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Jhered Stern
Black Serpent Technologies
Posted - 2004.03.03 21:44:00 - [1]

Edited by: Jhered Stern on 04/03/2004 05:31:39
In the Citadel of the Dammed there is great hall on the lower levels called the Hall of the Forsaken. Here in this hall a private ceremony is held every 1st day of the 3rd month where cadets of the Imperial Star Fleet Academy swear fealty to the Forsaken Emperor. They place their right hand on the bejeweled pommel of the Sward of Sorrows and recite these words:

…for my soul I was bestowed a sward, for my courage I was bestowed a shield, for my loyalty I was bestowed armor… my heart, my soul, my mind and my body I swear to the service of the Empire…

…the will of the Emperor is my strength and my strength will not falter so too the will of the Emperor is made strong…

At the end of the ceremony they are knighted into the Order of the Forsaken and receive their Imperial commission into the Star Fleet. The symbol of an Imperial Officer of the Forsaken Empire is that of a skull embossed over a four pointed star, where the lower point extends the farthest. The symbology is simple; the skull represents the nature of the Forsaken; we are dead to all. The Star represents our home in space; we were condemned to the outer void of Empire Space.

The ceremony ends with the following line:

…I once walked among the living, but now I am dead. So here I shall reside for eternity with my brethren, in The Citadel of the Dammed.

As I delivered the news to the Emperor concerning the situation developing between m0o and Curse I recited these words to myself. I could not help but see in my minds eye the faces of my forsaken brothers who had over the last few months entered the service of Lord Zap’s nomadic juggranaught. During the Fountain campaign I served along side some of the warriors of m00 and grew to respect them and see them as true brethren of the Hall of the Forsaken. Now, with the recent confirmations delivered to the general public I can see only loss. The loss of good friends and fine warriors, for I know that if m0o and the Imperial Navy were to actually clash in battle it would be the most brutal and self-destructive force every released in Eve. What a waste… However, I can understand what drives them, the fire in their blood is the same fire that stirs in my own; “The Flame of Battle” the Emperor called it “is the driving force that led us to be the marauding band of pirates we once were; it is a difficult calling to resist.”

I entered the main anti-chamber that led into the main section of the Emerald Throne room. There the Emperor stood speaking in low tones to General D’al Trazar of the Imperial Marines no doubt discussing the defenses of the Citadel. He glanced my way with a sardonic smile on his face as the General completed his report. Once he dismissed the D’al Trazar he slowly turned to where I patiently awaited to deliver my latest report. He clasped his hands behind his back and lowered his eyes to some spot on the floor as he casually moved my way. “Lord Zap is crazy fool you know; and a dangerous one.” He commented. I nodded my agreement. “His followers are without a doubt the most skilled pilots in the galaxy” he went on. “It was my intention to invite him up here to deliver a crushing blow to Venal and set him up there as a Grand Duchy. An Honor that any sane man would surly accept. Now I am sure that within the week we will be locking horns.” He looked up at me and chuckled “Why so gloomy Jhered? Do you not want to test your metal against the greatest fighters in all of Eve? Do you not want to see who the best of the best really are?” There was a long pause then the Emperor snapped “Those were not rhetorical questions Admiral!” I looked up at him with iron resolve and replied “My oath to you leaves no room for such vanity!” the words were almost a whisper. “My lord, you insult me to ask me such a thing; I am a professional soldier and do not seek such vain titles. But rest assured I will keep my oath to the death weather it be Stain, Venal, Fountain or… m0o, I will fight for the Honor of the Empire and seek nothing else!” The Emperor’s eyes narrowed and there was another long pause. Then he smiled again and pointed a finger at me and said “That My Son is where your duty and the duty of all Imperial officers lie.” He turned and approached the Emerald Throne and removed the Sword of Sorrows from its sheath and held it before him. He chanted a short prayer and pointed to me and said “From the day I took my oath in the Hall of the Forsaken I have served only the Empire. I expect the same from all of my officers. Go Jhered, to your ship and prepare yourself for war.” He sat on his throne with the Sword of Sorrows in his hand he absently ran his finger over the blades arcane etchings and muttered “Lord Zap you are such fool and you will suffer a fools fate. It is my will and it will be done."

My report lay discarded at his side...

Blackwater USA Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2004.03.03 22:21:00 - [2]

Very Nice.

Posted - 2004.03.03 22:29:00 - [3]

What? The emperor lost hit buttplug...?


Jhered Stern
Black Serpent Technologies
Posted - 2004.03.03 23:02:00 - [4]

Sally get a life.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2004.03.03 23:02:00 - [5]

even though it is a FE press release and we arnt exactly best friends, i cant help but marvel at each of these press releases, very nice.

Posted - 2004.03.03 23:04:00 - [6]

I agree with KIAman. It's actually worth checking out a press release from the F-E now.. who would have thunk!

Halseth Durn
Oberon Incorporated
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2004.03.03 23:18:00 - [7]

Great writing and interesting content.

CCP take note. Your customers could seriously contribute to the official game universe if you let them.

Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2004.03.04 00:00:00 - [8]

wow... Shocked

Techie Zero
Forsaken Empire
The Forsaken Empire
Posted - 2004.03.04 02:09:00 - [9]


Yakuza Corp
Posted - 2004.03.04 02:20:00 - [10]

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2004.03.04 03:00:00 - [11]

Excellent job Jhered. If you can fight as good as you can RP, m0o doesn't stand a chance :).

And like jhered said, get a life sally.

meet you on the battlefield mate :)

Posted - 2004.03.04 03:09:00 - [12]

And like jhered said, get a life sally.

Cause what? Cause I think that F-E's tin god is a prick? I mean, "Imperial Princess", it sounds like not only F-E's emperor lost his buttplug.

Robotek Hybrid
Posted - 2004.03.04 03:16:00 - [13]

Edited by: Robotek Hybrid on 04/03/2004 03:17:13
passess sally some cream " get all the sand out of ur vag1na before u post next pls" kthnxbye

EDIT:at sally

Mongo Peck
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2004.03.04 03:16:00 - [14]

Sally ...stop being a noob .... you only get yourself podded ...

Now hush ..... because your just Yap Yapping ... as you have nothing constructive to add ....

Yap Yap

Dontius Tarris
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2004.03.04 03:21:00 - [15]

Sally ...stop being a noob .... you only get yourself podded ...

Now hush ..... because your just Yap Yapping ... as you have nothing constructive to add ....

Yap Yap

Its only a matter of time when your mouth will be in my sights sally .

Reverend Necrona
Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2004.03.04 03:27:00 - [16]

Nicley Done lads, certianly brightens up these forums :)

Jhered Stern
Black Serpent Technologies
Posted - 2004.03.04 05:19:00 - [17]

I try folks, I'm attmpting to put together a real story here soon. this is all just brainstorming.

And Sally it's not that you can't hate the F-E it's just your posts sound so personal. It's a game. If your posts had any merit people wouldn't give you such a hard time.

Jhered out.

Tyrrax Thorrk
Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2004.03.04 13:25:00 - [18]

Excellent post. Keep it up =]


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