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Lone Gunman
Forhotea Corporation
Posted - 2007.11.17 01:16:00 - [61]

I see the announcement has now been removed from the front news page. Only took about 4 hours.

Dark Cardinal
Posted - 2007.11.17 01:50:00 - [62]


this only the begining!!! Very Happy

Mashie Saldana
Veto Corp
Posted - 2007.11.17 01:54:00 - [63]

Congrats, enjoy the beer.

Distant Thunder
Perihelion Alliance
Posted - 2007.11.17 01:59:00 - [64]

Most Excellent.

I've been here at may 2003 release
I've been here when we reached 6000 users online at the same time
I've been here when in gemini when we had a lower population of 3000 at peak.
I've been here when in castor
I've been here when in shiva
I've been here when in kali
I've been here with 10k online
I've been here with 20k online
I've been here with 30k online

And I will be there with 200k online when we can walk on planets and grow ammarian wheat in the farm.

EvE, the one world to rule them all.

Vermillion Sands
Posted - 2007.11.17 02:04:00 - [65]

Congrats CCP!!!
I'm also having several drinks on your behalf at the same time (a good excuse for alt's)

Posted - 2007.11.17 02:07:00 - [66]

OH YEAH...!!! Mug shots of your conquests. cool thought.:-)

Congradulations to the folks at ccp for their very good support of EVE.

And with all the nice isk rolling in every month from all those devoted players, I look forward to continued support and more realy cool goodies like on station avatars presently in the hatchery. Still gotta have a window guys, even if its a veiw screen showing the ships coming in to dock :-)

I thoroughly enjoy EVE despite its evil undertones and various difficulties like Lag.

Here's to another 20 years of EVE online, with 100k average numbers on the server at anyone time and 1 mill subscribers. At which point i'll kick the bucket in total bliss.


Posted - 2007.11.17 02:42:00 - [67]

Let the people come. More are better. Grats.

The Graduates
Posted - 2007.11.17 02:51:00 - [68]

Congrats on the milestone! This game has seen steady population increase since launch and both the devs and the players are the reason why. Here's to 300k when it comes!

Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2007.11.17 03:29:00 - [69]

Edited by: Amior on 17/11/2007 03:29:44
Gratz CCP, since the 200,000... wouldn't you please reduce the amount to transfer characters to another account & changing portrait since I been your loyal customer for two years and have two two-year old accounts... Current prices ridiculous! Cheers! :)

Jack Gilligan
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.11.17 03:30:00 - [70]

WOW! I am so glad to see this... I am a SWG refugee... Finally found this game a couple months ago and I am loving it... 2 years ago this week, SOE cast aside the 200K Pre-NGE players to simplify the game to go after WoW like numbers. These days their sub number looks closer to 20K than 200K...

To see EvE achieving Pre-CU SWG like subscriber numbers while maintaining an even more complex skills based virtual world is astounding to me.

And I am looking forward to the future, when we get our avatars and the beginnings of a "ground" game.

Keep up the excellent work, guys and gals!

Posted - 2007.11.17 04:32:00 - [71]

Who are you tryin to kid? You can't fool us.
We know this is just feeble excuse to have yet another party involving lots of fun and alchohol! Wink

Seriously though, grats to all of you for making such a great game. With the upgraded graphics and the constant updates, EVE's future looks bright indeed. I only see it going up from here, with no end in sight. Cool

Elstar Calrissium
Posted - 2007.11.17 04:37:00 - [72]

This is great, but does anyone know how many of the active accounts are second or third accounts by initial active users? I know I have two active accounts...

Posted - 2007.11.17 04:53:00 - [73]

I remeber the days 5k online and 1600 or so in the late night hours 2 -4 am central time. Anyway space has more targets now and more buyers its all good

Posted - 2007.11.17 05:18:00 - [74]

congrats CCP.

Gotta wonder why if your averaging 40k trial accounts not many of them are converting to full accounts however. But 200k is nothing to scoff at. Not bad for an Indy MMO company at all :)

Crimson Star Empire
FREGE Alliance
Posted - 2007.11.17 06:46:00 - [75]

Originally by: duckmonster
congrats CCP.

Gotta wonder why if your averaging 40k trial accounts not many of them are converting to full accounts however. But 200k is nothing to scoff at. Not bad for an Indy MMO company at all :)

Many of those trial accounts are probably isk sellers and other non-"real" players. Possibly even just trial account scouts for someone's main character(s), who knows...

Definitely glad to hear it's up to 200k though! Can't wait to see that number increase dramatically with all the new releases and publicity CCP is getting!! (Trinity, Mac/Linux, etc)

Alex Bester
Hansa Teutonica
Posted - 2007.11.17 07:26:00 - [76]

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! (Congratulations) from Germany.

RoCkEt X
Posted - 2007.11.17 07:32:00 - [77]

grats CCP, happy to be here. when trinity is released the omg graphics should get you more people =)

Alastorr Frost
The Wormhole Mafia
Posted - 2007.11.17 07:38:00 - [78]

Edited by: Alastorr Frost on 17/11/2007 07:37:56
4 years of FUN for me,
Here is to the NEXT 4 years...and hopefully 500k subscribers :)

Groal Dee
Posted - 2007.11.17 07:45:00 - [79]

I saw the photo's of fanfest and I'm wondering, I think I'm the only 42 year old playing with you young folks. I really enjoy this game very much and I hope EVE has a great future now; if I can just get my wife to play... Razz

The Chatelaine
Posted - 2007.11.17 08:03:00 - [80]

Originally by: Amior
Edited by: Amior on 17/11/2007 03:29:44
Gratz CCP, since the 200,000... wouldn't you please reduce the amount to transfer characters to another account & changing portrait since I been your loyal customer for two years and have two two-year old accounts... Current prices ridiculous! Cheers! :)

Im in agreeance with Amior, plus I would like to add another suggestion to work on. one day you guys could come up with a way that players could transfer skill points from characters they wish to delete (could be done in percetages) i.e. the character has to be at least one year old and played in a mission in the last 7 days to be eligible to transfer and he must be deleted immediatley afterwards and then only 50 or 75 % of the points can be retained and transfered to a character of his or her choice. some thing like that.

Dillon Arklight
Posted - 2007.11.17 08:20:00 - [81]

Hearty congratulations to CPP for breaking 200,000 active users. I can almost hear ROXOR singing from the 2006 fanfest...

"....200,000 200,000!!!...."

The Padre
The Legion of Reclaiming
Posted - 2007.11.17 08:28:00 - [82]

Cool 200k and I have 0.000025% of them, is that worth anything?

Posted - 2007.11.17 09:34:00 - [83]

What can I say except, "keep it going, and how about landing on some planets?
I can also add that my subscription will be going into it's fourth year in January, lets hope you hit the 50k barrier next year eh! Great game with lots of choices within the gameplay.
Well done CCP!

Sothis Antares
Volition Cult
The Volition Cult
Posted - 2007.11.17 10:15:00 - [84]

Gratz. Awesum :D

Roy Gordon
Caldari Advanced Response Division
Power Of 3
Posted - 2007.11.17 11:58:00 - [85]

When you reach 250k subscribers could you hold an in-game celebration please?
The future of EvE looks bright to me.

Dave White
Posted - 2007.11.17 12:00:00 - [86]

Congrats. Can we freeze subs now please untill those super computers get sorted? Razz

LoneWolf Mining
Veni Vidi Vici Alliance
Posted - 2007.11.17 13:09:00 - [87]

well ccp, congratulations for the great overall work you have done and to this mark you reached.
well that i am not hopping around happy has a reason, the t2 freighter so called jump freighter are a death call for those eve industrialists who are not in big alliances, as long as the jump freighter is planned as t2 freighter, that means too expensive to afford, that works only the big alliances into their hand because ccp is elemenating possible upgrowing concurrents per implenting a ship that cry from design "i am not affordable" , and oh who wonder hangars get nerfed that they cant carry ships with cargo.

many ppl will say shut up, or stop whining, but feel free, i even dont care about it. you will cry if those changes have a heavier impact on eve economy than you thought.

well to be straight, ppl doing business in eve want cargo space that can jump and thats it, it has to be t1 and affordable and useful, and not a wet dev dream making that look nice of course but is an uneconomical monster.

i can tell you what happen when you stay at the current t2 freighter or jump freighter design.
its simple, you hit those players who try to work their way up in eve, member of big alliances and their alts will be happy about that, because they gain more might, not only the military but also the economy might, because you ccp guys were so friendly to make it impossible for the others to run their pos that maybe not there where sov is available, because they are in the npc regions of 0.0 space and just want to use this niche to do their business.
that would mean that many corps were forced to fall back to empire, they will still need t2 stuff like everyone else too, but the moon mins available are less than before, prices will raise.
the picture can you ccp guys think further on yourself, and the end will that new users will see its not friendly to play eve any more and say cya and cancel subsription.

must you ccp guys loose cash or do you please hear the warning i give you about the danger ? you cant say i have not warned ya anymore.
the only option to prevent that is make an own ship class that provide cargo space and jump capabilities on t1 level that ppl can afford to keep things running, but no short range jumps that dont helps anyone, a real alternative for freight logistic work what means at least carrier jump range.
and should be from the price on the same level as carrier, rorqual or dread, at least around 2 billion isk maximum, just give it a number. you ccp guys take away a t1 capital from freight logistic, and the alternative has to be on same level, that means t1 capital, no t2 one !!

MfG ottman

Slaughty Bodphast
MARSOC Galactic
Posted - 2007.11.17 16:36:00 - [88]

I remember going into an EB Games store and deciding to buy Freelancer. I hadn't played a PC game for quite sometime. I had just got a new PC and was anxious to see how good things were. As I was at the register, the clerk says "Try this out and if you like it, check out a game called Eve-Online." I thought Freelancer was amazing. So after about 2 hrs of playing the advice was haunting me. I searched for the game the clerk had mentioned. When I found it Ilooked at some trailers and seeing that they were made from actual gameplay, bought an account right away. That was alittle over two years ago and curiously, I've never bought another PC or console game since. As a matter of fact, I only play Eve. Cheers CCP, and thank-you for a truly unique experience. I know I can say "I'm here for the long haul." Thank-you.

Matsui Hideki
Royal Amarr Institute
Posted - 2007.11.17 18:03:00 - [89]


rolland deschain
Posted - 2007.11.17 18:32:00 - [90]

Congratulations and we're all extremely excited (and quite thankful for the power of two promotion deal) but I have multiple accounts on eve but I notice that there's a bit of a catch to what ccp just said.

"Many people have had a hand in EVE attaining this milestone, but we would not have reached it without each and every member of the EVE community. We are deeply grateful for your past, present and continued support. Thank you!"

My point though is that CCP only exquisitely shows care to those beta baby players that have been playing since the beginning. I'llbelieve it when I see it because whenever I make a petition on my other accounts I get a very sour response.

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