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Posted - 2007.11.17 13:26:00 - [1]

Tech III - Faction Bioship Class - Fleet target designator - Siege/Command ship

Key attribute – Designed as a force multiplier, that can give a fleet outstanding mobility around jumpgates - albeit with substantial drawbacks

4 racial variants – Guristas (Caldari), Serpentis (Gallente), Blood Raider (Amarr) and Angel Cartel (Minmatar)

Invention: (skills: Advance Research V, Illegal Research V)

Faction Xenomorph DNA Sample (Expendable - 10/10 Complex final stage reward – 1:3 chance of dropping)
Stem Cell Culture (Expendable – Level 5 Agent mission reward)
Illegal Datasheets (Expendable – R&D agents high loyalty point price)
Bio-Ship Data Interface (Reusable - Made from BPC and materials from Exploration sites)
Research time at a POS research facility

Frozen Alien Foetus (Tech III – Bioship blueprint)

Manufacture (Skills: Bioship Production I)

Frozen Alien Foetus (see Invention above)
Incubation Vat at POS – coupled to Silos and Advance Ship Production Hangar
100 Ozone per hour (Ice Mining)
100 Damaged Corpses per hour (dead crew - salvageable from wrecks – high yield and high chance of salvage from player Tech 2 wrecks – 1: 5 chance of low yield from ratting wrecks – none from ships smaller than a Battlecruiser)
100 Radioactive Gases per hour (Gas cloud mining + Reaction blueprint + POS Reactor)
Assorted standard ship components (Armour Plating, thruster assemblies, Nanites, Warp Drive, Capacitors etc)
Time (4 weeks in Vat + 2 weeks in ship production hangar)

= Faction Tech 3 - Bioship

Piloting Bioship

Advanced Ship Command 5
Racial BS 5
Bioships 1
Faction Interspecies Communication Hardwiring Implant (Dropped by NPC commanders)
Faction Bio-Neural Interlink Hardwiring Implant – (Dropped by NPC commanders)


• Capable of activating a jump gate remotely - from as far as 250km away and simultaneously jumping every ship within 10km of itself into the neighbouring system at a random distance from the destination jump gate.

• Each faction uses a different radioactive gas to create a powerful particle beam that at once target paints, allowing accompanying support ships to easily hit it an enemy (e.g. trebles signature radius), as well as radioactively decreasing the ability of the targets shields and armour to resist a particular damage type. (e.g. -20% to target’s shield and armour EM resistance per BioShips skill level)

• The particle beam functions equally well against POSes and Capitals as it does against ships. The beam has a 250 range and insta-locks all targets since it does not use electronics.

• Whilst these living ships are unable to interface with shielding electronics due to lack of an adequate power supply. However, genetics and the use of armour plating combined with nanotechnology have blessed these creatures with immensely powerful (if heavy – 50000 armour hitpoints) self-healing armour of 95% universal resistance.

• Immune to most Electronic warfare including ECM, sensor dampening and stasis webification – however because it interfaces with a warp drive it is vulnerable to warp scrambling despite an inbuilt +3 resistance

• The beast has a vast cargohold – this is usually filled with food, ozone and radioactive gases to sustain it and power activate its particle beam target painter – the cargohold can be topped up from floating cargo containers jettisoned by a gang/corporation member

Posted - 2007.11.17 13:28:00 - [2]

Edited by: Mzilikazi on 17/11/2007 13:28:55

• The creatures emit a natural bio-electric field that acts as a -50% stasis webification and + 1 warp scrambling field to all ships within 20km

• Due to its bulk, weight and limited propulsion system the bioship is ponderously slow (50m/s) and turns very slowly too – also large signature radius

• The creature cannot dock at a station or outpost. It must live in a POS. Whilst inside a pos shield, these creatures have the sensation of being in their maternal womb and enter Hibernation mode, consuming only one frozen corpse per day and 100 ozone per day. However, once outside the pos shield they are insatiable and demand food at a rate of 1000 frozen corpses per hour plus 1000 ozone per hour – or else they enter starvation mode

• Starvation mode is when denied food the creature has no energy to work with so it cannot operate its particle beam, its armour resistance drops away completely and it becomes somewhat petulant in refusing to obey commands to move + the defenceless and immobile creature can survive for only one week in starvation mode.

• When armour hitpoints fall below 10% the creature enters survival mode and consumes triple the amount of food and ozone (like reinforced mode on a POS) and stops using its other systems to focus on survival.


Rumoured Biological Anti-fleet Ship Class created by Pirate Factions

In recent times several Naval and Capsuleer fleets searching for Pirate forces have vanished without a trace and until a single survivor turned up, Concord forces investigating possible breaches of the Yulai convention might not have put together the pieces of this frightening puzzle.

A Concord official speaking on condition of anonymity stated that in the farthest regions of lawless space, far from prying eyes, the great pirate factions of New Eden have grasped the need to co-operate or perish. In their bid to reclaim territory and re-establish their influence, they have used dangerous, unethical and illegal research methods and exchanged technology to spawn a race of deadly anti-fleet bioships.

“A race of terrible abominations designed to wreak untold devastation upon the capsuleer and faction armadas and fixed structures encamped within their territories have been created.”

Such technology is highly illegal under the Yulai convention and the official further stated that, “CONCORD cannot be allow this technology to enter secured space where it might upset the balance of power between the great empires.” The official also claimed that rumours of organic ship research among the pirate factions had been floating around the intelligence community for years. However, what apparently surprised Concord the most was the rumour that the rapidly growing market for the bio-matter of dead crew salvaged from space was a result of this illegal research.

The spokesman added, “Until recently the ‘Cadaver market’ had been perceived as something of a quasi-legal taboo indulged by certain macabre fetishist elements of the capsuleer community – accumulating vast private morgues and mausoleums for fantasist or roleplaying purposes. However, in recent times extreme demand for damaged corpses has created a niche for this trade in traditional markets which was thought to be for the purposes of advanced medical research to treat those suffering from the side-effects of illegal boosters. However evidence and a solitary survivor point to the real reason for the emergence of the market, “the damaged corpses of our hardworking colleagues and long suffering crew members are fodder for these biological fiendships”.

Posted - 2007.11.17 13:30:00 - [3]

The official allowed this reporter to read an intelligence dossier describing these living ships. Apparently as foul-smelling as they are deadly, they must consume damaged corpses and breathe ozone in order to function. The creation of these bioships is as result of a tremendous research effort previously thought impossible by pirate factions. For instance, having mined moons for gases to produce illegal drugs the Blood Raiders are credited with discovering the shield and armour destabilising properties of certain gases when irradiated in a reactor.

The Guristas have allegedly contributed their advanced research into the abuse of inter-system jumpgates, whilst the Serpentis have contributed advanced nanotechnology interfaced with their famed heavy armour plating. The document also suggests that it might be the infamous Angel Cartel who desecrated an archaeological find to retrieve the long dead corpses of ancient Alien species. These combined research efforts have been used to produced these faction bioships with many similarities but key differences in their weaponry. It is thought that once born these beasts must interface for life with a pilot forming a powerful cybernetic symbiosis of man, implants, alien DNA, ship components and gaseous particle weaponry.

Posted - 2007.11.17 13:42:00 - [4]

what do you all think

wouldn't this be fun?

Doomed Predator
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.11.17 14:38:00 - [5]

Well, it's an interesting idea and it might be fun but it doesn't really fit into the whole EVE story. Maybe as an experiment gone horribly wrong in jove research facilities it could be a new ''pirate'' faction.

Btw,how would you hook up a pod in that thing?

Posted - 2007.11.17 14:55:00 - [6]

Originally by: Doomed Predator
Well, it's an interesting idea and it might be fun but it doesn't really fit into the whole EVE story. Maybe as an experiment gone horribly wrong in jove research facilities it could be a new ''pirate'' faction.

Btw,how would you hook up a pod in that thing?

Well to pilot the ship you would need the implants and skills listed above & apart from that you can board the ship like any other, because it has been engineered in that way.

However,a pilot ejecting their capsule from the ship would also destroy the ship

MeatSausage EXPRESS
Posted - 2007.11.17 18:15:00 - [7]


Nair Al-Zaurak
Posted - 2007.11.17 19:12:00 - [8]

certainly looks interesting, not sure if it would work well though...


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