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Menian Goneld
Ministry of War
Posted - 2007.11.11 21:50:00 - [1]

One of my buddys uses a keyboard that has macro functions. Is it legal to use macros in EVE?

Posted - 2007.11.11 22:12:00 - [2]

If it's along the lines of the Logitech G15 or G11 keyboard, it's been stated that those are allowed.

Falka Lakadaka
Posted - 2007.11.12 01:41:00 - [3]

The macros that are not allowed are of the type, setup macro, go to work, come home have lots of minerals mined.

Allowed macros are of the kind, if I setup my G15 keybnoard to have the G1 key = Alt +F4 and Alt + F5.

Pretty much if you're sitting at the keyboard and interacting in the game using keystrokes (albeit some of them macro'd into a programmable key), then it's OK. If you're going to work and coming home to collect ISK or some other advantage, then it's not OK.

This is the general view, but CCP are the ultimate judge, jury and banning authority. So don't quote this post if you get into trouble. I've based this opinion on posts I've seen in this forum and my own interpretation of the EULA. Plenty of people (including myself) use a G15 keyboard.

Helen Hunts
Red Dragon Mining inc
Red Dragon Industries
Posted - 2007.11.12 16:41:00 - [4]

Anything that'll completely automate EVE without needing a human at the controls is going to get you nailed to the wall, by both the GMs and your fellow players.

If it's something that puts out a few keystrokes every time you hit a certain button on the mouse/keyboard, you're more than likely fine. G15 'macros' that instantly turn on all your weapons would be on the approved list. Something that undocked your ship, navigated to an ice belt, activated ice lasers for XXX seconds, then redocked.....would NOT be on the approved list even if you had to press the button every time. (and make you a target for an 'anti-macro gank squad' and a GM petition)


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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