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Kazumasa Ishikawa
Posted - 2007.11.18 12:04:00 - [1]

Hi guys, ive just made a trader/miner alt and i'm wondering which races transport ship path is the strongest overall?

I understand that the Iterion Mk V is the best Industrial and both Minmatar and the Amarr have relatively decent carrying loads in their Industrials but it's the two steps after this im stuck on.

Which race's Transport ship and Freighter is the strongest of them all and why ?

If you had to follow the full path for a single race which would it be ?

Its the Transport ship that i'm most interested in as the freighters seem well balanced and the industrials are a bit of an irrelivance as you can carry a half decent ammount in them all.

I'm thinking minmatar overall since that would offer me the fastest but any help would be much appreciated.

Posted - 2007.11.18 12:56:00 - [2]

This is one area where Amarr win as far as I'm concerned. I had serious doubts when I was training for them.. That would be before the expanders change where the Impel would actually have a negative number for it's 'top speed'...also before rigs.

Sure am glad I trained them now tho. :)

Impel fits 12 Giant Secure Containers with t2 expanders and 2 cargo rigs, this on top of having t2 resists on cruiser level hitpoints PLUS being able to fit a awesome. :P It could tank very nice too if you setup for it, no doubt...

The Prorator is more of a jack of all trades. Maybe not the fastest, or having the biggest cargo bay, but you can set it up to do anything pretty much, and it will do it well.

Last thing, it's just a guess, but I think the Providence with a skilled CS /w armor ganglinks would be the "toughest" freighter since it has the most armor HPs. Could be wrong here tho..and probably am since sheilds are overpowered. Razz

Acoco Osiris
Posted - 2007.11.18 13:18:00 - [3]

Edited by: Acoco Osiris on 18/11/2007 13:18:55
Gallente industrials have a version at all skill levels. However, other races typically have better cargos until the Iteron Mark V. The Obelisk (frieghter) is popular due to its massive hull HP, thus resistance to suicide ganks. Occator has 2'nd best cargo by a thin margin. Bit better on the gank-resistance factor, though.

Caldari industrials are pretty much for "lolz" combat operations. Lots of mids and CPU, but not too much cargo. The Charon has the most cargo of any freighter. Dunno about T2.

Minmatar industrials are "meh", seeing as you're usually not going for speed. Ditto on their freighter. However, their blockade runner is almost certainly the best out there-BR is the one industrial class where speed and agility counts for more than cargo.

Amarr industrials fall behind the Iteron Mk. V in cargo, but are almost pathetically easy to train for (and carry more than most other industrials). The Impel carries the most cargo of any DS transport, but has only a single midslot. Their freighter might actually get more raw health than the Obelisk once you count gang links and full Slaves.

But seriously, how many frieghter pilots regularly pack full Slave implants and have a Damnation in near-constant attendance?


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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