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temp holding
Posted - 2007.11.16 15:46:00 - [31]

Originally by: Zakgram
Originally by: d026

1-2 x cap recharger (depending on your cap skills)
2-3 x hardeners
1 x b-type booster
1 x good boost amp
2 x pdu

For the b-type do you mean an XL? My perma-active setup uses a large b-type... I'll have to run the numbers though ETF I guess.

Thanks :)

xl not l:)

Posted - 2007.11.16 16:00:00 - [32]

Edited by: iudex on 16/11/2007 16:07:42
Originally by: Zakgram

Hmmm... as some who actively flys a Gist CNR atm I'd be interested to hear about setups that allowed for semi-afk level 4s :-)

It's quite easy to run gist xl tanks permanently with decent skills, ccc rigs (preferably one tech II) and 1-2 cap rechargers .. if you use expensive stuff like gist x-type xl sb and 45% sba, i'd recommend to base your tank on invuls, not on rat specific hardeners.

The reason are suicide pirates. They regularly scan ships in front of stations in top missionrunner-hubs, and if you are doing missions for caldari, you get a lot of gurista missions, where you'd fit kinetik/thermal hardeners, leaving 0% em resistance. You can imagine how fast the cnr goes down if they come with few em-damagedealing ships into your mission (or catch you at a gate), in order to kill your cnr and hope that some of the modules survive ... easier and cheaper than a frighter, but ok that's another story.

/edit: the suicide-thing is another bonus for the cnr over the golem btw: the cnr has a base shield ammount of somewhere around 11k, while the golem has only ~8k. In addition to that you usually put a pdu in your 5th cnr highslot so that it has even more base shield hp, together with skills and maybe a hw implat thats quite a few extra hp, that might be vital in such situations where evry hp counts.

Posted - 2007.11.16 16:39:00 - [33]

fof missionrunning

im using a cloak , prober and sneaking =P

Posted - 2007.11.16 17:09:00 - [34]

Well, it might be a replacement to my looting destroyer...but not my CNR Twisted Evil

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