't endorse piracy" for example.

I don't wanna sound overly negative, but the presented UI reeks of developer made - having no input from IU/usability expert (if it had, I'm sorry... for you) Wink

Overall idea is commendable, althou the price may be little dramatic for new corporations especially (reduced pricing for corporations younger than 6 months? CONCORD way of endorcing upstart corporations and competition).

There are now quite a few of these kinds of CONCORD interfaces "hidden" into (under) the Corporation interface. Have you considered creating a new UI interface for CONCORD Bureau containing user side interface for browsing this registry and other such interfaces, like alliance listing, ranking etc - which really are not attributes of an individual corporation?

Hugh Ruka
Exploratio et Industria Morispatia
Posted - 2007.11.22 14:37:00 - [77]


Official language

to the search/add options. I guess both will always appear in the corp message.

Gner Dechast
Flashman Services
Posted - 2007.11.22 14:58:00 - [78]

Few other items came to my mind as well...

  1. Why dows it have to be from the Master wallet? (does "Personnel Manager" automatically have rights to use corp funds?) Why not from active wallet division? Or better yet, why not have a drop down of divisions to choose from?

  2. Could you also allow real-life like job adverts? "We are looking for a scientist of 10M SP or more, capable of Barrage and shield mod inventions" or "Looking for ECM pilots for a mercenary corporation capable of flying Falcon". Focus on looking a specific professional, where as all this now has been mostly employee based in design, allow them easier browsing of actively recruiting corporations

  3. Headhunting. A cross between contract and job advert. Corp is looking for a refiner having none in their own midst, let's say. Add a headhunting fee to the advert, allowing potential headhunter drag'n drop a link to the job advert thereby tagging him as the intermediary person connecting the employee and employer and the advert link opening up into a contact sheet that gets sent to the recruiter in parsed Evemail. Bogus/too compex idea? (propably)

  4. Regading number of views. This need not to be a DB killer. Simply apply the same logic being applied to NPC bounties, sec status increases and such. Store the hits in memory and write them down (add) to the records every 30 minutes or whatever. Disregard simple search listing results, but count if they are viewed further or right clicked and corp info opened, for example...

  5. Try to filter all the ideas here down to the most commonly beneficial, and let specifics be spelled out in the message portion (which really should be more than 1000 characters, ESPECIALLY since linking costs lots of hidden characters.

Well, enough spam from me on this subject...

Nuyan Zahedi
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2007.11.22 16:09:00 - [79]

Originally by: CCP Fear

There's one critical thing you've missed - roleplaying.

Yes, I'm sorry :( I'll see that it will get in there!

Don't. It doesn't fit Eve at all and it'd even be against CCP's philosophy about RP. I mean, everything is roleplay, adding a tag like that actually means you just made your new mechanic Out of Character. If a corporation wants to add some background story to it (for example), they can do that in the message box part.

Wreckless Abandon
Posted - 2007.11.22 16:37:00 - [80]

Originally by: Crumplecorn
'Lawless' would be more accurate than 'Outlaw'.

or just "0.0 space". The majority of people living in 0.0 have very high (close to 5.0) sec statuses, so its hardly outlaw space. And most 0.0 is tightly controlled by strict rules, so it's not really lawless, either.

The Circle
Posted - 2007.11.22 17:21:00 - [81]

Can you add a second contact field?
Some corps have a ALT as ceo because of the skills needed, and the "real" ceo is not the listed ceo, and those alt's are not checked often. Providing a alternative person as contact could help alot.

John McCreedy
Eve Defence Force
Posted - 2007.11.22 22:05:00 - [82]

I've been quite the arch critic of CCP of late, largely down to the fact that I and an awful lot of other long term players I know are deeply, deeply unhappy with their development choices and lack of any credible customer service but I do have to give credit where credit is due and this not only looks like it could be a great tool for CEOs and Recruiters alike but also looks like the interface is easy and simple to use.

More development like this and less needless nerfing and you might win over some of us critics Wink

The Galactic Empire
Executive Outcomes
Posted - 2007.11.23 00:17:00 - [83]

Edited by: Annatar on 23/11/2007 00:25:52
Edited by: Annatar on 23/11/2007 00:21:40
Good to see a lot of nice Suggestions but most of the Stuff can add in the 1.000 text box field.

But as a director of an Corperation that only consists of german speaking Players i See a VERY IMPORTENT and needed Selection


Basically i think it should have at least all the Languages that are possible to choose from the Eve Cleint language list.


- General Reduceing Serverload. (IMHO)
- Reduced Database Load (results only contains List of Corperations that are intrested in the Player bc he speak the neeed language, so that unappropiate results don't lead to unneeded Detail descriptions for the "NEw corp. searching Player"
- more overview and reduced time, due to a shorten result List of an search, to find an appropiate corperation.

-time to implement the feature.

The suggestion would fit in for ever Coerperation that are limited to Specific languages. It would reduce the list of results really a lot considering the dozen of languages and would greatly increase the Time to find a good Corp for the spoken Languages of the looking player.

Don'T know if you can get that in, btu i already imagine the tousends of Players looking for a specific Language corperation (as example: chineese,spanish,portuguise, italian,german,russian) and ending up on a 90% englisch leaded corperation List.

Its a really good and needed feature with the language, imho.

(Remember not to detect languages to display from the Client, bc there a lot of players like to Play on a English client btu prefer to join a Mothertounge language Corperation in the fafourite voice communication.


I am compleatly Against any kind of HIT/accessed/views Counter bc that only would lead to an "exploid" due to 3rd accounts to boost "thier" corperation offer, by spamming the servers to raise the Count.

Posted - 2007.11.23 01:52:00 - [84]

All seems very cool, only thing I think is missing is a *not* option. You know how in advanced search engines, you can searh for "stat A" AND "stat B" AND NOT "Stat C"? I think this would be very useful for cutting out things attributes that either the corp, or the person looking for a corp doesn't want. For example, my corp is a 0.0 corp that fights, mines, manufactures, but is strict Anti-Pirate, so we could specify that on our corp ad, in the filter options.

I think the simplest implentation would simply be have two boxes for each option, one labeled "Has/Have/Do" the other "Has Not, Have Not, Does Not," or something along those lines.

White Noise.
Posted - 2007.11.23 01:58:00 - [85]

I'm missing timezone, should be a box for the corp's prime time US/Euro/Asia. Plenty of people changing corp because all the action happen during night/work in their old one.

Can't see any good reason to have one list per region. There is no connection between where you have offices and where you want to recruit. You would just force people to create a new Jita, if most corps start advertising in one specific region all applicants will search there and force everyone else to open an office there as well. The result will be one overloaded database and an extreme demand for offices in the Forge.
Better find another solution while it's still easy to change.

Ion Corp.
Citex Alliance
Posted - 2007.11.23 06:24:00 - [86]

Play style check boxes are missing.Sad It would be pretty nice to have the option to check Newbie-friendly, or Experience Players Only.

Posted - 2007.11.23 09:42:00 - [87]

please, in the future, add the option to display a mini-addv. to
the billboards (maybe consisting of the corp logo and a "one-liner",
that liks to the full add)? Could be a very nice corp-isk-sink.

Omega Wing
Snatch Victory
Posted - 2007.11.23 20:48:00 - [88]

It's already been suggested in this thread, but the billboards having our ads in them would be awesome. I've always wanted that feature, at least as an alternative to spamming secure cans.

Snake Doctor
Posted - 2007.11.23 22:47:00 - [89]

Originally by: CCP Fear
Would it be possible to have add any measures of effectiveness? For example, adding a "views" or "hit counter"?

This might be possible, but then the DB programmer will have to look into that if it's too heavy. It also might need some design changes, so i'm doubtful at this time, but I'll look at it.

might i suggest one more listing for the "operations" ...

Not a bad idea. The greatness on how it was implemented in the background, is that the categories are dynamic. Meaning that I (or anyone else) can add categories without needing a huge programming effort. So this is a high possibility.

That's some fee for a single line listing -- will our ads show up on the billboards too? How about on the scrolly text tickers that go around in some stations?

Well, the station environment perhaps not but that needs to be explored. Billboards has been discussed as well.

But overall, the visuals of this will enhance in one of the first patches following trinity. then we won't have just single line, but some more information listed in each listing. As well as some tweaking.

Not going into much detail about it, as it's still on the drawingboards, but what has been discussed is player submitted banners, Ambulation, Billboards and so forth. So we are just beginning with this now, and this will be expanded upon later with more options and goodies.

How about a "Law Enforcement" option--- Some corps are anti-pirate, or in our case, anti-ISK Farmer. Groups of low sec police may find it useful as well.

Just an idea.

Posted - 2007.11.23 23:14:00 - [90]


You can add timezone information (what time the corp operate) and what Country/Region your members should be (America, Europa, Asia), etc

You can display other informations, like number of members, killboards and war decs

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