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Roy Gordon
Caldari Advanced Response Division
Power Of 3
Posted - 2007.11.16 19:09:00 - [1]

Edited by: Roy Gordon on 16/11/2007 20:03:57
* The screen blinks on displaying a figure seated behind a desk *

As many of you citizens will have noted, there have been a number of communications recently concerning ATTC members. Accusations have been made and throughout it all I have chosen to remain silent.
However, that was upto now.
I wish to share with you a communication I have received today which will hopefully resolve the matter-
SercDatRetvfileop: FIRST
RecReq: HR/SDD/10057511
Comp: 16/11/109

From: Amina Binni/ Medical Examiner/ Sobaseki VII - Caldari Navy Logistic Support
To: Roy Gordon/ CEO The Star Wolves Corporation

Ref: Case ‘Joanan’/’Jarlock’/’Glarock’

Dear Citizen Gordon

I have been asked to contact you concerning an ‘incident’ at the Caldari Navy Logistic Support facilities here on Sobaseki VII. It appears one of our corporation operatives has taken it upon themselves to embark on a campaign of vilification towards both yourself, your corporation, and members of the Aunni Ti Tsuun Alliance. We were alerted to the activities of our operative when a scan of our records sent to the regional House of Records facility revealed unauthorised signal traffic.
We have now taken the individual to this medical facility for investigations into their behaviour.
The citizen has revealed that their actions are connected to your military service, and in particular to the ‘Geralon Raid’. It transpires that the individual’s father and two brothers perished in that debacle, and they place the blame solely on your shoulders.
Please accept our deepest apologies for this error of judgement on behalf of this citizen and rest assured that such allegations will not be made again.
Again, our apologies in this matter.

Amina Binni
Medical Examiner
Whilst not condoning this individuals actions, I now know and understand what drove them to it. I believe that mental anguish rather than malice drove them into this action. To this end I have offered to pay for the citizens medical fees and rehabilitation program and will ensure that they are well looked after in the future.

I now consider the matter closed.

Jack Hybrid
Karnola Industries
APEX Conglomerate
Posted - 2007.11.16 19:29:00 - [2]

Now back to reporting star clusters...


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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